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IMVU Tutorial

IMVU Tutorial



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Published by ladynatulcien

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Published by: ladynatulcien on Nov 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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since:2007-07-02Last on:2008-11-065,650 credits0 promo credits15 dev tokens
 Welcome, LadyNatulcien
The Basics
What is a derivation? How do youearn credits? If you don't know theanswer to these questions then youneed to learn the Basics.The tutorials in this section will beginto answer many of the questions newCreators have as they get started.To learn more, go toThe Basics Introduction
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Intro to Animation
IMVU inc.
Animation Introduction Let's face it, nothingadds life to a product better than if it moves ortriggers movement in the avatars that interact
Working with the Camera
IMVU inc.
Working with the Camera When you arecreating a Room for IMVU, you will need toinclude a 3D Camera before exporting. The
Animating in 3DS MAX
IMVU inc.
Animating in 3D MAX IMVU uses a programcalled 3D Studio MAX to build all of its 3Dassets. MAX is a great tool not only for building
Animation Looping
IMVU inc.
Animation Looping An animation that beginsand ends on the same frame is called a 'loop'.Looped animations are used EVERYWHERE in
Bone Parenting
IMVU inc.
Bone Parenting If you want boneA in a skeletonto move when boneB is animated, then youwant boneA to be 'parented' to boneB. Its Easy
Exporting Morph - .xpf
IMVU inc.
Exporting Morph Animations - .XPF A morphanimation is defined as an animation that isdriven by morph targets (mesh shape changes)
Morph Targets
IMVU inc.
Morph Targets What is a Morph Target,anyway? The Free Dictionary tells us that"Morph Target Animation (or per-vertex
Locking Pos Ori
IMVU inc.
Locking Position and Orientation Sometimes,an animation calls for a bit more control thanwhat you normally find in the base MAX files
Basics of Good Design
IMVU inc.
Basics of Good Design Here are some basicrules to creating a quality 3D product for use inIMVU. Some of these may not be as obvious as
Weighting in Physique
IMVU inc.
Weighting in Physique A mesh does not knowhow to move with a skeleton unless thevertices of that mesh are 'weighted' to a bone in
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Welcome, LadyNatulcien
ducation Center - IMVU Creator1 of 2
Here are some basic rules to creating a quality 3D product for use in IMVU. Some of these may not be as obvious asothers, but all are worth keeping in mind as you design your unique products for the IMVU Catalog. In the end we hopethese tips will not only make your products look and run better, but help them sell more successfully as well.
Be Frugal with Your Polys
One of the realities of building 3D products for use in a virtual worldis that the more polygons visible to the camera, the more work yourcomputer needs to do to render that world for your customers. Ifyou create a new hairstyle that is made up of 20,000 polygons, itmay look realistic, but it is bound to slow down any party just assoon as you appear in their Public Room. The trick is to find waysto do more with less, which is a challenge facing many gamedesigners today.When you are building your 3D Mesh, the poly count can add upvery quickly if you are not forever vigilant. Two places that areespecially susceptible to lots of polys are curved surfaces, likethose found in cylinders and spheres. 3D applications offer lots ofprimitive shapes, and these are sometimes built with many morepolygons than you actually need. Your secret weapon for makingyour low poly models look smooth are Smoothing Groups. As youcan see in this example, having a complex mesh isn't alwaysnecessary if you have Smoothing Groups applied correctly. Thetelltale sign that you have a low poly mesh can be seen along theedge of the circular top of the cylinder, but we have to chalk that upto a necessary evil of working in 3D for online virtual worlds... atleast for now.
Create Quality Textures
Creating textures for your 3D products can be the most time consuming of all the steps in the building of your 3Dproduct. Since so much depends on the quality of your textures, it is good to spend a little extra time to get it right.There are several pitfalls to avoid while texturing your products, so here are some hints to help you make sure thatyour products look their very best.
Avoid Using Photographic Textures
Trust me, I know how tempting it is to do a Google search forsome cool texture and slap it onto my 3D Mesh, but I havelearned over time that the quick solution is seldom the best.Finding a photograph of a material you wish to add to yourmodel can come with artifacts that will make your product lookamateurish. Photos tend to have higher contrast and shadowsthat can contradict the illusion you are trying to achieve. In thisexample you can see that the stones appear to be castingshadows in several different directions. The stones alsosuggest depth that is not apparent at the edges of the cube,making it look like nothing more than a block with a photopasted on it, and not an object made of stones.
Minimize Contrast
This doesn't mean that I don't use photographs periodically. If I do find something I like, I will usually do a lot of work onit to reduce or illuminate harsh shadows, and strong contrasts. Creating convincing 3D models depends on a balancebetween suggested dimensionality and the actual 3D details already built into your model. Dramatic differences in thevalue of surface textures can draw attention to repeats in a tiled texture, especially when used on large areas like floorsand walls. All of the above textures originally started as photographs, but were adjusted extensively in Photoshop tomake them work better on my 3D models.

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