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Published by Sajid Kayum

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Published by: Sajid Kayum on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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nuaamahahmahuah ) sanauhn1 ) ,
“ ahuhna y hnh y ana,anhnh y a1a,an p aahmnh.” 
mahmf  h y a y 
aaahh y aAannaa )  ] 
hnf  Aaha,
 tomaethempra y ?
hss p nssnhasf  hnn,shah y usanmhha,anh y nf  sahnh y ahu y .
anhma y 
Courtesy: islam-qa.comEdited and adapted by Shawana A. Azizwww.qsep.com
… So boys and girls are to be told to pray when they are seven years old, and they are to be smacked if they do not pray whentheyreachtheageoften.Similarly,theyaretobetoldtofastRamadan,andshouldbe encouraged to perform good deeds, such as reading Qur'aan,offering supererogatory prayers, Hajj and Umrah, and reciting alot of tasbeeh, tahleel, takbeer and tahmeed, and they should bepreventedfromcommittingallkindsofsin.With regard to smacking a child for not praying, it is stipulatedthat the smacking should be and shouldand should , or break a tooth or bone. Itshould be on the back or the hand and the like, andbecause it is forbidden to strike it because theProphet forbadethat. The smacking should not be more than 10 blows, and it shouldbe done for the purpose of discipline and teaching. So he (theparent etc.) should not show his desire to punish, except whenthere is a need to show that, such as if the child is turning away fromprayerandforsakingit,andthelike.It was narrated fromAbu Burdah al-Ansari that he heardtheMessengerofAllah say,"Nooneshouldbegivenmorethan10 lashes except in the case of one of the hadd punishments of Allah."[Saheehal-Bukharee(6456)andSaheehMuslim(3222)]Ibnal-Qayyim(rahimahullah)said,"The words of the Prophet, “No one should be given morethan 10 lashes except in the case of one of the haddpunishments of Allah,referred to an offence or criminalact,whichhastodowithwhatAllaahhasprescribedasapunishment.
light not be painfulnot break the skinthe face isto be avoided
Ifitissaid:Whatdowemeanby10orless? The answer is: This has to do with when a man hits his wife, his slave, his child, or his hired worker for thepurpose of discipline and the like. It is not permissible forhim to give more than 10 blows. This is the best way tounderstandthehadeeth."[I'laamal-Muwaqqi'een(2/23)] The smacking should also, so as to protect the child's self-esteem and his dignity infrontofhisfriendsandothers.It should be known from the father's behavior with his childrenand his disciplining of them that he does not smack anybody  whom he smacks except in obedience to Allah and to hisMessenger , and that the only reason he does that is for thechild's best interests, and his keenness to raise him in theprescribed manner - so that the child will not grow up hatingIslamic teachings which he may find difficult, and that he wassmackedfornotdoingthem.
not be done in front of anyoneelse

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