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Thomas Leitch 2004 Crime Films

Thomas Leitch 2004 Crime Films

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Published by Yana Bilunyk

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Published by: Yana Bilunyk on Jan 15, 2012
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This book surveys the entire range of crime films, including im-portantsubgenressuchasthegangsterfilm,theprivate-eyefilm,film noir, as well as the victim film, the erotic thriller, and thecrime comedy. Focusing on ten films that span the range of thetwentieth century, from
(1936) to
(1996), ThomasLeitch traces the transformation of the three leading figures thatare common to all crime films: the criminal, the victim, and theavenger. Analyzing how each of the subgenres establishes oppo-sitions among its ritual antagonists, he shows how the distinc-tions among them become blurred throughout the course of thecentury. This blurring, Leitch maintains, reflects and fosters adeep social ambivalence toward crime and criminals, while thecriminal, victim, and avenger characters effectively map theshifting relations between subgenres, such as the erotic thrillerand the police film, within the larger genre of crime film that in-forms them all.Thomas Leitch is Professor of English and Director of Film Stud-ies at the University of Delaware. A contributing editor of
Liter- ature/Film Quarterly,
he is the author of
What Stories Are: Nar- rative Theory and Interpretation
The Encyclopedia of Alfred  Hitchcock.

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