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Gallup Football Handbook

Gallup Football Handbook

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Published by Michael Schearer

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Published by: Michael Schearer on Jan 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The primary purpose of this handbook is to acquaint you with thephilosophy, guidelines, policies, and schedules of the Gallup HighSchool Football Program. You are responsible to read, understand, andfollow the policies of this handbook.Our policies have been put in this booklet so you can refer to themthroughout the year when you feel it is necessary. This handbook wasmade to assure that you understand what I expect from you. It is myattempt at avoiding any misunderstanding. I hope that you will readand use it as a guideline, for your benefit.Be assured that I will always help any of my student-athletes throughany obstacles they may incur. Please feel free to come to me at anytime.
The Program’s Expectations of You
• Be the best you can be ACADEMICALLY at all times.• Be the best you can be ATHLETICALLY at all times.• Be the best PERSON you can possibly be. You know the differencebetween right and wrong. Do what is right.• Be totally committed and loyal to the philosophy and goals of ourtotal program.
Produce a quality product that we, as educators, can point to withpride, where we have provided these young men with the toolsnecessary to be successful in all things in life. To achieve this, we mustat least meet the following:A. We must produce a disciplined young man, one we can depend in tofulfill his responsibilities to himself and those who depend on him.B. We must produce a young man who is a leader in areas other thatfootball and encourage him to excel in all things.
C. We want him to set and seek worthwhile goals in all areas and toprepare intelligently to meet those goals.D. We must produce a young man who can overcome adversity when itconfronts him and to redirect that terrible feeling into positive,constructive energy.E. We must produce a young man who will consistently strive toimprove himself physically and mentally; one who is committed tomaximizing his potential.
Player Guidelines and Policies
1. As a general rule, all players are to conduct themselves with classand dignity, both on and off the field. Their behavior is a directreflection of our school and football program. Any action that willembarrass themselves, their team, school, or parents is an action thatshould not be taken.2. All players in this program will recognize and respect the authority of all coaches, or they will not be a part of the team.3. All players are expected to be present and on time to practice.4. Any player who is late to practice will be held after practice to makeup for the time they missed – PR (Pride Reminders).5. Any player who misses practice without notifying me in person, orby phone, WILL NOT PLAY in the next game. In the case of anemergency not foreseen, only the parent/guardian may excuse aplayer’s absence in advance.6. No player will ever be ridiculed by another player either in thedressing room or on the field. The freshmen and J.V. players will berespected by the varsity team, and vice versa. Any form of harassmentwill be dealt with swiftly and harshly.7. All players must have regard for the equipment. The floor will be freeof trash and equipment that does not belong there. The locker roomwill be clean before any players are released for the day. Anyequipment changes must be handled by a coach.8. Treat all teachers, administrators, and support staff members withrespect and common courtesy.9. Any violation of one or more of these rules is an indication that thisfootball program, and being a part of it, does not mean very much. Anyviolation will be dealt with accordingly, ranging from PR to expulsionfrom the team. Those who work hard and adhere to these policies willbe rewarded with success, satisfaction, and an experience to beappreciative of and be proud of. The fact that these guidelines are metis an indication that winning is important.
 Try to stay away from soda, fast food, fatty foods, fried foods, andsweets. Pasta, breads, meat, fruits/vegetables, and milk are preferred.
Drink lots of water. On game days, definitely, do not consume soda andcandy. Think healthy. The better you eat the more energy you will haveand you will feel and play better. It is also very important to get atleast eight hours sleep per night.Curfews will be part of our program. During the season, the playershould be in bed no later than 10:30PM, and 10:00PM on nights beforea game. We ask that the players start developing the discipline neededto be successful in their lives and ask that the parents assist thecoaches in enforcing these curfews during the season. The success of the team depends on discipline.
 You are expected to be a student first and an athlete second. Treatyourself with proper respect. To be a member of this team, you mustattend class regularly, and achieve a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0. Poorbehavior and low achievement make all of us look bad. The academic progress of all team members will be monitoredthroughout the school year. Progress reports will be sent to yourteachers regularly. Any student athlete in danger of failing a class mustattend tutoring sessions no less than 2 days a week until the grade isabove passing. NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to do this will cause thestudent athlete to miss all games, and practices, until the grades arepassing.
Player/Parent Concerns
From time to time, you may have a concern about a specific aspect oyour participation in our program. If you or your parent feels that aconference is needed to clear up your concern, one will be set up assoon as possible. To help solve your concern efficiently, you shouldfollow these steps:1. Speak with the position coach that your concern involves. Request aconference if necessary.2. Request a conference with the head coach if necessary. The vastmajority of concerns will be worked out at this level.3. If you are not satisfied with what transpires at the above levels, thenext step would be to speak with the Athletic Director. If all else fails,the Principal should be contacted.

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