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Maglev Train Power Point Presentation 4

Maglev Train Power Point Presentation 4

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Published by Sam PB Cui

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Published by: Sam PB Cui on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A maglev train is a train that operates using magneticlevitation (thus called maglev train). Many countries alreadyhave a few maglev trains, like the United State, the UnitedKingdom, Germany and Japan. Most countries that havemaglev trains are MEDC·s. There are, though, a fewcountries that are not MEDC·s, but do have maglev trains,like China, India and Malaysia.This presentation will be about the following topics:
How the Maglev train works
How the Maglev train affects the environment
How the Maglev train affects the economy
How The Maglev Train Works
There are two main types of mechanisms that are used for maglev trains. One uses electromagnets to suspend and propel the trainforward, the other mechanism uses permanent magnets, both on therails and on the train. Both mechanisms are commonly used.Electromagnetic Suspension(made in Germany):Electrodynamic Suspension(made in Japan):

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