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How Do I Record System Audio

How Do I Record System Audio

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Published by ysreddy94hyd

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Published by: ysreddy94hyd on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camtasia Studio Learning Center
Home/Learning Center/Camtasia Studio/6/FAQ/ How do I record system audio?
Camtasia Studio 6 Tutorial:How do I record system audio? (The sound that comes out of myspeakers)
For most screencasts, recording voice narration is most important. But what aboutcases when you want to record system audio? It can sometimes get a little trickyso this tutorial offers some troubleshooting tips and alternative work-arounds.Camtasia Studio may be able to detect and record your system audio (the soundthat comes out of your speakers), andselecting this option in the CamtasiaRecorderis the first thing to try. What if it doesn’t work? Well, there is still hope.Before we venture into troubleshooting, let us first consider the followingchallenges we’ll try to overcome.By default, Windows is set to record your internal microphone, or amicrophone attached to your sound card. If you want to record fromsomething other than your internal microphone, you need to configureCamtasia Studio, and may need to try additional changes in your WindowsControl Panel to record from alternative audio sources or devices.Not all computers record system audio in the same manner. There arenumerous sound cards with a range of capabilities and limitations as wellas a large difference between the way Windows XP and Windows Vista/7handles system sound. (Vista/7 users typically have more struggles.)It’s possible your computer (sound card, specifically) is simply not capableof recording system audio, in which case we offer some less-than-idealworkarounds, or you may wish to purchase a new sound card or buy a USBaudio mixer.
Select System Audio in Camtasia Recorder
In Camtasia Recorder (not in Camtasia Studio), select
Tools > Options > Audio(tab)
.One of two things will happen. If you are fortunate, you may have an option toselect alternative to the microphone audio input. Select an alternative and make apractice recording. The second possibility is that your screen will look somethinglike this:
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Camtasia Studio is asking your computer for an alternative audio source butgetting no response from the sound card. Be sure to see if there are other audiodevices to choose from as some recording source options are not applicable tocertain devices. For example,
Speaker audio
is not a valid option when a USBmicrophone is selected as the
Audio device
.If you were not able to record system audio using the options in CamtasiaRecorder, please refer to the following troubleshooting strategies:Update Drivers (XP and Vista/7)
That didn’t work, now what?
If you are using Vista/7:Check disabled devicesIf you are using XP:Verify audio settings in Control Panel
Still no luck, now what?
Try looping a patch cableRecord system audio using a microphone and ambient volumeBuy a new sound card or mixer
Try to Update Sound Card Drivers
The first thing you will want to do in this case is check for updated sound carddrivers. Close Camtasia Studio. The easiest place to start ishttp://update.microsoft.com. (You need to visit this site using Internet Explorer.)Be sure to check the optional updates too. Install updates related to your soundcard.If Windows Update does not recommend updates to your sound card, the nextstep is to visit your computer manufacturer’s website, determine your model andcheck to see if there are updates available.Restart Camtasia Studio and see if system sound options are available.
Check Disabled Devices (Vista/7)
Windows Vista/7 handles audio differently than Windows XP. Vista/7 does notallow applications to access the audio devices directly, which limits howapplications such as Camtasia Studio can record audio.
One thing to try is to enable audio devices that may be disabled. This may allowCamtasia Studio to record system audio or at least present an opportunity foranother workaround. Most sound cards can only record from one source at a time.It’s usually not possible to record both your microphone and system audio.To enable an audio device:1. Close Camtasia Studio if it’s running. Click
Start > Control Panel >Hardware and Sound
(or just
Classic View
> Sound > Recording(tab)
.2. Right-click an audio device.3. Check
Show Disabled Devices
Show Disconnected Devices
. Yourmenu should look similar to the image below.4. Next, right-click a device and select
. Click
to close the dialoguebox.5. Launch Camtasia Studio and attempt to select an alternative audio input. If unsuccessful, you can revisit these steps and try right clicking the audiodevice and select
Set as Default Device
Verify Audio Settings in Control Panel (Windows XP)
Open the Control Panel and verify audio device settings. There’s a chance thecorrect device is not selected or the device is muted.1. In the Control Panel, select
Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices
. (
Soundsand Audio Devices
Classic View
.)2. Click
Audio (tab).

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