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Table Of Contents

God or no God?
Believe in the Invisible
God Truly Exists
Childhood scars
Mission Impossible; Revelation of Lucifer
Anger Management
Curbing Anger: Incident One
Curbing Anger: Incident Two
Anger Successfully Managed and a Recapitulation
Lucifer’s Desires
The Fallen Angel
Satan Preached
Manifested Hate
Enemy, the Upshot of Hate
Enemy is Competition
Satan Has Nothing on Me and a Recapitulation
When Christ Died
The Benefits of Christ’s Death
Die Without Instructions
Property of Death
Die for What You Worship
Living Funeral
The First Mentor: Rush Limbaugh
Smoking, an Objective
Sheltering of Pets, an Objective
The Second Mentor: Sean Hannity
Sean’s Hardship
The Third Mentor: Professor Nenty
Short Spell in America
Dr. Ukonne on Ten Percent Tithe
Henty’s stay in Nigeria
Mentors Four through Eight
Before the Fame; Keeping Head above Water
After the Fame; At Sixes and Sevens
The Ninth and Tenth Mentors
What is Wrong with Man?
Ways Man Came Into Existence
False Men of the Cloth
Hovering Death Spirits and a Recapitulation
The Bitterness of Life’s struggles
Struggling with Homelessness
Chinazo Ihim; a Residual Effect
Serving One’s Homicide
The Pinnacle of Hardship
Turn the Other Cheek
Christ Suffered and a Recapitulation
Wages of sin is Death
Sin leads to death
Categories of Sin
Quantifying Sin
Spiritual and Physical Forgiveness
Mercy or Justice
Worshiping Dust
Idols and Gods
Second Death
Sinking Titanic
The god of Earth
Led by the Holy Spirit To Be Tempted
The End of the World
Incredulity and a Recapitulation
The Individual
My Identity
My Character
Celestial Endowment
Man Descended
God Ascended
Condemn, Contempt and a Recapitulation
Preadolescence/ Adolescence
Sojourn at Calabar
The Awesome Eight
From the Outside Looking In
Eyakeno Obot
My Immediate Peers
Behind Closed Doors
Nndy Declared Missing
Kutama Nenty
Believing in Jesus Christ
Christianity Is of Jesus
Debt of Gratitude
Steps in Believing in Jesus
Believe in Prayers
Biblical Context of Hope
By God or by Chance?
Tragedy Increases Belief
The Era of the Doubting Thomas
Sacrificial Love
Making Heaven
God is Not Mocked
Bite the Hand That Feeds You
The Power of the Tongue
Praises to God
Time for Everything
Repugnance towards Praises
God’s Church
Staunch, Four-Square and a Recapitulation
The Love of Life
Maximal Love
The Mouth of God
Mother Nature
Definition of Good
Living by the Word—In Conclusion
My True Friends
Andikan Ekpanya
Benjamin Odezi Igbine
Celestine Mohammed
Charles Archibong
Charles Ebbi
Daniel Ogulu
Henrietta Kupoluyi
Linda Uko
Ndifreke Ntewo
Nina Momodu Johnson
Obinna Odumodu
Sharafa Salaudeen
Supplanting a Judas
Mark Hoskins
Unsung Friends
Phony Friends
Birds of the same feather—In Conclusion
Unadulterated Love
Love and Tolerance
Ntiense Malik Nenty
Veronica and Uwana Nenty
Nancy Samson-Etim
My Village
Rose Kimelman
People with No Bond-In Conclusion
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Blood Is Thicker: Eddy Utin
Blood Is Thicker: Nnamdi Ihim
Blood Is Thicker: Imo Ukonne
Blood Is Thicker: Koko Ntuen
Than Water: Charles Uko
Than Water: Emmanuel Abang
Than Water: Vanessa Udom
Second Mothers
Florence Ekpenyoun
Blessing Utin
God’s Mercy and Exoneration
Objurgating Politicians
Political Ideology
American Politics
Painted Sepulchers
Polarized Partisan
Whited Wall—In Conclusion
Soccer Devotee
Through and Through Liverpudian
Through and Through Argentine
First-Tier Favorite Players—In Conclusion
Formative Experiences
Lagos, the Genesis
Music Contribution
Mentality Changed
Unpopular Time
New York, the Height of Struggles
Long Island; Bite the Bullet
Brooklyn; Business Ventures
