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Eidetic Visionary Recital

Eidetic Visionary Recital

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Published by William Maloney
A very very short argument in favor of including visionary recitals as an important part of writing essays.
A very very short argument in favor of including visionary recitals as an important part of writing essays.

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Published by: William Maloney on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Things we can perceive with our senses are called phenomena. Noumena is aterm that designates things that are thought; they are things we can perceivewith our imaginary senses
Eidetic Visionary Recital
Through use of imagination one can study an issue with creativity andabstractness which Plato called Eidetic Reflection. Although Plato beleived wehave inherent essences of certain things as ideas, my use of the method is toget insight from my subconscious which, through visions and dreams, seemsto contain useful and inspiring insights, being somewhat of a human archive ofthings long forgotten by our conscious thoughts. The inherent human ability todream, about things we focus on, is a tool which cannot be ignored especiallywhen working with human sciences like anthropology and religion. It is mybelief that students should use this method of self inquiry to inspire themtowards original insights and epiphanies when faced with an issue or abstractconcept.In the Persian philosophy tradition from which Avicenna and Sohravardi wrotetheir philosophical discources alongside visionary recitals, I propose to do thesame. The phenomenological process of individuation is not just helpful butessential to the study of anthropology and religion. By alienating a whole partof our brains when studying we neglect who we are as humans and webecome handicapped by our sense of perception's univocality.To have a vision of a concept in all its abstractness imaged from ourselves anddirected towards our own self for us to dwell upon it and examine it is whatwe call dreaming. It is possible and frequent that one gains insights aboutthings that perplex him/her. A recital of the experience greatly enhances aresearch, in my view, for it attempts to rebuild a philosophical tradition thatinspires scholars to totaly immerse themselves in their object of study.This mayhelp students gain epiphanies when faced with an issue or abstract concept.
Visionnary Recital example: "Chains of Humanity"
"I imagined two chain of humans all naked and holding themselves toinfinity. Both chains of humans met at certain random places where one man orwoman in the link belonged to both chains.The First of the Chains was of madeof normal men, the Second Chain was made of angels. The men and womanwho belonged to both chains were archangels. The first being made of earth,the Second of fire and the intersecting ones of both sexes and element."These archangels are blind to the fact that they are something morethan normal men, they are oblivious to themselves being the intersection, thelink. So they remain trapped in the human chains, unable to ascend to theirdwelling places in the sky.Because of the abstractness of the visionary experience, the vision came withthree meanings:The first chain is symbology transmitted through biology. The secondchain is symbology transmitted through culture. The intersecting divine onesare contain both, symbolized as being archangels. So in this recital's meaning,we find that being human is to be the divine archangels who are oblivious tothe fact that they are the links between biological and cultural symbology.butwhen they will be aware of their own state as a link they become who theyreally are, thus breaking the links and ascending to the sky.The first chain is symbolized by logic. The second chain issymbolized by creativity. The intersecting divine ones are the use of both.Symbolized as being archangels. So in this recital's meaning, we find that beinghuman is to be the divine archangels who are oblivious to the fact that they arethe links between logical and creative but when they will be aware of theirown state as a link they become who they really are, thus breaking the linksand ascending to the sky.The first chain consist of men 'Adam' and the Second chain containswomen 'Eve' .The intersecting ones are both in One, hermaphrodites who arenot yet aware of their sexuality, being as two disctinct persons, male andfemale, but not realizing their alliance. If they would fall upon awareness, theywould become as One, their inital state in paradise."It is for the psychology of symbols to discover under what conditions thisappearance of the soul to itself takes place -- of the soul perceiving itself in theform of a winged being. The symbolism of the wing emposes itselfspontaneously as an archetype, as we see from Plato; hence its frequentrecurrences. The bird still has a rank of a symbol, of an Image through whichthe soul meditates on itself and divines itself." (Henri Corbin)

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