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Dados 123

Dados 123

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Published by globalteacher

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Published by: globalteacher on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Using stiff paper or poster board, create dice from the pattern below and write the subjects on one die(singular form of dice) and a variety of infinitives on the other. Then when students throw the dice, theywill have to conjugate the verb using the subject from one die and the verb from the other. Practice thiswith all new tenses as you come to them.
Create a set for AR, one for ER, and one for IR regular verbs.
Create another set for irregular “yo” verbs and write YO in each of the spaces for the subject pronouns. After students feel more confident with the “yo” forms of these verbs, then switch the dieto use all of the subject pronouns.
Create another set for “shoe verbs”, one die for each set of O > UE, E>IE, and E>I.
Create another set for “roller skate” verbs (those IR verbs that change the root vowel in the third person singular and plural in the preterit – servir, preferir, morir, dormir, etc.) This time create a diethat uses only the third personal singular and plural pronouns (él, ella, Ud., ellos, ellas, Uds.) Oncestudents feel comfortable with these forms then use the die with all the pronouns. See
Create another set with the orthographic changing verbs in the “yo” form of the preterit (buscar, pagar, empezar). See my packet
Cambios Ortograficos:verbs, nouns, adjectives. Useonly the die with “yo” on all sides.
Create another set using two items on each side of the die (one singular, oneplural) and another die with adjectives to describe these items. Also write twoadjectives in the masculine singular form one each side. Students will have tomake the noun-adjective agreement for each of the items.
Following the pattern of the previous set, create another set using persons anddescriptive adjectives for persons. Use the double sets like the one above.
Create another set with totally irregular preterits. (decir, saber, estar, dar, etc.)
Place each complete set generated (create more dice with each of the verbs onthe attached list) in a labeled plastic bag for easy use. If students work as ateam to practice this concept, it will be easier for them to find the proper bags.

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