Struggle, Not a Legend
Road So Narrow
Servant’s Desire
All Else Failed
On God’s Feet
The Smallest Minority
Wasn’t Invited
Subliminal and Controversial
Real and a Recapitulation
spiritual or Earthly Life
Material World
Earthly and Heavenly Success
Epitomizing the American Dream
Physical Distraction
Living in Vain
Shorten the Hands of God and a Recapitulation
Public Matters
Physical Appearance
Social Media
“I Have Been There”
Hanging Out
Uttering Profanity
Criticism and Judging
Anonymous and a Recapitulation
Hand in Hand, Education and Work
Prior to College
Road to Graduation
Belly of the Beast
After Undergrad School
Pick Your Poison
Job Resurrection
Relishing Humble Beginnings
Christ Preceded Jonah
Nine Months
A Walk in the Park
Not Working for the Money
Bunzo Ouseley Mark
Israel Steinberg
Pink Slip and a Recapitulation
Common Sense
Led by the Holy Ghost
Word to the Wise
Follow One’s Heart
Falling Prey
Holding Grudges
None Exempt from Rejection
Countering Sorrows
General Advice and a Recapitulation
Loved Life
Impeccable Love
Ladies in My Life
Premarital Sex
Sex Culminates to Marriage
Spiritual Wife
Wife’s Manifestation
Human Immaturity
Lust at First Sight and a Recapitulation
The Journey Began
My Journey
Who I Am
Fun and Excitement
Wish To Be Young Again
Pastoral Revelations
The Cleveland Curse
Career Pursuit
Books Written
Right Life
Beautifully Made
Ijoma Ihim
Zelise Mazyck
Ifiok Ekwere
“I Have Done That”
Taking a Loss
Enjoys What I Avoid
To Be Remembered
Life against Me
Felicia Nenty
Let the Cup Pass Me By
Completion of Mission and a Recapitulation
Fighting Losing Battles and a Crying shame
The Homeless
Gun Control
Bullets come with a coffin
The Haves and the Have-Nots
Local News
Programmed and Propagandized
One’s Pinnacle
Life Is Not Fair
One Life To Live; The Handicapped
One Life To Live; Innocent
One Life To Live; Abject Poverty
My Offenses with African Americans
Thomas Armstrong
A Shepherd or a Follower?
Terrorism and kidnapping
Heaven; Final Destination
Bible Characters
Pontius Pilate and Nebuchadnezzar
Men’s Desideration
Heaven or Herod’s House?
Smiling down from Heaven
The End from the Beginning
Essence of Life
Eye Lost
The Kingdom of God
Definition of Life Success
Definition of Earthly Success
Life Is a Choice
Paradise or Damnation; a Fine Line
Choice and Freewill
Eternal Happiness and a Recapitulation
All that she Wrote
Dasheth Little Ones against the Stones
Child Rearing
Human Nature the Four Types of Characters
Through and Through Nigerians
Princess Ini Udom;
Dr. Unyime John
Components of Fear
Completion of Mission
P. 1
“Where your Knowledge Ends is where Mine Begins”

“Where your Knowledge Ends is where Mine Begins”

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Published by AuthorHouseBooks
This book is for people to know about God. Don't be impressed with what you read about the writer because Man's time on earth is only but temporary. God will be here today, tomorrow, and forever. Most of the names I mentioned in this book are those that I love; they are in the book of my life and I pray they will all be in God's book of life.
This book is for people to know about God. Don't be impressed with what you read about the writer because Man's time on earth is only but temporary. God will be here today, tomorrow, and forever. Most of the names I mentioned in this book are those that I love; they are in the book of my life and I pray they will all be in God's book of life.

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Publish date: Jan 4, 2012
Added to Scribd: Jan 17, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reservedISBN:9781468533095
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