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History+ +Unit+III

History+ +Unit+III

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Published by Ehren Cahill

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Published by: Ehren Cahill on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1/3/12 AP European Histor- Unit III1/3https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/jnelsen/www/apeuro/spielvogel/unit3/guide3.html
Ideif ad gie he igificace f each f he fig e e  ee i 2-3 eece i eb. Ae each f he fig ei i 1-3 cee eece ih e   aeaae hee f ae, e heie ed.Chae 16: Tad a Ne Heae ad Eah: The Scieific Rei ad he Eegece f Mde Sae;Siege, 438-462#25 Bacgd  he Scieific Rei, 439-4411. Wie a i eece aagah ha aie he eci. The i eece hd icde a iceece deied f he idci ad fie deai eece deied f he fie bd aagah.
2. Uig he
Life of Jeome Cadan
a  eae, deae he ce eaihi, a ae a he ieehce, beee ciece ad ha ciei da ca eii.#26 Tad a Ne Heae: A Rei i A, 441-449ID: Tch Bahe, Jhae Kee, Kee' hee a f aea iPeed  ae Mai Lhe. Wie hee 4-6 eece aagah cdeig he ciei  hae eadab i hi eci. Wie e aagah each ab Ceic, Gaie, ad Ne.#27 Sciece ad Medicie, We, ad Raiai, 449-456ID: Paace, Adea Veai, Wiia Hae, Magae Caedih, Maia Siba Meia, MaiaWiea1. I ha a a edicie cieific i  he ieeh ce?2. Wha a he  baia edcaia i f ei he Midde Age?3. H did ciei ae  e he ifeii f e?4. Ue he dce ecae h-aid he cieific ge f hi ce ad deie eidece he ca-Sia a  eaed  acce e a ea.5. Whahaeed  he a f idie?6. I ha a a Caeia Dai a eia cce?7. H did Bac' e f eaig diffe fDecae'?#28 Sciece, Reigi, ad he Sead f Kedge, 456-460ID: Baie PacaAe heie chice ei.Chae VII: The Scieific Vie f The Wd; Pae, 286-313 (ead i ca)Cee he"Wh' Wh i he Scieific Rei."Chae VIII: The Age f Eighee; Pae, 314-351 (ead i ca)
1/3/12 AP European Histor- Unit III2/3https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/jnelsen/www/apeuro/spielvogel/unit3/guide3.html
Cee he"Wh' Wh i he Eighee.""The Mid f a Age: Sciece ad Reigi Cf Eigheeh-Ce Naa Diae;" Wiee, 72-92(ead i ca)1. Ae he "Qei T Cide"  age 91-92 ig.a. Fi e f ei = dce 1 ad 2b. Secd e = dce 3c. Thid e = dce 4d. Fh e = dce 1, 2, 5 ad 6e. Fifh e = dce 3, 7f. Sih e = dce 4, 7, 8g. Seeh e = dce 9 ad 102. Afe dicig he  hae de, ae he eighh ef ei.Chae 17: The Eigheeh Ce: A Age f Eighee; Siege, 463-488#29 The Eighee (Pa 1), 464-468ID: Bead de Feee, Piee Bae, Jae C1. Ideif f "ah"  he Eighee.
(4 points)
2. H ad h did hihe bih he a he did?3. Wha  f he Uied Sae Ciica be fd ihe  f Meie?#30 The Eighee (Pa 2), 468-476ID: Daid He, Pa d'Hbach, Maie-Jea de Cdce,
, Ma Ae1. Whaiiia Vaie be  f ciiciig?2. Whai dei?3. Wha did he
aac? Wha did i adcae?4. Wh e he hica? Wha a hei aie-faie ideg?5. Accdig  Ada Sih, ha ae he hee fci  hich gee hd be iied?6. Wih h d Sih  ie agee, Hbbe  Lce? Wh?7. H ee idiida ibe ad Rea' "geea i" ied?8. H did Ma Wecaf diffe fRea?9. Whae did e a i a?10. Wha ee e he ace Eighee idea ee diced?
The following questions are worth two points each:
11. Eai h ad h Vaie' aac  Chiia ieace ed  effecie. H igh ahd Chiia hae defeded hi faih agai ch aac?12. Deae ih Dide'
he a he hihe cideed hei hiig bh highhiicaed ad "aa" ie.13. Cae he Meie dce (. 468) ih he Rea dce (. 473). Which e ee he ibea? Gie eidece    cci.14. Sh h Ma Wecaf aeaed bh  e ad  e ihe ca f he igh f e.Wha id f ee (e ad e) d hae eded faab, ad ha id d haeeded faab,  he age?

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