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Ncf Class 1st Syllabus of EVS in HP Details by Vijay Kumar Heer

Ncf Class 1st Syllabus of EVS in HP Details by Vijay Kumar Heer

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Published by: VIJAY KUMAR HEER on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Class – IEnvironment Studies (EVS)
Sr.No.TimeFrameTopic /ThemeSubject Matter Activities/TLMEvaluation
Unit – 1Family and Friends
 1. 8 hrs. My Family &Relationship
Oral introductionof students withteacher, amongthemselves.
Students will giveintroduction offamily members& theirrelationship intheir locallanguage/Hindi/ English.
Introductioncan be givenin locallanguage(Hindi,English).
Bring familyphotographs& identifytheirrelationship.
Askchildren torecognizetherelationshipwith theirgrandparents,uncle &brothers,sisters etc.2. 8 hrs. Moral values& PersonalHygiene.
Respect forfamily members.
Respect forelders, teachers& parents.
To enrich thevocabularyrelated to givingrespect to others,e.g. Aap, Jee etc.
Personalcleanliness, e.g.bathing,
Throughconversationask childrento respectteachers,elders,parents etc.
Ask them tokeepclassroom &surroun-dings clean.
Observethebehaviourof a child inday-to-daylife, hisunderstanding aboutmoralvalues.
Routinecheck up ofnails, hair,clothes,
brushing,combing,dressing,cleaning nails,washing hands,clothes & toothbrushing etc.and teethshould bedone.3. 8 hrs. Work & Play.
Observe thework done inschool &surroundingsby the children.
Learning whiledoing.
Peer groupinteractions.
What work I do.
What work myparents do.Make oral listof works done.Ask oralquestionsabout whatthe child doeseveryday.4. 8 hrs. Animals/ Birds
Learning aboutanimals & birdsinsurroundings.
Recognition ofanimals & birdsin immediatesurroundings.
Show charts& picturesof birds &Animals.
Collection &pasting ofpictures ofbirds &animals inalbum.
Asknames offewanimals &birds.5. 8 hrs. Plants
Knowledgeabout plants inthesurroundings.
Claymodels ofdifferenttypes of
Ask themto tell thenames ofa few
Recognition ofplants (herbs,shrubs, trees).
Recognition oflocal fruits &vegetables.
To familiarizethe childrenwith the plantsgiving fruits,vegetables andother plants inthesurroundings.fruits &vegetablescan bemade.
Drawpictures offruits &flowers.
By showingcharts forrecognitionof fruits &vegetables.vegetables& fruitsthey likemost.
Ask themto tell thenames ofa fewflowersthey likemost.6. 8 hrs. Our Body
To recognizethe names ofdifferent bodyparts.
Functions ofdifferent bodyparts.
Five senseorgans & theirfunctions e.g.taste throughtongue &hearing throughears etc.Students willrecite poemgiven in text.By showingchart askdifferent bodyparts.7. 8 hrs. Fairs &Festivals
Knowledgeabout localfair(s).
Informationabout &
A visit to alocal fairwith teacheror parents.
GiveAskquestionsabout the fairthey visited,its

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