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Preface What Happend to the Angry Monkeys

Preface What Happend to the Angry Monkeys

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Published by Inhyuk Song

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Published by: Inhyuk Song on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What happened to the angry monkeys?
Be passionate! Dream Big! Live a happy life! You are the owner of your own life.We are exposed to such kind of phrases which sound like public campaignslogans from morning to bed time. It is not hard to find people repeating thesephrases as if they were some popular hit song lyrics, as these are too prevalentin our daily lives. But, now let’s be a little bit more frank to ourselves. Are younot tired of such motivational slogans?Of course, these words are worthy to bear in mind. It is good thing to live withpassion and dream. Everyone wants to live a happy life. Everyone wants to bethe designer of his or her own life.However, I can’t deny that I feel somewhat uncomfortable when hearing suchinspirational talks. I feel guilty every time when I find myself determined toaccomplish new projects and soon give them up in a few days for lack of passion. Many say that we should dream, but, in reality, most people even don’tknow what they really like and want to do in their lives. It makes me really sad tosee people vow to live better lives when they hear some success stories-thestories about people who made their dream come true people-through booksand televisions.Let’s listen from our real inner voice. Do you think you are living a happy life?Isn’t it that you feel depressed and oppressed rather than feeling happy? Doyou think you are the leader of your own life? Sadly, in reality, you feel frustratedeveryday, but still believe that you will be better off in terms of social andeconomic status, as a result of enduring today’s hard work. Don’t pretend youdon’t know anything. Just look at your supervisors. They are the self-portrait of yourself five or ten years from now. Are you sure that they seem to own their own lives? Am I the only one who thinks that they seem to be lonely and blindedby self-righteousness rather than happy, although they make better salary andenjoy higher status? Let’s take a look at Google’s 80/20 Innovation Modelwhere spending 20% of our time on activities related to personal interest andpassion has positive influence on the rest 80% of time we are engaged in our main work tasks. You may think Google is superior by any measure and feel
frustrated that your company seems to treat you only as expendables. You mayhope your company will adopt Google’s model, but I am sure that such thing willnever happen, if your company is a typical company which considers meetingdeadlines as important as life. A company which allows its employees to spendtheir time on something else other than their work tasks may be considered asnegligent in managing its employees, although the employees there believe thatthe two biggest barriers to their achievement are 2M, which are Meeting andManager.The era of creativity has come. Needs of customers has diversified as their number increases. Companies are faced with a challenge where they aredifficult to survive if keeping stick to the old way of doing things. It has becomeincreasingly difficult to earn the heart of customers even with a product withgood performance and a reasonable price tag. Moreover, as widespread use of SNS shifted communication style from dot-to-dot to face-to-face communication,stories of individual has gained power as powerful as mass media.As the speed of change and trend accelerates, what people say about acompany rather than the company’s brand itself has become more importantsource of competitiveness. What should we do to breakthrough this crisis?Creative Management was suggested as the answer for that question.Nowadays, the importance of ideas is valued more than ever, and new big andsmall attempts are made to inspire new ideas and innovation. So people beganto come up with idea suggestion system as well as new training programs whichfocused on enhancing creativity. And the word ‘creative’ was found on almost allnew systems, policies and slogans such as creative thinking, creativeorganizational culture, and creative leadership. The word ‘creative’ was usedwidely across the society as like a syndrome. And it has become very familiar word that any word without “creative” sounded outdated and it has becomecommon to measure CQ (Creativity Quotient) as well as IQ and EQ. But I seenothing has changed..Being passionate and creative without internal motivation is same as doingunsustainably intensive diet. It might work out well in short term, but, eventually,you will come across the bigger side effects like yo-yo phenomenon. You can’t
be passionate just because you want to be passionate. If you do not understandwhere passion is originated, you will end up with only distressing yourself. Thenwhere does passion come from? Passion is originated from curiosity. It alsocomes from taking an interest in something. Kids are passionate because theyhave endless curiosity. The same thing applies to love. Curiosity and interest inothers lead to passionate love. Curiosity is caused by an internal stimulus thattakes place in our minds. We feel curious when the information you are alreadyfamiliar with is connected to new stimulus. Einstein also once said that hisgenius talent is thanks to his vigorous curiosity, not to his gifted talent.
Creativity can be defined as being connected to something differentthings
.Steve Jobs pointed out that creativity is just all about connecting dots. Creativepeople say that they happen to come up with new creation. They happen tohave different perspectives as they were offered opportunities to go throughvarious experiences. They say they were able to find serendipity when theycame across something new, based on their past experiences. They stressedthat it is important to build a relationship with people with the perspectives andexperiences different from mine, rather than colleagues who share with mesame daily experiences, because creativity is connection between newexperiences. That is why we can hardly expect innovative ideas when urgingemployees to propose good ideas. It is not that creativity is aroused when wedo workshops, play football, and have a drinking party together. Meanwhile,Robert Fabricant of Frog Design said, “creativity is not in us. It exists “between”is. It means that creativity is all about connection and exists in some spacebetween us. Doesn’t “space” mean hollow and empty? This is not true. Youneed to know that the rest half of a cup filled with half cup of water is not emptybut filled with the air. In Asian countries including Korea, it has been common tofill only half of a cup when drinking liquor, thinking the rest half would be filledwith stories and friendship. It was that flavor and taste of liquor were able tobecome delicate with trust and passion as well as personal charm of thedrinkers being melted into a glass of liquor. Passion is able to maintain its flamebecause of chemical action between something that exists between us.Why am I lack of passion and creativity? Why am I not living a heart-throbbing

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