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The Citizen’s Rule Book

The Citizen’s Rule Book

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Published by Friendly
Information all Americans should know intimately; these are our tools to remain free in this Republic.
Information all Americans should know intimately; these are our tools to remain free in this Republic.

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Published by: Friendly on Nov 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Citizen’s Rule Book 
“Where the spirit of the Lor is! there is Li"ert#$% Corinthi&ns '()*Ri+hts Co,e -ro, .o/
0UR1 23N4BOOK 
3 5&ll&iu, of Li"ert#
LINCOLN said “Study the Constitution!”“Let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislatures, and enforced in courts of justice”uality reprints may be obtained from"Christian #atriots#O $o% &'(#lacentia, C) *'+-.(/0 //*1*&-/2hitten #rinters 11 .+-'0 '&31+/-+, (--( S &
St, #hoeni%, )4 3&--/5ditorial 2or6 $y 2ebster )dams#)#578O9S5 #9$LIC):IONS“Stronger than Steel!” /
“<ou ha;e rights antecedent to all earthly go;ernments= rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human la>s=rights deri;ed from the ?reat Legislator of the 9ni;erse” @ohn )dams, Second #resident of the 9nited States
@ury Auty              '<ou are abo;e the La>!        /@ury 7ights              +La> of the Land            :en Commandments         3Communist Banifesto         3?i;e 9p 7ights            *@ury :ampering           ((
#atric6 8enry Shoc6ed         (&@ury of #eers             (+Dreedom for 2illiam #enn       (3@effersonEs 2arnings!         '-
Inde% to the documents           '(:he Aeclaration of Independence       '+.Original :itleF#age '+0:he Constitution            G':he $ill of 7ights            /*
“:hat this nation, under ?od, shall ha;e a ne> birth of Dreedom” )braham Lincoln
0UR1 4UT1/
:he purpose of this boo6let is to re;i;e, as @efferson put it, “:he )ncient #rinciples” It is notdesigned to promote la>lessness or a return to the jungle :he “)ncient #rinciples” refer to the:en Commandments and the Common La> :he Common La> is, in simple terms, just  plaincommon sense and has its roots in the :en CommandmentsIn (+ >e came out of $ONA)?5 >ith D)I:8, 9NA57S:)NAIN? and CO97)?5 5;enagainst great odds, and >ith much bloodshed, >e battled our >ay to achie;e LI$57:<LI$57:< is that delicate balance bet>een the force of go;ernment and D7552ILL of manLI$57:< brings D755AOB of choice to >or6, to trade, to go and li;e >here one >ishes= itleads to )$9NA)NC5 )$9NA)NC5, if made an end to itself, >ill result inCOB#L)C5NC<, >hich leads to )#):8< )#):8< is the “let ?eorge do it”  philosophy:his al>ays brings A5#5NA5NC< Dor a period of time, dependents are often not a>are theyare dependent :hey delude themsel;es by thin6ing that they are still freeF “2e ne;er had it so good”F“2e can still ;ote, canEt >e” 5;entually abundance diminishesand A5#5NA5NC< becomes 6no>n by its true nature"
:here are fe> >ays out of bondage $loodshed and >ar often result, but our founding fatherslearned of a better >ay 7ealiHing that a C75):O7 is al>ays abo;e and greater than that>hich 8e creates, they established a three ;ote system by >hich an informed citiHenry cancontrol those acting in the name of the go;ernment :o be a good master you must al>aysremember the true “pec6ing order” or chain of command in this nation"( ?OA created man   ' Ban .thatEs you0 created the Constitution   G Constitution created go;ernment   
/ ?o;ernment created corporations  etc
:he base of po>er >as to remain in 25 :85 #5O#L5 but unfortunately, it >as lost to thoseleaders acting in the name of the go;ernment, such as politicians, bureaucrats, judges, la>yers,etc)s a result )merica began to function li6e a democracy instead of a 75#9$LIC ) democracyis dangerous because it is a one1;ote system as opposed to a 7epublic, >hich is a three1;otesystem" :hree ;otes to chec6 tyranny, not just one )merican citiHens ha;e not been informed
of their other t>o ;otesOur first ;ote is at the polls on election1day >hen >e pic6 those >ho are to represent us in theseats of go;ernment $ut >hat can be done if those elected officials just donEt perform as promised or e%pected 2ell, the second t>o ;otes are the most effecti;e means by >hich thecommon people of any nation on earth ha;e e;en had in controlling those appointed to ser;ethem in go;ernment:he second ;ote comes >hen you ser;e on a ?rand @ury $efore anyone can be brought to trialfor a capital or infamous crime by those acting in the name of the go;ernment,  permission must be obtained from people ser;ing on the ?rand @ury! :he Binneapolis Star and :ribune inBarch ', (*3, edition noted a purpose of the grand @ury in this >ay"“) ?rand @uryEs purpose is to protect the public from an o;erHealous prosecutor”:he third is the most po>erful ;ote" this is >hen you are acting as a jury member during acourtroom trial )t this point, “the buc6 stops” >ith you! It is in this setting that each @97O7 has BO75 #O257 than the #resident, all of Congress, and all of the judges combined!Congress can legislate .ma6e la>0, the #resident or some other bureaucrat can ma6e an order or issue regulations, and judges may instruct or ma6e a decision, but no @97O7 can e;er be punished for ;oting “Not ?uilty!” )ny juror can, >ith impunity, choose to disregard theinstructions of any judge or attorney in rendering his ;ote If only one @97O7 should ;ote“Not ?uilty” for any reason, there is no con;iction and no punishment at the end of the trial:hus, those acting in the name of go;ernment must come before the common man to get permission to enforce la>
1OU 3RE 3BO6E T2E L3W/
)s a @97O7 in a trial setting, >hen it comes to your indi;idual ;ote of innocent or guilty, youare truly ans>erable to ?OA )LBI?8:< :he Dirst )mendment to the Constitution >as  bornout of this great concept 8o>e;er, judges of today refuse to inform @97O7S of their 7I?8:S :8e Binneapolis Star and :ribune in a ne>s paper article appearing in its  No;ember G-, (*3/ edition, entitled" “2hat @udges AonEt :ell @uries” stated"“)t the time of adoption of the Constitution, the juryEs role as a defense against politicaloppression >as unuestioned in )merican jurisprudence :his nation sur;i;ed until the(3&-Es, >hen prosecutions under the Dugiti;e Sla;e )ct >ere largely unsuccessful  because juries refused to con;ict”“:hen judges began to erode the institution of free juries, leading to the absurd

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