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Baby's Arms

Baby's Arms

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Published by Riley Hamilton
Ernest Hemingway fan fiction.
Ernest Hemingway fan fiction.

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Published by: Riley Hamilton on Jan 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BABY’S ARMS byRiley Hamilton EXT. PATIO - DAY A young man with a mustache is sitting at a table on a patiooverlooking beautiful winter scenery. A huge breakfast is beforehim. A Bloody Mary, two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, crepes,an enormous amount of bacon, a heaping pile of eggs, a loaf ofbread, a large glass of milk, a margarita and a piece of pie offto the side. A young girl enters the scene. The two of them arein their early twenties and look as if they are pretending to begrown-ups. But they are stark and serious with the maturity ofa couple much older. HEMINGWAY is deep in thought when HADLEYcomes up behind him. HADLEYTatie. No response from Hemingway.HADLEY (CONT’D)(touches Hemingway’s shoulder)Tatie. Hemingway becomes alert as if waking from sleep.HEMINGWAY(groggy)What is it, Goose?HADLEYTatie, you haven’t eaten your breakfast. HEMINGWAY(chuckles and looks at the food)
Oh my goodness. You’re right.Hemingway shakes his head slowly.HEMINGWAY (CONT’D)I’ve been caught up in thought. I’ve been sitting here thinkinga fool’s thoughts. Pondering about life. HADLEYOh Tatie, tell me your thoughts. I’ve been so cold in the house.Tell me warm thoughts. HEMINGWAYI was thinking of Florida. HADLEY(excited already)Oh, Florida! HEMINGWAYFlorida on the beach in the summer. Your well-built body ina two-piece swimmer’s outfit. Me with a Rum Toddy heating mybelly. HADLEYWhat am I drinking, Tatie?HEMINGWAY(flatly)A big glass of milk.HADLEYMmm. Is the milk getting warm on the beach? HEMINGWAYNo, you have a little coozie for it. Keeping in the cold.
 HADLEYI don’t want the milk to get warm, Tatie. HEMINGWAY(excitedly)And then I jump up from the sand and I grab someone’s surfboard! Hemingway grabs for the loaf of bread and pops a chunk of itinto his mouth. He chews quickly.HEMINGWAY (CONT’D)And I run as fast as I can to the water. I take a big leap inwith the surfboard and now I’m going out to catch a wave. HADLEY(inquisitive about where she fits in)What am I doing?HEMINGWAYYou’re there on the beach having to explain to the man why Istole his surfboard. I can see you there explaining. Hemingway takes another bite of bread.HEMINGWAY (CONT’D)And now I’m up on the board. I’m hanging ten, Goose! I’mflashing you the peace sign while I’m catching serious wave-age. HADLEY(extremely excited by the thought)I can see you, Tatie! You are blowing me a kiss! HEMINGWAY(in an eruption of anger)No, I’m fucking not! 

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