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Self Defense Moves Introduction 2

Self Defense Moves Introduction 2

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Published by selfdefensenow

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Published by: selfdefensenow on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self Defense Moves
CRIME PREVENTION LESSONSandIntroduction to Self Defense for Life
ByBill Valentine, Ph.D., Self Defense Coach
Women’s Self Defense Moves
It can be simple. Always follow two rules of 
thumb. Don‟t take chances and always be
aware of your environment. Remember, there are over 20 million crimes committedagainst women in this country every year!
You can beat the odds. Let‟s take a look at the following example and see where Sally
goes wrong. Her boss has asked her to do the impossible. Her kids are sick at home andher husband is on a business trip. As she walks out to her car parked in the undergroundlot at her building, she is thinking about the few things she needs at the supermarket fordinner or the dry cleaning that has been at the cleaners for two weeks. In any case, Sallyis thinking about every thing except the one thing she should be thinking about
environment. She doesn‟t notice the deep shadows in the garage where “someone” could
be watching her every move.
In fact Sally doesn‟t even feel like she has to worry about her own personal safety. She
has made this same trip safely five days a week for the last ten years, and if somethingwere to happen, buried in her purse is a bottle of pepper spray her husband gave her. So
what‟s the harm in planning dinner? In her mind, she‟s actually using her time wisely.
Sally eventually gets to her car, but now she stands at the door, fumbling through herpurse for her keys.Lost deep
in thought Sally has become the “perfect victim”; even now she is giving an
attacker more time to sneak up on her. Finally, Sally finds the keys, gets in her car and
drives away. Sally‟s lucky. She isn‟t one of the 20 million female victims. This time— 
least! Sound familiar? But you and Sally don‟t have to rely on luck to beat the odds.
Most people think you have to be a black belt, know karate or have a semi-
automatic weapon in your purse to defend yourself. It‘s not true! If you are aware of 
your immediate surroundings and have a few mental strategies tucked away, oddsare you will not be targeted as a potential victim.A SIMPLE PLAN: S.O.S
Right off the bat, change the way you walk. Stand up straight, be alert and exude
confidence that says, “
I am not a victim
”. Also, be aware of your surroundings and walk 
with a stride that projects your confidence. A potential attacker is not looking for
 3someone who may have already seen him and can later identify him or eve
n “his huntingground”. As mentioned before, the criminal is going to “attack” the person who looks to
be the most vulnerable.
If you don’t look like easy prey, you cut down the odds
Holland also parks in an underground lot in her building and tonight she‟s worked late tofinish a report for her supervisor‟s meeting first thing in the morning. But as soon as she
gets out of the elevator she puts all the number crunching behind her. She is at once, alert,scanning the empty garage for potential danger spots. And more important, in her handshe carries a keychain device. It is a simple, six-inch long, solid aluminum cylinder withthree metal key rings attached at one end to store her keys.On her way to her car, Holland swings the keychain in her hand, sending a definitemessage to anyone who may be watching. She exudes confidence and strength. When shegets to the car, there is no fumbling around in her purse for her keys. She quickly slips thekey in the door and is off, denying an attacker those precious moments where she ispreoccupied with something else. Are the Keychain and other visual signals enough tokeep an attacker at bay?
Put yourself in the
criminal’s shoes— 
which do you think would be the easiertarget
Sally or Holland? Criminal types look for the easiest victims in the mostpromising situations, and not for someone to make a criminal act more challenging!
But what of the pepper spray in Sa
lly‟s purse? Don„t be fooled
. Carrying any personalsecurity devices like pepper spray, mace, knives or even guns
in your purse
can onlygive you a very false sense of security. First of all they are all concealed weapons, buriedin a purse, or a pocket or
even a glove compartment. You just won‟t have the time to find
them to help yourself in dangerous situations. Criminals have their timing down and arecounting on a surprise attack and the advantage it will give them.
Think about it, if you already have your weapon in your hand, like Holland, youwill destroy their timing, giving you the advantage
. Also there is the very realpossibility that the criminal might use the knife or gun against you. Chances are they aremuch more familiar with these type of weapons than you are. The Keychain is bothsimple and effective. Just rake it across the attacker
s eyes, face or jam it into sensitive
areas like their genitalia and you‟ve bought yourself time to get away.

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