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Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free download

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Published by niththiya
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/
Download here for free http://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/

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Published by: niththiya on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Obama Debt Ceiling Letter FINAL Free download now!!!! Free downloadhttp://uploading.com/files/ac3f9376/Obama-Debt-Ceiling-Letter-FINAL.pdf/  ==== ====A couple of months ago, the mainstream media was snickering because a national surveyof liberal historians had rated George W. Bush to be among the least successful of all Americanpresidents, mostly on the basis of his conduct in the war against Islamic terrorists.  GivenObama's adoration by the media, his wholesale reversal of nearly every one of his foreign policycampaign promises, and his Xeroxing of Bush's war strategy, Bush should reach... oh, about #2on the presidents' list by the end of Obama's tenure. Candidate Obama wailed for years about Bush's war in Iraq and promised to remove all troops byMarch 2009.  The latest plan, which President Obama scrawled on a cocktail napkin at oneof his Wednesday night White House soirees, is to remove them by August 2010 and leave up to50,000 troops in place for security purposes-and if you believe those dates and numbers won't beextended further as "conditions change on the ground," you probably voted for Obama. Admittedly, "Obama lied, kids died" doesn't have quite the same ring, but I think if Bush had pulleda fast one like this, we would have heard a few more complaints about his mendacity. Obama formerly countered the spectacularly successful surge in Iraq, claiming that there was noway it could work-then turned around as President and implemented something in Afghanistanthat starts with 's' and rhymes with 'urge' but is definitely not a surge. As Senator, Obama rejected special funding measures for U.S. anti-terror military conflicts-then,while president, asked Congress for an additional $83 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;you know, the ones we were fighting all along.  On the campaign trail, Obama whined aboutthe cost of war and swore that funding would not be approved without benchmarks; whenCongress's bill came to a vote, Obama asked that the benchmarks be removed. Obama once complained that Predator drone air attacks on suspected terrorists in Afghanistanand Pakistan were killing civilians; as President, he ramped up use of this targeted killing tactic ata higher rate and with more civilian casualties than under Bush. Obama at one point criticized the Patriot Act, including its provisions allowing warrantlesswiretapping and obtaining suspects' financial, travel, and telecommunications records without theirknowledge; now he supports renewing the act. Obama previously opposed the use of the "state secrets doctrine" to prevent the requireddisclosure of evidence in court that would harm national security; in several cases stemming fromthe previous administration's surveillance and interrogation practices, Obama's JusticeDepartment has invoked that very doctrine to prevent the disclosure of evidence. Obama used to resist the practice of rendition, or capturing terrorist suspects and sending them to
a third country for interrogation; recently he vowed to continue the practice. At one time, Obama spoke out against the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on high-levelterrorist suspects.  Recently, however, he set up a committee to look into whether CIAinterrogators should be allowed looser standards than military interrogators-i.e., he left the dooropen for these techniques to be used again if he deems necessary.  He rejected the call toestablish a Truth Commission into the Bush administration's interrogation techniques and theprosecution of those who approved or implemented them.  When Nancy Pelosi claimed theCIA lied to her about the use of these techniques, Obama did not publicly support her, and allowedCIA director Leon Panetta to release a memo contradicting her claim. In the past, Obama contested the practice of detaining terrorist suspects without trial; yet hisJustice Department filed a brief claiming that his administration can hold for an indefinite period oftime the following: Al Qaeda members, Taliban members, "associated forces," and anyone who"substantially" supports them, which includes about half of Congress.  Federal judge ReggieWalton slyly mocked the Obama administration's arguments as drawing "metaphysicaldistinctions" between his and Bush's policy that were "of a minimal if not ephemeral character." Obama wrung his hands over denial of habeas corpus to terrorists in Guantanamo but has upheldthe Bush position on denying habeas corpus regarding detainees' conditions of confinement inAfghanistan's Bagram prison, which is sort of a Guantanamo Express. More recently, Obama revived military tribunals for Gitmo detainees after having called them an"enormous failure" and sworn to end them (the tribunals, not the detainees). Finally, last week Obama changed his mind and decided he would oppose the release of photosdocumenting abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib. It shouldn't be this way for the former Bush administration.  After seven-and-a-half years ofdoing the right but unpopular thing, suffering precipitous drops in their approval ratings, andenduring uninformed screaming from every corner of the media about their Nazi-like tendencies,Bush and Cheney shouldn't be dependent for their legacy on the eleventh-hour conversion of anirresponsible, wet-behind-his-big-ears neophyte who isn't adult enough to serve as Commander inChief.  The Bush policies should have been praised all along for keeping us safe, and anycandidate who ran headfirst against them should have been defeated in a landslide. But at least Bush's "rehabilitation" is happening sooner than we could have hoped-just severalmonths into the subsequent administration.  Any honest commentator must admit that it ishappening squarely on the back of the feckless Obama.  Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Scott_Spiegel

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