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Achieving Tantra Orgasms with Tantra Positions.

Achieving Tantra Orgasms with Tantra Positions.

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Published by Jolene88
Also have a look at http://www.ultimatetantrasummit.com for more information.
Also have a look at http://www.ultimatetantrasummit.com for more information.

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Published by: Jolene88 on Jan 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Find out more about Tantra and the Ultimate Tantra Summit here:http://www.ultimatetantrasummit.com ==== ====The mystery of the tantra orgasm by use of tantra positions can never really be understood by theuninitiated. There is simply too little authentic information about this phenomenon available. Only agenuine student of tantra can receive this precious knowledge from a tantra teacher. Under histutelage, even the secrets of a woman's tantra orgasm can unfold and be put to use. The woman's tantra orgasm certainly cannot be understood by study of the works of Dr. Freud andveteran sexologists like Masters and Johnson. All that these stalwarts seem to agree on is thatwomen can experience a basic level of orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Even today, this is theonly way many women can achieve an orgasm, but not through clitoral stimulation alone. Ancienttantra answers a burning question: why do men respond so well to genitals stimulation, while mostwomen tend to remain unresponsive to it unless they are already aroused? Your tantra master will explain to you that the male energy is always in an active mode oftransmission, which is why even a feather's touch is sufficient to arouse a man. However, awoman needs her 'shakti prana' to be activated before her genitals can respond to physicalstimulation. For a woman to achieve a deep orgasm, good circulation of 'shakti prana rasa' energyis essential. This is achieved by practicing the authentic 64 tantra prana exercises, some of whichare referred to as 'Tantra Sambhogam Vidhi' mentioned in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. These, coupled with certain sound modulations, can help women who do have difficulties withclimaxing to achieve explosive tantra orgasms. In fact, these techniques can help even the most jaded or unresponsive woman to become multi-orgasmic. By the expansion of her consciousness,her orgasms also deepen in quality and intensity. These 'tantra rasa' techniques can develop hermind-body connection to a very superior level. These tantra techniques can also be adapted to benefit men. However, ancient tantra isunequivocal about one basic fact - women have larger capacity for sexual pleasure than men. Thequintessential tantra goddess can experience a deep tantra orgasm from the 'Charmananda bindu'(or super-explosive vaginal energy release zone) deep inside her body, rather than the localizedfeeling most other women have with clitoral stimulation. Though most health and women's magazines overflow with articles on sexual positions thatguarantee orgasms for women, the fact remains that only about 25% of all women orgasm throughintercourse alone. Though G-spot stimulation can bring about intense orgasms, most women havenever experienced it - not because of physical problems, but because her partner lacks propertechnique or endurance. Tantra sets such orgasms as psycho-spiritual evolutionary goals, andempowers the man with the ability to give them to his woman. A final and sobering thought - ancient tantra states that if a woman has never known the utter bliss

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