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Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

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Published by niththiya
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/

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Published by: niththiya on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free downloadhttp://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/  ==== ====This line is from a classic Who song, "We Won't Get Fooled Again." Unfortunately, it looks like wedid get fooled again, electing a new President in 2008 that has turned out to be not much differentthan the previous one or the one before that or the one before that, etc. Let's take a look at thefirst year and a half of the Obama Presidency and see how similar he is to his predecessor,George W. Bush, and others before Bush: - Obama campaigned heavily in promising to get our military forces out of Iraq. That promise is stillunfulfilled, and will not be fulfilled for at least a long while since Obama has publicly stated that50,000 U.S. troops will remain in Iraq for an indeterminate amount of time. Sounds a lot like acontinuation of the Bush interventionist military policy.- Obama campaigned heavily in promising to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorists,probably correct in his assumption that it became a terrorist recruiting tool. That promise is stillunfulfilled and it does not look like it will be closed any time soon. Sounds a lot like a continuationof the Bush terrorist detention policy.- Obama campaigned heavily in promising that the number of budget earmarks, Federal taxpayergifts from sitting politicians to campaign donors and other local interests, would recede to the pre-Bush levels of under 2,000 per year. The number of earmarks in Obama's 2010 budget is over11,000, comparable to or a little higher than the highest Bush era earmark volumes.- Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have publicly stated that some prisoners inGuantanamo will never be released even if proven guilty at trial since they are too dangerous.Sounds a lot like a continuation of the Bush policy of denying due process to other human beings.- As of late May 2010, according to the a HuffingtonPost.com article by David Bromwich, aspublished in the May 28, 3020 issue of The Week magazine, Mr. Bromwich illustrated how hethought "How Obama Is Just Like Reagan." His reasoning was that, like Reagan, Obama seldomconducts the time honored tradition of Presidential news conferences, with his last formal onebeing last July. His style is to stick to only tightly scripted news bites and events that he and hishandlers can control. According to the article, Obama's administration has been dominated "bysimple messages and a flattering emphasis on the personality of the leader and a distinct aversionto pointed questions." Thus, while not quite as bad as Bush, Obama does compare unfavorably toReagan in this respect.- The Obama administration renewed the freedom restricting Patriot Act virtually untouched fromthe Bush original.- The Obama administration has exceeded the extremely high Bush administration budget deficits,and his administration is on target to have a spending deficit total higher than the total of allprevious budget deficits of all previous Presidencies.- The Obama administration issued it's own education reform guidelines that were basically thefailed Bush "No Child Left Behind" program except for a few small changes.- According to an ABC News/ Washington Post survey, as published in the June 18, 2010 issue ofThe Week magazine, 69% of the respondents gave the Federal government (Obama
administration) a negative rating in the handling of the BP oil spill while 62% of the respondents toa similar survey in 2005 gave the Federal government (the Bush administration) a similar negativerating in the handling of the Katrina disaster.- The Obama administration and the Pentagon barred four reporters from covering the militaryterrorist hearings at Guantanamo because they revealed the name of a witness, even though thename had been disclosed in previous news reports. Sounds awfully similar to the Bush/Cheneysecretive approach regarding the handling of terrorist suspects.- President Obama has been the recipient of more campaign donations from BP than any otherpolitician over the past twenty years, obviously meaning he accepted more BP money than Bush.Neither the Bush or the Obama administration passed any legislation that would effective reformthe country's health care system. Both passed legislation (Bush - Medicare Prescription Program,Obama - Obamacare) which did not attack the core problem of high medical costs and both ofwhich will increase the Federal budget deficit by billions and billions of dollars.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to get the North Koreanand Iranian situations under control, with North Korea probably having recently committed an actof war in sinking a South Korean destroyer in non-North Korean waters and Iran is now a year anda half closer to having enough fissionable material to start making nuclear weapons.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to make any progress insolving the Israeli/Palestinian quagmire.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to find a way toeffectively stem the tide of illegal aliens and illegal drugs flowing across the Mexican/U.S. border.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to find a way to makegovernment regulation work with failures at the SEC resulting in a disastrous financial crash,failures at Federal consumer protection agencies resulting in lead and cadmium laced toys beingsold to American children, failures at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac resulting in a real estatemarket meltdown, failures at the Interior department's Minerals Management Services resulting infaulty and lax oversight of Gulf drilling and the resultant BP oil spill, and failures at the Federalauto safety agencies resulting in defective Toyota products which have led to the death of at least89 Americans.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to develop any kind ofcomprehensive energy strategy that would wean the country off of oil, positively impact theenvironment, and not cost the economy American jobs and economic growth. Note: the currentlyproposed cap and trade legislation does none of this.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able to do anythingsubstantial in reducing government wasteful spending, with current estimates from the Obamaadministration estimating that the political class wastes upwards of $100 billion of taxpayer moneyevery year.- Neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration were able (so far) to change theanti-gay American military policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," a discriminatory program that wasimplemented by Democratic President Bill Clinton.- And worse of all, neither Bush or Obama were able to unite the country, with Americans allowingpoliticians to divide them more than ever. Red state vs. blue state, pro-life vs. pro-choice, gay vs,straight, poor vs. rich, etc. Bush made those opposed to his Iraq invasion to be categorized asunpatriotic. Obama has remained silent and allowed other Democrats to call and categorizeAmericans honestly opposed to some of Obama policies as racists, Neanderthals, un-American,terrorists, racists and more. Thus, Bush and Obama have proven to be not significantly different from each other or their

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