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Each Passionate Must Pass 'The Twilight Zone' twice. Part-1.

Each Passionate Must Pass 'The Twilight Zone' twice. Part-1.

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Published by Dinesh Kumar
The Twilight Zone has enormous meaning in the dimension of self growth... how? This article not only introduces the reader with an important fact but at the same time it paves the inroad for an e book.
The Twilight Zone has enormous meaning in the dimension of self growth... how? This article not only introduces the reader with an important fact but at the same time it paves the inroad for an e book.

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Published by: Dinesh Kumar on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Each Passionate must pass ‘The Twilight Zone’ twice.Part-1.
At certain times I look for the creator of this creation;for that I intend to kiss its hand with all respect… true,that all my efforts of search for him even on the Googlecould not render me with some solution… except that Icould attempt to touch his vicinity while probing myown self within… There is a small ancient Indian storyabout this fact (Before we embark on the main subjectof this article let us pass through the epitome of ‘The Twilight Zone’).Now, as the story goes; the lord of this entire creationafter having done with entire architecture for itscreation consulted one of his most worthy counselabout ascertainment of his (the lord himself) abodeamidst its own creation. The worthy counsel raised avalid question before the lord by saying… ‘ my lordwhen yourself shall prevail and pervade in everyinfinitesimal portion of this entire existence then wheredoes the need for ascertainment of your abode rest… The lord then replied him that though it was true thathe shall prevail and pervade in entirety of this creationyet somewhere it (lord) shall prefer to consolidate forits vital operations.On listening to the importance of the subject Theworthy counsel initially left the subject up to thesagacity of the lord itself; hence the lord resolved toreside atop this planet i.e. somewhere where theneither gravitational forced could act nor its creationcould easily sight upon him… and yet it (the lord) couldfair with its exclusive management of the creation.Listening to its resolve the worthy counsel objected ongrounds that he (counsel) could travel in time… found
that one of the creature on this planet… would benamed humans… is vested with ability of discernmentand invocation henceforth they (humans) shall aftersome time pierce the space and find the lordship,ultimately creative endless interruptions in theharmonious working of the lord. Therefore the lord wassubmitted to resolve some other suitable abodewherein his presence could not be easily traced. Thelord furthered his ‘thinking’ but could not easily traceany other suitable abode for an only reason thathumans at one time shall be able to pierce all forms of matter and any amount of concealment shall turnnaked before their endeavours.Confused, the lord looked upon his counsel once againfor a suggestion; the worthy counsel came up with anexcellent resolve. He submitted before the lord that… ‘If my lordship shall resolve to ascertain its abode withinthe hearts of the human then they shall never be ableto trace any of its whereabouts unless if any of thedeep quest borne shall sincerely dive within one’s ownheart to find the precincts of the lordship.’ The counselcontinued with his advice by saying… ‘and as my lordhas already installed the monstrous mind with highlyinterpretive intellect to the human they shall never findan opportunity to relieve themselves of their use… ongrounds that both these abilities (mind and intellect)shall easily connive to ride upon the life of humans forendless times… i.e. one life after another. My lordstherefore I submit before thee, fuelled by the wisdombestowed unto me as thy bliss that kindly establish thyabode into the hearts of these humans. My lords fromthat place thee shall have access to all possible

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