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Mariana Tschudi Project Proposal 2012

Mariana Tschudi Project Proposal 2012

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Published by Mariana Tschudi
updated version of project proposal
updated version of project proposal

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Mariana Tschudi on Jan 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Video installation using bio-signals to trigger video scenes previouslyproduced with the inspiration of Ayahuasca research.
Mariana Tschudi BenavidesCamberwell College of Arts
  Aims and Objectives
It is the general recognition that we are not yet in contact with ultimatereality. We are still imprisoned in our cave, with our backs to the light, and canonly watch the shadows on the wallHerbert, N. (1985) Quantum Reality, beyond the new physics, p8The westernized and so-called modern society prioritizes rationality overany other sense. What is commonly perceived as credible has to have a scientificproof. Science is based on observation and statistical analysis.However, Bohr disputes the classical concept of truth, Our classical ideas of logic are simply wrong in a basic practical way. The next step is to learn to think inthe right way, to learn to think quantum-logically.Herbert, N. (1985) Quantum Reality, beyond the new physics, p21I want to develop an artistic video project that detaches from rationalityand opens up to intuition. I will minimize the logical thinking process during theproduction and exhibition of my interactive video installation.In interactive artworks, both the audience and the machine work togetherin dialogue in order to produce a unique artwork for each audience to observe.However, in this projects exhibition the observer will not be able to chooserationally what he wants to experience. I will create an interactive videoinstallation, which uses a programmed system that will read bio-signals from the
observer and those signals will be used as an input to generate a visual experience.The installation will include a computer-based system that incorporates bio signalsensors, a digital to analogue converter, and a projection system, controlled by analgorithm.I will divide the project in two main aims:
 Aim 1: production phase
My first aim is to rely on the power of intuition as guidance to create a seriesof 15 to 18 short video scenes and each scene will have duration of 60-120seconds. In order to direct each scene I plan to rely on my intuition, and I will trainmy self to do so through the use of Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a medicinal andtraditional infusion of the Amazon Rainforest. It is prepared from the
Banisteriopsis caapi
vine, and is used by shamans from the Amazon Rainforest during healing ceremonies as a way to develop intuition and connect with thespiritual. I will work with experienced shamans who will conduct ayahuascaceremonies as a way to train myself to open up and trust my intuition. The content of the scenes is going to be influenced by the visions, messages and understandingsI have during the ayahuasca ceremonies as well as the knowledge and experiencesI recollect from the people I interview and the books I read regarding this sacredbrew.
Objectives during production phase
Step 1: Learn about Ayahuasca by participating in shaman-conducted ceremonies,doing interviews, reading and researching about the brew.

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