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OFFMA Fresh Facts : January 2012

OFFMA Fresh Facts : January 2012

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Published by richard6587
Ontario Farm Fresh Members Newsletter
Ontario Farm Fresh Members Newsletter

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Published by: richard6587 on Jan 16, 2012
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Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing AssociationNewsletter #274
January 2012
 Volume 27, Number 1
Fresh Facts
Inside this issue:
Membership News
Check yourEntrepreneurshipHorsepower
Ontario Fruit &Vegetable Conven- tion details
Making the most of your conferenceexperience
Upcoming Events
8Providing knowledge and leadership to grow the farm fresh experience.
President’s Message…
New Year’s resolutions make me anxious. Every January, when the topic of resolu-tions arises, I panic. I mean, where to start? Should I resolve to lose a few pounds?Maybe I should exercise more? Perhaps this is the year to finally live the more orga-nized life that I dream of? What I know for sure is that I’m not going to really stick toany of these things. So I leave the resolutions to others. Have your diets, your gymmemberships, and your perfectly organized closets, I say jealously. I’m going to haveto opt out of this New Year’s tradition for another year.January is, for me, less about resolutions and more about dreaming. Like most otherfarms, Springridge is closed for the season. This is the time when we take a long lookback on the previous year. Like you, we’re talking about what worked well and we’relooking critically at what we’d like to change. Sometimes this is really hard for me to do – I should probably learn to go a bit easier on myself…but that’s difficult. At this time ofyear, the next season seems so far away that it feels easier to dream big, doesn’t it? Itfeels like we have time again to ask questions like: “What if we…” “Why don’t’ we…”and “How could we…” The days may be shorter and the weather may be worse, butthe imagination runs wild at this time of year. I love that about January.My wishes for you this year:May the sun shine on busy weekendsMay the rain fall only at night – in perfect amountsMay you be happier than everMay your good health remainMay 2012 be full of success and prosperityA very Happy New Year to you and yours -Jesse LauzonOFFMA President
Planning in threes
Now’s the time to be planning, deciding and implementing to make 2012your best year ever. To help get you started, sit down with a few of thebest minds and hearts in your business and invest an hour or so to answer these simple questions1. What are the 3 most important things we need to do to improve or growour business next year so that we achieve our profit commitment?2. What are 3 things that we do that tick off our customers...and what willwe do to eliminate them?3. What are 3 important things that any of our competitors do better thanwe do - and what will we do to fix that so that we’re clearly better thanthem?4. We are what we communicate. So, what 3 gutsy things will we do in2012 to more effectively promote our business and communicate our totalvalue offering?5. What are the 3 biggest expense items on which we can save money in2012...and, specifically, how will we achieve those savings?For each idea you come up with and commit to, be clear about who will dowhat, by when and measured how, to make it happen. Failure to imple-ment effectively is one of the biggest challenges in most businesses today.Remember, businesses do not die from a single shot to the head. Theydie, slowly but surely, from a thousand uncompleted tasks.To see the complete list go to www.donaldcooper.com and check out hisNovember newsletter.
Page 2 Fresh Facts
This is your newsletter—make it relevant to youand your business. Have you read a businessbook that would help other members with their businesses? Looking at selling a machine that  you have outgrown? Why not write a short noteor send the classified ad details to Cathy and it can be included in the next newsletter.
OFFMA welcomes the followingnew members. Make the most ofyour membership– participatewhenever and wherever you can.Don & Wendy Colcuc
Berrylicious Fruit Farm
Burgessville519-424-3147Richard & Sandra Frayne
Windwood Farms
Beamsville905-401-0515Maude Roy & Wendell Joyce
Sunflower Farm CSA
Oxford Mills613-482-9439Chris & Ruby Lennox
Lennox Family Farms
Be always at war with your vices, at peace with yourneighbours, and let each new year find you a better man.-Benjamin Franklin
Membership fees are now due
