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Strahlenfolter - Crimes of World War IV - Persecution and State Terrorism - Electronic Harassment

Strahlenfolter - Crimes of World War IV - Persecution and State Terrorism - Electronic Harassment

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Published by nwo-mengele-doctors
Strahlenfolter - Crimes of World War IV - Persecution and State Terrorism - Electronic Harassment
Human Rights > Persecution and State Terrorism > Crimes of World War IV
Crimes of World War IV
Strahlenfolter - Crimes of World War IV - Persecution and State Terrorism - Electronic Harassment
Human Rights > Persecution and State Terrorism > Crimes of World War IV
Crimes of World War IV

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Published by: nwo-mengele-doctors on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last night I lay in bed looking up at the starsin the sky and I thought to myself, where theheck is the ceiling.
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Human Rights > Persecution and State Terrorism > Crimes of World War IV
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Crimes of World War IVAuthor Comment
Crimes of World War IV
Posts: 17(01/06/0720:59:38)Reply Quote
The most Absurd, Grotesque, Vulgar Crimes in the Entire History of Humans. The crimes of radio frequencies tobrain, and thousands upon thousands of studies on the public exceeds the term grotesque.This article is not just about something, or political, theadministration will not stop for oneday directing weapons at me (31 years and with cochlear brain implants), manipulating thoughts, denying my real religiousor any other beliefs, and committing crimes, and on my son, and has spent years stealing intellectualinformation while using agents to fabricate lies for daily harassment, terrorizing and continued weaponsdirection. They have and are killing millions worldwide, andin Israel. (SeeBushs investments in 'psych' wards for those who get terrorized each day, serious weapons to the brain and body, for knowing what it reallytaking place). KGB/NSA and Mossad assination units. All of the ideologies from new world order, to the cover upagents, were used and arrested, and judges put in at each stage to 'correct' the others who were used in corruption, and even they went on to be killed by those in weapons deals.More recently, they deny Jewish their rights, as in the case in Wilmington, and as in my own case, each daycommitting crimes, dneying real Judaic thought, or any thought, so they can keep their 'class wars' and 'race'and 'religious' wars going for weapons deals each day, in the end only those in those weapons and oil dealsmaking out. In Africa we now see them setting up new oil installations, new construction, like it will be in Israel,after mass deaths, and using Oprah Winfrey to patronize and totally destroyed society and millions of partentles children that will be used as next genrations of agents, terrorists, or used in medical studies, massweapons proliferations and medical abuses, scientific abuses.The military now, and police, for years have been used in these crimes with directed weaponry to destroy people, and then bring on new agents, one crimeafter the other, and try to blame it on the families and persons that are victims. They are being used on the whole public. They will all come to arrest or deathby those in weapons industry:Microwave as sound, heat as weapon, maximum pain aim of US weapon The WE News Archives... microwave field measurement excluding the usual sources (cell phone towers, etc. ... War Crimes Illegality of Preventive Attack. Unilateral Use of Force...www.thewe.cc/contents/more/archive/sound_as_weapon.html -OTHER Major Government Crimes
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The MICROWAVE FRYING to death of Iraqi soldiers - The no-warrant abduction of small children ... Forbes who worked in one of the World Trade Centertowers. ...www.raven1.net/othcrime.htmTransmitter Sites from HellPictures of radio towers, antennas, and studios.Category: California > Central Valley > Radiowww.netfeed.com/~jhillLife manipulation in surveillance system and Crimes committecd by Involved AgentsThe development of the domestic surveillance system, its capabilities, and its ... invisible operatives have even used microwave voice to unlawfully driveunaware ...members.aol.com/colonelyu1/part1b.htmThe administration is committing crimes on the whole public, and anyone involved, including attorney generals will be arrested later. They have committedhundreds of outward crimes, and disrupted us all day in conjunction with CIA/NSA/KGB directed weapons to brain, still using them to cause extreme disruptionof body mind and daily activity that is learned on my son. They have committed heinous crimes to disrupt life for years and still keep using remote neuralmonitoring and fabricating lies for crimes on myself and my son from sending anthrax, to mind controls, attampted kidnapping of my son in 2001, RICO crimes,using the CIA in 'drug wars' to commit crimes on us, entering the home, using NSA agents to commit crimes, signals, causing DAILY disruption, agents trying torun us over, and threatening when trying to report the crimes. They will not stop. Mass police and police chief arrests have already taken place for being'pushed' into committing crimes by the CIA and others at the higher end of mind controls and public manipulation. All of those from Attorney Gnerals, andGovernors who have recieved letters from victims, and professionals on these weapons, like in other states, will be arrested, along with anyone else. We havealready seen mass arrests in every area. And the deaths of 'scientists' who are simply ordered to direct weapons at the public and victims of daily torture. InSouth America and other nations every single person those in weapons got rif of somehow after these weapons deals, including the Israeli Mossad, the IDFsoldiers, and Isreali Army, induing 'suicidal thoughts,' Israelis worldwide were killed in every kind of way, with directed weaponry for those who actually think.The fake Christian Leaders will all be arrested, and the world can't wait! However, there has always been a few profitting from the "Christian-satanic"destruction of Jewish communities and pogroms, standing in between real peace to keep the wars going, connected to the R.C. Church. The only personsmaking out on each individual after firings, arrests, deaths, (31 years in my case) is cochlear implants, and those behind the top most military manufacturingand aerospace, weapons. They can simply use religion, race, and every kind of ideology with individuals for continuous wars, at each phase using anothergroup to believe they are covering up for one of those things. In 1989, they began with more operatives, some