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Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

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Published by niththiya
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/

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Published by: niththiya on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free downloadhttp://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/  ==== ====Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America and the first African Americanto hold this honorable position. Obama getting elected as president really raised the spirits ofmany African Americans and showed that maybe huge racial barriers have really been overcome.Along with African Americans finally scoring a goal for the team, other Americans of all kinds ofdiverse backgrounds and religions rejoiced and celebrated for a new messiah of change.Before the rumor that Oprah had funded an intellectual African American democratic candidate theworld did not know what twists and turns were in store for the early millennium. Obama emergedfrom senate to battle and suavely defeat candidate after candidate with his talks of change andhope. He appealed to the crowd in no way that any other presidents before him has done and itreally does help that Bush had depressed our economy so horribly that America was looking forsomeone to stroke their ego and shed some light on a dark situation per se. In 2008, November 4th America and the rest of the world waited anxiously for the results. McCainversus Barack. The biggest voting turnout in history of African Americans and people under theage of 29 voting in a presidential election. People from around the world cheered as the resultswere read: Obama is the next president of the United States of America. Former President Bushwas probably jumping up and down in his skivvies as well when he heard the results, whew! That'sa load of his shoulders (Just some food for thought). On January 7th, CNN aired a segment on President Obama. This segment looked like any otherObama segment; tax cuts, intimate speeches on how America is going to move forward and whatkind of dog will he buy his young daughters. But this was not that kind of segment. A drawing wasshown on the screen; it showed Obama and a halo hovering around the top of his head... a lot likethe depiction of Jesus. April 3rd, 2007, MSNBC aired the next example of "Obama Mania" which was a headline entitled"Sculpture of Obama as Jesus Causes a Stir: Art or Blasphemy?" This life size sculpture hadObama again with a Halo over his head made of blue neon and long white cloths draping thegawky figure. This sculpture was created by a 24 year old art student in Chicago and was undergreat mutiny by the Catholic Church. Although the 24 year old did comment on why he hadcreated such a thing, he responded, "...he (Obama) is a potential savior that might come andabsolve the country of all its sins." The peculiar thing about it is that the artist has received fewerthreats than support. The artist boasts that he has received thousands of emails offering help,money and museum space to display the Obama like Jesus statue. Some of the last examples of this bizarre comparison came from Tennessee Representative SteveCohen. Cohen stated back in 2008, "Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, whoour minister prayed about." There is also several websites contributed to Barack Obama and hisso called holiness. One of the websites is called Obamamessiah.blogspot.com, as you first click
onto the website there are several pictures depicting President Obama as holy and one pictureflatly states "Obama is God". On this website there are countless links and quotes of people andcelebrities literally referring to him as a messiah. So, here is the big question: why is President Obama seen as a messiah or in some casesworshipped like God? There are some people who are underline worshipping him, some that takeit as far as idolizing his wife and kids. Along with being compared to Jesus, Obama has also beenreferred to as the anti-Christ. Now, this is where it gets very interesting. In one particular religion,the anti-Christ is known as the devil's advocate sent to earth. The anti-Christ is characterized by asmooth talking and charming individual. In one prophecy, it is written that this anti-Christ will emerge as someone who is known by all andwill gain the trust of the people leading them into despair and misery. Whether these propheciesare true or just pure baloney are in the eye of the beholder but the major issue here is whether ornot President Obama can do what he says he is and for fans not to overanalyze his humancapabilities. It can be agreed that he definitely brought some type of unity to America's citizeneven before he was elected. He is a very intelligent man with lots of fresh ideas and he may not bea novice like McCain but he is heading towards the right direction. The only thing we have yet tosee is Obama in action. He has talked a good talk but Americans definitely need some relief andsoon. There are some definite Obama fans out there who think he is just an intelligent guy who willactually bring our country to prosperity. That's fine. But when people are just so ready to believethat Obama is something other than a human being is when it becomes an issue. Americans areknown to become obsessed with celebrity figures and distorted where they believe things that areextremely farfetched. Just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; people are infatuated with their lives,what they wear and how many kids they are having. They are on every cover of almost everymagazine but truthfully they are not considered to be the next godsend. Not to compare Angelina and brad to President Obama but that's the best way to explain it. A lotof politicians are in fact celebrities and some people don't even know about what the politician istalking about but instead focus on their looks and popularity just like Sarah Palin when she first hitthe scene. As McCain illustrated in one of his attack ads, Obama is like Paris Hilton and BritneySpears. Is he just another celebrity that America was obsessed with or a leader with ideas that cantake this country out of its depression? The End... This is my first ever article that I have submitted. I have been an "In-the-closet" writer for manyyears and I am ready to let loose. Please feel free to disect this article: content, sentencestructure, syntax, wording, idea, flow.  Article Source:

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