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Shadow World

Shadow World

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Published by Anthony Forwood
This is an unfinished work. It talks about the military cover of 'alien' abductions for secret mind-control programs, and the development of an army of gang-stalkers for the coming New World Order.
This is an unfinished work. It talks about the military cover of 'alien' abductions for secret mind-control programs, and the development of an army of gang-stalkers for the coming New World Order.

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Published by: Anthony Forwood on Jan 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shadow World
By Anthony ForwoodCopyright 2012 © All rights reserved[NOTE: This document is still a work in progress, but is being released now due tonecessity. Please feel free to disseminate it far and wide and share it with as manypeople as possible. Consider this to be version 1, and watch for updated versions atwww.scribd.com]
This document is first and foremost a personal exploration of the possible meaning of certain events that have occurred in my life. This was first prompted by my realizationof how widespread gang-stalking is, and how it’s being condoned at the highest levelsof government while at the same time its existence is being denied by governmentofficials. Gang-stalking is closely associated with mind-control operations (usually inthe form of electronic harassment), and mind-control operations (at certain deeperlevels) are closely associated with the UFO enigma, particularly in respect to alienabduction experiences. I recognized these relationships as I began reviewing certainpersonal experiences that I’ve had throughout my life that started when I was veryyoung, and I soon came to realize that there was very possibly a direct connectionbetween all three of these matters, and this connection quickly began to make a greatdeal of sense to me, and I felt that this needed to be given serious consideration inorder to fully understand the mechanisms that are being used to lead society in theominous direction of a ‘New World Order’. I don’t expect that other targets of gang-stalking, nor those who claim to be alien abductees, nor victims of mind-control, toagree with everything I propose here. For each of us, the situation might be different.However, I do hope that this document will provide insights into the bigger picture of what is actually taking place, and what all of us are involuntarily involved in to onedegree or another. I also hope that this document will raise deeper awareness of seemingly unrelated events that are going on in our world and that might be going onin our own personal lives as well, and that these will be seen to tie together and makemore sense as a whole, revealing the ‘bigger picture’.I don’t profess to be an authority on the subject matter of this document. I’ve writtenit with the view that alien abductions are purely terrestrial activities, and I don’t enterhere into a consideration that we might be being interfered with by off-planet beings.This doesn’t mean to say that I don’t believe that such beings may be visiting us andeven interfering in the lives of the planet population – I personally lean towards thepossibility that we
being visited and perhaps even being interfered with, but dueto the amount of potential disinformation and false data that’s out there concerningthis possibility, such a consideration would be too large and complex a task for me toadequately undertake at this point. I also feel that the possibility of purely humaninterference should be thoroughly examined before anything beyond that is given
serious consideration. Therefore, I’m taking the more ‘down-to-earth’ approach in thisdocument, based on the available evidence that has been or can be confirmed.This document is primarily intended to explore certain personal experiences that I’vehad throughout my life, and in it, I seek to find explanations for these experiencesbased on the available evidence, and nothing more. Due to the fact that this is basedon my personal experiences, it will inevitably include the issue of gang-stalking, whichis a growing matter of concern in our society and one of which I’ve been a target of for what seems to have been the greater part of my life. In investigating the subjectsdiscussed here, I have come to believe that gang-stalking is deeply tied into thesubjects of mind-control and ‘alien’ abductions, and each are part of a bigger picturethat seems to be unfolding before us on this planet at an ever more rapid pace witheach passing day. The year 2012, of which we have just entered, seems to mark thefinal phase of this unfolding, and what happens in the days ahead will prove to bevery telling, whatever the case may be.I will not bother to duplicate the information that I’ve used to put together thisdocument, since the majority of it is already widely available on the internet or inbook publications. I’ve added a limited bibliography of the main sources I’ve used,which I refer readers to for further self-education on the subjects discussed.
Alien Dream
As I’ve already said, the more I’ve learned from my personal research andobservations, the more I see how gang-stalking fits into the secret agenda of the darkforces
that are attempting to implement their ‘New World Order’. Being a target of gang-stalking activities for so many years and having paid attention to how theseforces operate, how they are organized, who they consist of, how extensive thisproblem is, and the level of power that’s involved, I’ve come to wonder about all thisin relation to the events that are taking place on the world stage, as well as thepossible significance of certain events that have occurred in my past. These thingshave led me to wonder: Could my fate and the fate of many others have been markedfrom birth or early childhood? Are we being used against our wills by these darkforces for the purposes of implementing their long-range plans?Let me start at the beginning, when I may have gotten my first clue that somethingwas wrong.Ever since I was very little, and throughout my life, I’ve often quietly wondered whymy parents and siblings had always been rather cold and had such a negative attitude
I use the term ‘dark forces’ in the most general terms, and do not necessarily mean any sortof negative spirit or demonic entity beyond the physical, although such spirits or entities mayindeed be involved. I could just as easily use the more familiar term Illuminati, but this hascertain limited connotations that might mislead readers about what we could actually bedealing with. These dark forces go beyond just a small group of ultra-powerful men andwoman who direct events from the shadows, and include many others who work at levels of power just beneath them, both within and outside of government.
towards me that only grew worse with time. There were so many things about mymother in particular and my relationship with her that each on their own might benothing all that unusual, but when taken all together, I can’t help but think that therewas something not quite right about all of it, that something had caused thistreatment of me early on. I won’t get into the specifics of these things, since thatwould take too long and would be too emotionally draining for me, and I doubt thatI’d ever be able to convey to the reader the full impact of these experiences on mycurrent feelings, which I’m sad to say haven’t gotten any better.Whatever one might be talking about, it isn’t so much those accumulated things thatlead up to a particular result that are usually as important as the result itself, and Ithink that this is true in this case regarding what I discuss here. The underlyingfeeling that accrues about something is much longer lasting than the memories of those incidents that create the feelings, and these feelings are what tend to guide usin our affairs and perceptions throughout life in regards to that thing, often beingaccredited to intuition or deeper knowing. Sometimes these feelings arise in ourdreams and are played out there in more recognizable terms, especially when they’reinterfering with our sense of well-being. I’ve learned that the subconscious alreadyknows the truth of all things, and it’s only our willingness to consciously accept ordeny what it tells us that determines whether we will understand reality as it really is.So, what has my subconscious been trying to tell me? Why have I felt this about myfamily for so long? What are the clues there that might tie in with what is going onnow?I remember when I was very young, I had many strange nightmares about myparents that, although they might have been due to nothing more than normalchildhood anxieties, I’ve nevertheless continued to wonder if their manner towardsme from so early on might have been caused by some circumstance that was neverspoken about or brought to my awareness. The content of these dreams are mostlytoo vague to remember any more, except for the strange feeling they gave me thatmy parents weren’t who I thought they were. As I grew older, I dismissed the childishideas that they weren’t my real parents but were actually monsters or witches orsome such thing, but as the years went on the feeling that something wasn’t at allright still continued, and I came to the resolution that these were indeed my parents,but they had been affected by some shadowy outside interference that caused themto be the way they were towards me. More recently, since both of my parents havepassed away, my brothers and sisters have come to reflect a similar negativitytowards me, and I can’t understand this either, except to consider that this outsideinfluence must still be at work.At this point in my life, I believe that in a certain way this has been related to thegang-stalking activities against me that are becoming more and more apparent in mylife with each day, and I believe that my family has been inextricably tied up in theseactivities, and that this might go back to when I was very young, given what I willrelate here. This attitude towards me had bothered me greatly my whole life, and Ihad spent a great deal of time and energy anguishing silently about it over the years,never able to find a way to discuss it with any of my family members without being

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