later fired, to commit more crimes on us, whichgot worse as time went on and this world war for a million reasons, are going to allow the perpetrators to keep committing crimes. I want to bring a law suitfor the 31 years of crimes on me using different agents and agendas at each political phase for weapons deals, and ten going on to using lies every single daywith NSA sommitting crimes, fabricating one lie after the other each day, trying to bring us to false arrests or death, or both, destroying relationships, asseveral friends were destroyed and some still harassed, and interfering with family for over 16 years, daily directed weapons on my son, still, to try andcooberate their lies and cover ups.See the other victims; that is--those who will not be part of the crimes of the Bush administration, from college professionals, to doctors, and other intelligent,caring families and people.World Day to End the Silent Holocaustpeaceinspace.blogs.com/pe...index.htmlTORTURE VICTIMS BOARD (and account of victim James Graf in NJ)p082.ezboard.com/fhumanrightsfrm2This isnt victims or war or part of the population but all of the population except for the top most beneficiaries in patents and weapons, and aerospacemanufacturing, and a few families doing it, as you can see the destruction beforehand on the Jewish population, which is continuing to their death of many.Everyone is used for weapons deals, directing weapons and programming, to torture, one way or the other, on each other for the deals, and then fired orarrested in every area, or killed.CAROL RUTZS LECTURE AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY, 2003The Army's Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland ended up conducting ... Much of this psi research came under the control of the Soviet militaryand KGB. www.whale.to/b/rutz7.html -www.ACHES.comTorture on Americans
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naffoundation.org/torture.htm(see the harassment and terrorizing of myself, my son, and millions of other people, see below for the Jewish deaths, and the mental institutes (See Bush andothers with investments in these institutes and building them by 1999 to lock innocent people up when their other crimes do not work and the individuals tryto expose them) with billions of dollars of fraud, arrests at each phase of killings). The Bush administration has already committed hundreds of crimes anddestruction on myself (for 31 years) and my family, and will not stop using directed frequencies. I know many, including friends, Jewish suicides, directedweaponry on Jewish families, and associates even since the 1970s who were linked to the Mossad, and Bush child kidnappings.These are used on those put in under the aerospace and weapons industries to commit crimes on the public, at each interval of firings and public propaganda,using those with dissolution of memory and programmed cyborgs. This is still ongoing, and now has been used on all of those who claim they havent seen athing going on in the country. Any kind of state of mind or control can be done long range, as seen in Israel as well. At the end of the world war, there again,is arrests of the scientists, and deaths of CIA, and the setting up of new people for testing during peace time as they have now gotten rid of those usedduring the last peace time, or are still trying to. Weapons deals and manipulations around Israel have a direct link to these leaders manipulating right down tothe police departments and corruption in the courts, the mass arrests of judges that recently took place, and then hiring new people to cover up the moneylaundering and crimes.All of the mind control studies are continuously used on ALL. however, those who cannot be controlled to commit crimes or come to an accusation or arrest, arecontinuously attacked, thier whole lives, and daily torment over ANY thought. Those in NSA 'spying' went on to be used to terrorize even AFTER my brain wasin shock already, and they used the most petty criminals, and lies for 24/7 terrorizing of me and my son.Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:Drugs, electronics and electroshockTargeting: Short rangeFrequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELFTransmission and Reception: Local productionPurpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalitiesEffects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestionSubprojects: Many.Pseudonym: Project ArtichokeFunctional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.They take information as it is given them from those in directed energy weapons profits, and operate as told or as informed for that position, until their arrest(see arrests below). There are usually three sets of hires, fires, arrests, many deaths during world war. We are on the second to third now.It is done through:Targeting: Long rangeImplanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abductionFrequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implantsPurpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operationsFunctional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.Most do not need to be abducted unless they are going to use the children or person for severe torture programming. The CIA/DARPA/Mossad was used forabduction in my case (with further attempted kidnappings) possibly because of the Cameron involvement in (Canada case) and because I had not been insurgery at the time. Everyone is tracked now with signals and satellites worldwide using RFID (radio frequency Identification). The crimes are heinous and donot have to do with tracking but with serious crimes on all with directed frequency. Most of the human rights issues brought out have more to do with what isbeing used rather than how it is being used.Many, including the millions of Jewish deaths, began noticing the crimes in 1989, while they changed over every single operative for this time period oweapons usage, as well as our own family. The Bush family and those in weapons, including the Cochlear implants, have been used on myself since 1974,November. Let it be known that every single person involved, including those scientists, military operatives, and doctors will come to arrest. Every single day,they keep using signals to the head and body, and after years of crimes, and continue to pretend to be surveilling using at the top the highest criminals andMossad, and then trying to pass along lies while destroying. They continue to use the government as this all-elusive person behind the crimes, when in fact, itis again only a few people making off with trillions each year on the rest.The Bush administration has not stopped committing crimes on our family for weapons deals. Directing radio frequencies and hundreds of outward crimes,

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