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Black Panther

Black Panther

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Published by Sidney Robertson

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Published by: Sidney Robertson on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sidney Robertson1-12-11
Black Panther
My paper is about the Black Panther. These cats are extraordinarily smart. How theyevolved, where they are on the phylogenetic tree and who the closest relatives to them is justthe beginning. The Black Panther is a beautiful cat of the jungle. There are distinctively knownfor their solid black coats and yellow eyes.Panthers evolved in Asia. The definite genus of where they are really from is stillunclear. The divergence of panthers and all other living cat species has been ranked between 6and 10 million years ago. There are four different panther group species but man subspecies of the leopard and lions are questionable.Recently it has been proposed that all sub Saharan populations of leopards are of thesame leopard subspecies and that all sub Saharan population of lions likewise belong to thesame lion subspecies. They do not have sufficient genetic distinction between them. The BlackPanther is not a distinct species but is just the common name for black specimens of the genus,most often encountered in jaguar and leopard species. (Wikipedia.org/wiki/blackpanther).Cat species compromise about 16 percent of the worlds carnivores. The classificationhas fluctuated since new morphological and genetic research has been documented. Thefelidae family has 18 genera and includes about 40 species, Black Panther being one of them.There are 13 genera within the feline subfamily.Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaFamily: FelidaeOrder: CarnivoraGenus: PantheraSpecies: Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard
 The closest relative to the Black Panther is the jaguar by a recessive allele. Anotherrelative is the Black Leopard the only difference between a black leopard and a normal coloredleopard is that there is a high amount of pigment or melanistic coloration causing the color inthe four to be very dark or black. Melanism occurs because of a gene mutation of the leopard.Cougars are also somewhat relatives of the Black Panther. Although no melanistic cougars haveever been photographed there still is a chance that the black cougar does exist.(blackpantheranimal.com).How does the Black Panthers environment influence its mating and eating habits? TheBlack Panther is very stealthy. They have earned the nickname the ghost of the forest. TheBlack Panther is also very solitary, other than a female and her cubs or mating pairs in thebreeding season. Adult Black Panthers are way more temperamental than normal coloredPanthers. This is because they are more inbred than regular panthers.(blackpantheranimal.com).Black Panthers are successful hunters and easily adapt to diverse environments andvarious circumstances. Most hunt at night. They are masters of concealment using anythingthey can use to hide themselves from their prey. As they wait they are silent and still blendingin well with the background. It kills its prey by a single bite to the back of the neck with itspowerful jaws or by strangling it by its paws. Even though they are smaller members of the catfamily they can kill some animals bigger and heavier than them. Some can carry prey up totwice the panthers weight. (blackpantheranimal.com).How does the Black Panthers environment influence its coat pattern and defyingphysical adaptions? The Black Panther is a nocturnal hunter. Meaning they hunt at night. Itssolid black coat helps as a camouflage to get its prey. Some Panthers have different shades of black. Often the panther will perch on a tree and wait for something to walk under it so thepanther can just pounce on it killing whatever it is instantly. Black Panthers easily adapt todifferent environments. They are not the biggest cats but they do have very muscular bodies,powerful jaws and long sharp teeth. When they stalk their prey Black Panthers retract theirclaws to be quieter. Long whiskers help them feel their way through thick brush in the dark.Panthers can smell their prey from very far away without even seeing them.(Wikipedia.org/wiki/blackpanther).

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