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The Proper Care and Cleaning of Zebra Label Printers

The Proper Care and Cleaning of Zebra Label Printers

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Published by omark518
Learn more about Zebra label printers here: http://www.zebralabelprinters.net
Learn more about Zebra label printers here: http://www.zebralabelprinters.net

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Published by: omark518 on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====If you would like more information on Zebra printers, check out this review site of Zebra labelprinters:http://www.zebralabelprinters.net ==== ====The Proper Care and Cleaning of Zebra Label Printers Zebra Technologies is an industry leader of barcode label printers which include small desktop,mobile and high performance label printers. When using any of these printers it is imperative thatyou take proper care of the printer in order to produce quality labels and reduce repair costs. Thisincludes cleaning the different parts and mechanisms on the printer on a regular basis. In order to clean a Zebra printer begin by turning the printer off and disconnecting it from thepower supply. Make sure the printer is cool before continuing. Have on-hand the followingsupplies: clean lent-free cloths, Isopropyl alcohol 70 percent, and cotton swabs. You may need touse a Save-a-Printhead cleaning film kit, in the case that standard cleaning does not do the jobsuccessfully. You can order this cleaning film kit directly from your Zebra printer servicerepresentative; have at least one of these kits on hand at all times in case. Lightly moisten a lent-free cloth with water. Wipe the outside of the printer with the damp cloth toremove any dirt or debris so it does not fly into the printer once it is opened. Then open the printerby pressing the cover release button. If there are any labels remaining in the printer, removethese. Wipe the inside of the printer using the moistened cloth. Dip a cotton swab into the alcohol,and shake away the excess liquid. Use this to clean the cracks and crevices in the printer case. To clean the platen roller, wipe along the length of the roller using the alcohol-moistened cloth.Make sure the cloth is clean before wiping. Manually roll the platen roller as you wipe across it soyou can clean it all the way around. As the cloth becomes dirty, move to a new area of the fabric,or use a new cloth altogether to prevent residue from smearing around instead of being removed.Never apply hard force while cleaning this part or you can cause damage. You should neverattempt to scrape away residue using a sharp blade as this will permanently damage the platenroller. Clean the printhead by rubbing a clean cotton swab wet with alcohol gently across its surface.Replace the cotton swab as needed until no more residue will come off of the gray line of theprinthead. If the printhead will not come completely clean because of heavy buildup of residue,you will need to use the Save-a-Printhead cleaning film. This kit includes three 10 inch long stripsof film. To use, place one of the strips in between the printhead and platen roller, following theinstructions on the packaging. Feed the film through the printer to remove any debris. If this lastmethod will not do the job, contact your Zebra representative to schedule a service visit. You mayneed to replace the parts if the printhead and platen roller cannot be cleaned further. Clean the printhead and platen roller after every roll of labels that you print. Also, if you experiencea lack in quality during printing, such as gaps or light areas in the image, remove the labelsimmediately and clean the printer. Allow the alcohol to dry completely before returning the labels

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