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Old Filipino Dictionary

Old Filipino Dictionary

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Published by Sanghaya Ng Cubacub

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Sanghaya Ng Cubacub on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the internet by YrechoMarch 3, 2010
Used CTRL+F to easily find the Filipino word 
* aap:: wholesale purchase of harvest* aba 1------IN: abain, inaba, inaaba, aabain--------: to mistreat, to treat miserably++ poor T1) Huwag mo namang abain ang iyonghipag.E1) Don't treat your sister-in-law miserably.* aba 2++ [exclamation of surprise or admiration] T1) Aba! Bakit ngayon mo lang sinabi?E1) Hey, how come you only said it now? T2) Aba! Ikaw ang bahala.E2) Well, do as you please. T3) Aba oo.E3) Of course.* abaka:: Manila hemp, abaca {der Hanf} T1) Si Pedro ay gumamit ng abaka sa pagtaling kahoy.E1) Pedro used abaca to tie the woodtogether.* abakada:: alphabet {das Alphabet} T1) Ang mga bata ay nag-aral ng abakada sapaaralan.E1) The children studied the alphabet inschool.* abala------UM: umabala,, umaabala, aabala--------: to delay, to hinder------IN: abalahin, inabala, inaabala, aabalahin--------: to disturb-----MAG: mag-abala, nag-abala, nag-aabala,mag-aabala--------: to trouble oneself ------MA: maabala, naabala, naaabala,maaabala--------: to be inconvenienced:: delay, disturbance {die Stoerung}:: (pag-abala) interruption:: (pang-abala) distraction:: (kaabalahan) inconvenience++ busy, occupied++ (mapag-abala) ceremonious T1) Huwag kang mag-abala.E1) Do not trouble yourself. T2) Siya ang umabala sa akin.E2) He was the one who disturbed me. T3) Inabala ko siya.E3) I disturbed him.* abaloryo:: glass bead {die Glasperle}* abandonado++ abandoned {verlassen}* abang-----MAG: mag-abang, nag-abang, nag-aabang, mag-aabang------AN: abangan, inabangan, inaabangan,aabangan--------: to wait for:: watcher:: act of waiting and watching T1) Mag-abang ka ng sasakyan.E1) Wait for a ride. T2) Abangan mo ang sasakyan.E2) Wait for the vehicle.* abaniko:: folding fan {der Faecher} T1) Gamitin mo ang abaniko kung gustomong magpalamig.E1) Use the folding fan if you want to havesome fresh air. T2) Mag-abaniko ka.E2) You fan yourself.* abante------UM: umabante,, umaabante, aabante-------I: iabante, inabante, inaabante, iaabante--------: to move forward T1) Umabante ka ng kaunti.E1) You move forward a little. T2) Iabante mo ang kotse ng kaunti.
E2) Move the car forward a little.* abat------AN: abatan, inabatan, inaabatan, aabatan--------: to ambush:: ambush T1) Inabatan ng mga rebelde ang mgasundalo.E1) The rebels ambushed the soldiers.* abay------UM: umabay,, umaabay, aabay------AN: abayan, inabayan, inaabayan,aabayan--------: to escort:: companion, best man, bridesmaid++ close to each other T1) Si Pedro ang abay ni Juan sa kasal.E1) Pedro is the best man at Juan's wedding. T2) Umabay si Pedro sa kasal ni Juan.E2) Pedro acted as best man at Juan'swedding. T3) Abayan mo si Juan sa kasal niya.E3) Be Juan's best man at his wedding.* abenida:: avenue* abiso-----MAG: mag-abiso, nag-abiso, nag-aabiso,mag-aabiso------AN: abisuhan, inabisuhan, inaabisuhan,aabisuhan--------: to announce, to inform, to notify:: notice, notification T1) Abisuhan mo si Pedro ng aking pagdating.E1) Notify Pedro about my arrival.