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Hjalmar Schacht: My First Seventy-Six Years

Hjalmar Schacht: My First Seventy-Six Years

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The Autobiography of Hjalmar Schacht (British Edition 1955).
The Autobiography of Hjalmar Schacht (British Edition 1955).

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Published by: Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Translated by
Copyright 1955 by ALLAN WINGATE (Publishers) LTD. 12 Beauchamp Place, London, S.W. 3.
 Printed in Great Britain by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne and Company Limited London and Colchester 
 First Published July 1955
The Translator and Publishers desire to express their cordial thanks to The Institute of BankersLibrary, and especially to Mr. G. E. Assinder of Barclays Bank Group Office, London, for invaluablehelp with the technical side of this book.-
Introduction …1YOUTHONE The Schachts and the Eggers …10TWO Three Towns beginning with "H" …23THREE Three Emperors in One Year …36FOUR Cholera in Hamburg …48FIVE A Meeting with Bismarck …57SIX At the University …62SEVEN An Unpaid Assistant on the Kleines Journal …70EIGHT Paris at the Turn of the Century …76 NINE Doctor of Philosophy …81THE UPWARD ROADTEN Commercial Treaties …90ELEVEN I meet some of the Big Bankers …97TWELVE The Dresdner Bank …102THIRTEEN The Near East …112FOURTEEN My Family …118FIFTEEN Germany's Turning-Point …123SIXTEEN The First World War …130SEVENTEEN Director of the Bank …139PUBLIC SERVICE
EIGHTEEN The Founding of a Party …148 NINETEEN Member of the Workers' and Soldiers' Council …155TWENTY Inflation …163TWENTY-ONE With the Danatbank …171TWENTY-TWO The Secret of the Stabilized Mark …177TWENTY-THREE President of the Reichsbank …188TWENTY-FOUR The Bank of England …194TWENTY-FIVE The Centre of Separatism …201TWENTY-SIX Monsieur Poincaré …207TWENTY-SEVEN A Painful Recovery …213FIGHTING REPARATIONSTWENTY-EIGHT The Reichsbank from the Inside …222TWENTY-NINE Some Economic After-Effects …227THIRTY Clouds on the Horizon …233THIRTY-ONE I Sign the Young Plan …240-
-THIRTY-TWO A Far-reaching Idea …248THIRTY-THREE I Resign from the Reichsbank …256THIRTY-FOUR On my Own …263THIRTY-FIVE The End of Reparations …272THIRTY-SIX Meeting with Hitler …278THIRTY-SEVEN The Bank Crisis …284THIRTY-EIGHT The Harzburg Front …290UNDER HITLER THIRTY-NINE President of the Reichsbank Again …300FORTY Visit to Roosevelt …307FORTY-ONE Conversion-Fund and Mefo-bills …314FORTY-TWO A Stronghold of Justice …321FORTY-THREE The New Plan …327FORTY-FOUR Mainly about Pictures …335FORTY-FIVE At Odds with the Party …342FORTY-SIX The Königsberg Speech …349FORTY-SEVEN The Jewish Question and the Church Question …353FORTY-EIGHT Rearmament …362FORTY-NINE Hermann Goering …367FIFTY Foreign Policy …378RESISTANCEFIFTY-ONE I Break with Hitler …386FIFTY-TWO Indian Diary, 1939 …395FIFTY-THREE From an attempted Coup d'état to an attempted Assassination …406FIFTY-FOUR Concentration Camps …424ARRAIGNED BEFORE THE WORLDFIFTY-FIVE In American Hands …442FIFTY-SIX Nürnberg Prison …449FIFTY-SEVEN The Prisoners …454
FIFTY-EIGHT The Nürnberg Tribunal-I …462FIFTY-NINE The Nürnberg Tribunal-II …481SIXTY The Denazification Tribunals …502LIFE BEGINS AT SEVENTYSIXTY-ONE Free Once More …516SIXTY-TWO Off to the Far East …528SIXTY-THREE Under the Garuda …536SIXTY-FOUR Finale …546INDEX …550 -
 [This page intentionally left blank.] 
THE 2nd September 1948 was a particularly sultry day. Somewhat ill at ease in my fur coat I stood atthe exit of Ludwigsburg Internment Camp waiting for the turnkey to come and open the door for me.My wife was waiting outside with my lawyer; plucky Manci, who for years had been fighting adesperate battle against every kind of obstruction, in order to have me released. Now, at last it hadhappened. She had come to fetch me in Dr. Schwamberger's car. Now and again she would raise her hand and signal unobtrusively, which meant: "Only a few minutes more, and you'll be free!"Seconds passed. Two young Press photographers had taken up their stand beside the gateway ready torecord on their film my first step into freedom. I waited. The photographers grinned. They wereobviously already looking forward to the caption: "Wearing a fur coat in a temperature of 77°, theformer President of the Reichsbank is released from Ludwigsburg." There would be no point in tryingto explain to them about the coat. What did they know of four years' imprisonment under the Gestapo,of American and German Denazification Tribunals? How could they tell the condition of the clothes Iwore under that coat?A couple of workmen came by and, attracted by the interesting drama, stopped to light cigarettes. Icould hear their conversation."That's Schacht," said one. "They acquitted him yesterday.""Think they'll let him go?" the other asked. He wore a pair of blue dungarees, and from the waist upwas clad only in his own sunburnt skin."No," said the first man slowly. "I don't believe they will. They'll find some reason or other to pophim back in jug!"They spat into their hands, picked up their tools and departed. Their talk could not be described asencouraging.
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, I thought.

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