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Thunder Bay Official Plan

Thunder Bay Official Plan

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Published by cbcSudbury
Thunder Bay Official Plan
Thunder Bay Official Plan

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Published by: cbcSudbury on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction Chapter 1May 30, 2005Official Plan Section 1Page 1.1
The Official Plan is the principal land use policy document for the City of Thunder Bay. It is a formal statement by Council of land use goals, objectives,and policies, intended for the guidance of public and private development decisions within the City of Thunder Bay. It shall form the basis for decisionsregarding the City's Zoning By-law, other land use controls, and future planninginitiatives during the 20-year life span of this Plan.
This document represents not only the goals and objectives of Council, but also thecollective concerns and thoughts of the City's population, as opportunities for  public input have formed important steps in the plan making process.This Official Plan replaces the City of Thunder Bay Official Plan, adopted by CityCouncil in July of 1982, together with all of its subsequent amendments.
1.1 Statement of Principles
This document is founded upon the following principles:a) more effective, efficient and consistent decision making andadministration of the affairs of the municipal corporation can be achievedthrough the development and implementation of a formally established setof goals, objectives, and policies;b) municipal planning, although conducted within a provincial framework of legislation, is a municipal responsibility;c)
public involvement in the development and application of plans is anessential component of the municipal planning process; andd)
change must be managed to protect resources, promote efficient, cost-effective development, and land use patterns which stimulate economicgrowth, protect the environment, and public health.
Introduction Chapter 1May 30, 2005Official Plan Section 1Page 1.2
1.2 General Goals
The general goals of this Plan are to:a)
promote a pattern of land use, and the provision of services and facilitieswhich will enhance the health, safety and well being of all present andfuture residents of the City;b)
ensure that development occurs in an efficient and cost-effective manner;c)
reduce the potential for public cost or risk by directing development awayfrom areas where there is a risk to public health or safety or of propertydamage;d)
support a balance among the various basic land uses with sufficient andsuitable lands to meet the needs of the community;e)
minimize the possibility of conflict and incompatibility between land uses;f)
preserve and enhance the quality of the natural, social and culturalenvironments;g)
maximize opportunity for choice in employment, housing, recreation, andoverall lifestyle for all City residents;h)
promote the growth of new business and employment opportunities atappropriate locations, and to encourage the strengthening of existingbusiness functions;i)
promote the enhancement of working relationships between the City andthe surrounding communities in an effort to ensure effective planningacross political boundaries; and, j)
establish the basis and framework for the City's Zoning By-law and forsuccessive and more detailed planning initiatives which may be preparedfrom time to time.
Introduction Chapter 1May 30, 2005Official Plan Section 1Page 1.3
1.3 Basis of the Plan
The City of Thunder Bay Official Plan, adopted by Council in 1982 and approvedby the Minister of Municipal Affairs in 1983, together with its variousamendments, form the basis for this Official Plan.In updating this Plan considerable research was undertaken with respect todemographic changes, housing and settlement patterns, commercial and industrialdevelopment, environmental matters and a variety of other land use issues.Careful consideration has also been given to the input received from a broadspectrum of agencies, groups and organizations, and the general public.In January 2000, Council passed a resolution endorsing
Fast Forward Thunder  Bay>>
Fast Forward>>
is a community development plan that outlines threestrategic directions - Quality of Life, Diversified Economy, and RegionalNetworks. Efforts have been made to ensure that this Official Plan is consistentwith the directions set out in
Fast Forward 
>> and supports its implementation.It is acknowledged that municipal planning is conducted within a provincialregulatory framework. This Plan has been prepared with regard to the ProvincialPolicy Statement issued by the Province of Ontario in May 1996 and as revised inFebruary 1997. Any future amendments to this Plan shall also have regard to theProvincial Policy Statement, as amended from time to time.The City encourages both the federal and provincial levels of government tofollow this Plan in all of their land use decisions and initiatives, or to work withthe City to develop a suitable amendment prior to development.
1.4 Structure of the Plan
This document consists of an introductory section, a general policies section toaddress City-wide issues; a land use policy section dealing with specific land useareas; a section that outlines the interpretation and implementation of the Plan anda section in which Community Plans are presented. The figures bound within thetext of this Plan, the schedules associated with the Community Plans, andSchedules "A" through "E" also form part of this Plan. Any appendices, that maybe added from time to time, are intended only for general information purposesand do not form part of this Plan. In addition, the Table of Contents does notform part of the this Plan.

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