Invoices were sent out earlier inJanuary. Take advantage of theearly bird rate,save $30 and renew yourmembership beforeFebruary 23, 2012.It’s the best $139 you will spendthis year.Congratulations to Anita Stewart forbeing appointed to theOrder of Canada.
Anita is a long time friend ofOFFMA and last February,OFFMA awarded her with ourinaugural Food AmbassadorAward at the annual ban-quet. We described Anita asthe ‘original locavore’.Someone obviously took no-tice because this year shewill be awarded with an Or-der of Canada.Anita grew up in rural Ontar-io and was always interestedin cooking and baking, but itwas co-writing a cookbook for her son’s ele-mentary school that got her going in food writ-ing. Since those early days Anita has authoredor co-authored more than a dozen books. Shedescribes herself as a ‘culinary activist’ andhas always applauded Canadian farmers for allthe hard work they do. Decades ago, herpresentations focused on the amazing workthat was being done in rural landscapes.Thank you for all your hard work, Anita!!
Congratulations to Jerry Howell
fromHowell’s Family Pumpkin Farm and Chick-n-mation. He was presented with the PremiersAward for Outstanding Ontario College Gradu-ates in Technology. Award recipients represent-ed the highest levels of achievement in business,community services, the arts, health sciencesand technology that have excelled in their re-spective careers not only in Ontario but acrossCanada and around the world. Jerry is centred inthe picture here with Deborah Newman, DeputyMinister of Training, Colleges and Universitiesand Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Collegesand Universities.
Page 3Newsletter #274
Check your Entrepreneurship Horsepower”
by Carl Fletcher, OMAFRA
What makes someone an entrepreneur? Are you the entrepreneurial type?The following self test is based on the results summary of the “ Entrepreneurial Potential Self Assessment”found on the Advice Centre-Benchmarking Tools section of the Business Development Bank of Canada’swebsite at www.bdc.ca. The questions are based on research and observations of Canadian entrepreneursin all industry sectors. In general entrepreneurs score higher than the general population for the traits sum-marized in the survey.This self test rates three aspects of entrepreneurship: Motivations, Aptitudes and AttitudesWhat’s my entrepreneurial level?
Your Motivations
Motivations are factors that determine behaviour. They are the underlying reasons that induce someone toact.Need for achievement / success ____high, ____medium, ____lowNeed for power / control ____high, ____medium, ____lowNeed for challenges / ambition ____high, ____medium, ____lowNeed for self-sufficiency / freedom ____high, ____medium, ____low
Your Aptitudes
Aptitudes are natural inclinations, competencies, and abilities. Certain aptitudes predispose someone to bean entrepreneur.Perseverance / Determination ____high, ____medium, ____lowSelf Confidence / Enthusiasm ____high, ____medium, ____lowTolerance towards ambiguity / Resistance to Stress ____high, ____medium, ____lowCreativity / Imagination ____high, ____medium, ____low
Your Attitudes
Attitudes are made up of perceptions, our feelings about something. They are judgements we make, waysof looking at things.Perception to act upon one’s destiny ____high, ____medium, ____lowAction oriented ____high, ____medium, ____low
The more high ratings you score the more you fit the entrepreneurial type. Clearly taking the original test of the 50 more direct questions gives a more complete test and I encourage readers to do so. Certainly noone test is the be all and end all in determining a person’s entrepreneurial potential but it does allow you tocompare yourself against a group of entrepreneurs and see how you compare.Ironically many of the very same attributes that favour starting a new business can, if not managed appro-priately, can have negative impacts on business growth.In business, people supply goods and services to meet the needs of other people we call customers. Cus-tomers drive sales, cash flow and profits. People relationship skills are crucial to both customer service andmanaging the people hired as the business grows.Successful entrepreneurs learn to balance their strong entrepreneurial tendencies of relying on themselvesto do and control everything with the need to create a team that brings needed expertise to the business.
Carl Fletcher is a Program Lead in Strategic Business Planning with OMAFRA. He can be reached at 1-888-466-2372ext. 3235 or by email at carl.fletcher@ontario.ca

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