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Studio 47 Salon Services

Studio 47 Salon Services

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Published by jsfarley

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Published by: jsfarley on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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•From $27.00
•From $22.00
 Children (10 and under)
•From $50.00
 Color and Highlights (Full Head)
•From $100.00
 Full Color and Partial Highlights
$85.00Highlights or Lowlights($10.00 per extra color)
From $70.00Partial Foil
•From $50.00
 Top Foil
•From $30.00
•From $85.00
•From $55.00
 Corrective Color
•Price by Consultation
Chemical Services 
Perms (includes cuts and styles)
•From $65.00
•From $65.00
 Permanent Straightening (Keratinetc.)
•From $150.00
 Semi Permanent Straightening
•From $75.00
Finishing Styles & Up-Dos 
Shampoo and Style
•From $17.00
 Up-Dos(Special Events)
Must have clean dry hair and not flat ironed
•From $45.00
Eyebrows, Chin, Lips, & Side of Face
 Lash Extensions 
Individual Lashes
 ($5.00 or more per unit)Lash Strips
Swedish- $40/ 1/2 hour $65/ 1 hour
This massage uses variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles byapplying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones. The main purposeof Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxinsfrom the muscles. Other possible benefits include stimulation of circulation, anincrease in muscle tone, and a balance of the musculo-skeletal systems. Swedishmassage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. It increases circulation withoutincreasing heart load.
Trigger point- $35/ 1/2 hour
This massage has been rated as the most effective therapy in relieving pain frommuscles. It helps reduce and remove any stiffness in muscles and improves theflexibility of body parts. It is the most suitable technique for eliminating pain insoft-tissue and any related dysfunctions. The therapy helps release tension andimproves circulation.
Deep tissue- $75/ 1 hour
This massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia,.Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques asSwedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also amore focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscletension or knots.
Myofascial Release $95/ 1 1/2 hours
Myofascial Release is a form of bodywork that is manipulative in nature and seeksto rebalance the body by releasing tension in the fascia. Long, stretching strokesare utilized to release muscular tension. Myofascial Release is a manual therapytechnique that is utilized to help relieve pain and tension that is due to injury orstress.
Reflexology Massage $20/ 1/2 hour
Reflexology is a gentle form of therapeutic treatment applied to the feet andsometimes to the hands. Reflexology is considered to be a holistic healingtechnique that aims to treat the individual as a whole, in order to induce a stateof balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. Reflexology is based on thebelief that there are reflex areas on the feet (and hands) corresponding to all theparts of the body including major organs. It is believed that applying pressure tospecific areas on the feet, hands and ears can affect internal organs and bodysystems, and therefore promote good health.The therapist stimulates and works these organs and systems through thereflexes areas on the hands and feet, applying pressure to the feet with thumband fingers. Pressure is applied to clear out congestion and restore normalfunctioning and health.
Reiki Energy Work) $95/1 hour
Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Tibet and has been practiced forover 2,500 years.Strictly speaking, reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is one of the morewidely known forms of healing through direct application of Chi, or a force verysimilar to Chi. Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists forthe underlying force the Universe is made of.What does Reiki do?It is believed that reiki can relieve pain, boosts the immune system and relievesacute problems. This is believed because physical manifestations of pain are oftenlinked to emotional, mental and spiritual states. Chronic illnesses may take aseries of treatments, depending on the specific nature of the disease. Reiki goesbeyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of the disease. When we treat onlythe symptoms, we do not always get to the true basis of the illness.How is Reiki performed?

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