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Published by bjoernhofmans

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Published by: bjoernhofmans on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Research report / Study plan
January 19, 2012Phase 2: NEW TECHNOLOGIES
Bjoern Hofmans
Bisschop Zwijsenstraat 129, 5021 KB, Tilburg,
06 249 981 80
info@bjoernhofmans.nl www.bjoernhofmans.nlNEW TECHNOLOGIES
 At the start of this period I teamed up with my classmate Arjan Boeve for the New Technologies project. At the Playgroundsfestival we met the Codarts danser Emmely Tunders and together we formed BEA-tricks. We decided we wanted to makeuse of the motion capturing suit. We also agreed that for this project we would blend dance, animation and New Technolo-gies into a breathtaking experiment.
Learning goals
I created the following personal learning goals for this project:- cooperate with partner/classmate- working with a dancer- mixing different disciplines- getting out of my comfort zone- explore new technologies ( Processing, motion capture, arduino)
creating an animation or installation with a dogma/manifest
We created a Manifesto for our concept. We decided to do this because after a couple of weeks we still hadn’t a clue inwhich direction our project would go. Personally I was very happy with this manifest because it was a new approach for meto work on a project. I added a copy of the manifest to this report.
Unfortunately the cooperation between Arjan and me didn’t work out well. At one point I decided to stop working together. Iguess the problem was that we didn’t speak the same language. During the talks we had afterwards with the teachers I no-ticed that I felt the need for a more practical partner. I don’t blame Arjan. He also really tried to make the cooperation a suc-cess but as persons we differed too much.When I continued working on this project alone I decided to maintain the manifest, especially because this situation seemedto be made for using the manifest. I really enjoyed working with the dancer from Codarts. Emmely was really making aneffort. And it was quit awkward because the day before the shoot Arjan and I split up. Fortunately I got some help from Ra-mon van Bezouw from the techlab. So the data capturing with the dancer and the suit was a good experience. She liked theidea that I proposed of her as a dancer being the actual animator. The only thing I would do during the following processwas generating the data of her movements in different forms. This also was conform the rules of the manifest.NEW TECHNOLOGIES - Research report / study plan
 After this I experimented with the processing and arduino programming part. This took too much time, but I wanted to knowwhat I was doing. So in the end I decided to go for a simple end result in which I was in control. I didn’t achieve what I had inmind. This was kind of disappointing, but I like to continue these techniques in my next projects. With processing and Ardu-ino there is a new unexplored world of techniques and possibilities opened for me. It would be a mistake for me to ignorethis. These techniques pointed me into the direction I want to go with my future work.I didn’t had time to create the installation with the different forms of animation I originally had in mind. Maybe I can turn thisidea into a concept for my next project. In the end I researched my RGB idea.
For my research I also used the Manifesto as a starting point, but it was also about my own positioning as an animator/artist. The first question I formulated was that I wanted to know what the use of social media meant for me as an animator. Am Imore visible as an artist? Do I get more acquisition through this medium? Is it efficient? What is the benefit on against a reallife network? I guess the main question was: “What can social media add to my network as an animator/artist? “ The first step for me to research my digital whereabouts would be to check all the hits my name “bjoern hofmans” wouldcome up with on the Internet. This was very interesting for me. Many unexpected things came up. By these results I decidedto change my research question.I started to collect my data into html-code files so that in a later point will be possible for me to actually show the data net-work in a figure or graphic with the help of processing. The final research question that I have formulated for this course issuddenly became very literal: “What is my position on the Internet, and how can I make this visual?” I decided to integratethis research in the New Technologies project. It made sense to me because of the experimenting nature of this project an itdidn’t conflict with the manifest.In the end I didn’t use processing to visualise this data. I used an internet based text digging program . Every word in thetext got analysed by its appearance in the text. For example, bjoern was used 313 times in the text data. I animated circlesin photoshop with the diameter of the word’s time of appearance. Those circles I added later to the processing data of thedancer.
 As a result of this project I ended up without a partner, an unfinished project, a visual unsatisfying animation and some un-achieved learning goals. Still I’m very positive about this project. I got out of my comfort zone. It was a nice experience towork with a dogma/manifest instead of a concept. I learned to work with unfamiliar technologies without a clear vision of theend result. And I’m glad I decided to end a non working cooperation.
"Tinkering is what happens when you try something you don't quite know how to do, guided by a whim, imagination andcuriosity. When you tinker, there are no instructions, but there are also no failures, no right or wrong ways of doing things. It'sabout figuring out how things work and reworking them. Contraptions, machines, wildly mismatched objects working inharmony—this is the stuff of tinkering. Tinkering is, at its most basic, a process that marries play and inquiry."
Massimo BanziNEW TECHNOLOGIES - Research report / study plan

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