* abitsuwela:: snap bean > bitsuelas* abnoy:: freak++ abnormal* abo:: ashes:: (abuhan) ash tray++ grey T1) Inilagay ni Pedro ang abo sa abuhan.E1) Pedro put the ashes into the ash tray.* abogada:: lawyer, attorney-at-law > abogado* abokado:: avocado* abono:: fertilizer, manure {der Duenger}* abot 1------UM: umabot,, umaabot, aabot-----MAG: mag-abot, nag-abot, nag-aabot,mag-aabot------IN: abutin, inabot, inaabot, aabutin-------I: iabot, inabot, inaabot, iaabot------AN: abutan, inabutan, inaabutan,aabutan------MA: maabot, naabot, naaabot, maaabot--------: to reach, to hand over, to be in time:: reach, power, range, capacity:: (pag-abot) reaching++ abreast with, within reach T1) Mag-abot ka ng pagkain.E1) Pass some food. T2) Umabot ka ng ulam.E2) Reach for the food. T3) Inabot niya ang bus.E3) He got there in time for the bus. T4) Inabutan niya ang bus.E4) He caught up with the bus.* abot 2------UM: umabot,, umaabot, aabot-----MAG: mag-abot, nag-abot, nag-aabot,mag-aabot------AN: abutan, inabutan, inaabutan,aabutan--------: to overtake++ overtaken* abrasyete++ walking arm-in-arm* abrelata:: can opener > abrilata* abrigo:: wrap, lady's coat* Abril:: April* abubot:: article, thing T1) Maraming abubot ang taong iyan.E1) That man has plenty of things.
* abukay:: white parrot* abuloy------UM: umabuloy,, umaabuloy, aabuloy-----MAG: mag-abuloy, nag-abuloy, nag-aabuloy, mag-aabuloy------AN: abuluyan, inabuluyan, inaabuluyan,aabuluyan-------I: iabuloy, inabuloy, inaabuloy, iaabuloy--------: to contribute, to help:: contribution, help, alms T1) Mag-abuloy ka sa patay.E1) Contribute [money] for the funeral. T2) Umabuloy ka sa kanya.E2) Help him.* aburido++ anxious, confused {verstoert}* abuso------UM: umabuso,, umaabuso, aabuso------IN: abusuhin, inabuso, inaabuso,aabusuhin--------: to abuse:: abuse, maltreatment++ (abusado) abusive* adbenturero:: adventurer {der Abenteurer}* adelanto++ in advance, ahead of time:: downpayment* adelpa:: oleander {der Oleander}* adhika:: goal, ambition, wish:: (adhikain) motivation T1) Ano ang kanyang adhika sa buhay?E1) What is her ambition in life?* administrador:: administrator* administrasyon:: administration* adobo:: a dish T1) Adobong manok at baboy ang ulam niMaria kagabi.E1) Maria had marinated chicken and porklast night.* adorno-----MAG: mag-adorno, nag-adorno,nagaadorno, mag-aadorno--------: to upholster:: adornment {die Verzierung}:: (tagaadorno) decorator* aduwana:: customs {der Zoll}* adwa:: nausea {die Uebelkeit}* adya:: protection {der Schutz}* adyos++ good bye > adiyos, adios {tschuess}* aga-----MAG: mag-agahan, nag-agahan, nag-aagahan, mag-aagahan--------: to eat breakfast---MAGPA: magpaaga--------: to antedate {zurueckdatieren}:: being early:: (agahan) breakfast {das Fruehstueck}:: (umaga) morning {der Morgen}:: (kinaumagahan) next morning++ (maaga) early {frueh} T1) Kay aga mo.E1) How early you are. T2) Maaga siyang gumising.E2) He wakes up early.* agaak:: a fish* agad++ at once, soon, immediately, right away{sofort}++ (kaagad) immediately {unmittelbar} T1) Tumakbo siya agad.E1) He ran at once. T2) Agad siyang umuwi nang marinig angbalita.E2) He went home immediately when heheard the news.

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