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DDP 03-11-Home Adaptations and Special Needs Equipment Rev 1.1

DDP 03-11-Home Adaptations and Special Needs Equipment Rev 1.1

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DDP 03-11-Home Adaptations and Special Needs Equipment
DDP 03-11-Home Adaptations and Special Needs Equipment

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Published by: Canadian_Veterans_Ad on Jan 18, 2012
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DDP 3.11(Amend 27)1/8DCSM DETACHMENT DIRECTIVE AND PROCEDURE 3.11HOME ADAPTATIONS AND SPECIAL NEEDS EQUIPMENTReferences: A. CBI 211.01 - Home Adaptations and Special Needs Equipmentand AppliancesB. QR & O Chapter 34 - Medical ServicesC. DDP 3.09 - Authority to Divulge Personal InformationD. DDP 3.14 - JPSU Financial Authority - Home-Vehicle Adaptations and AssistanceINTRO1. A sick or injured CF Officer or Non-commissioned memberentitled tomedical care IAW ref B, and for whom an authorized Canadian Forces (CF)health care provider prescribes home adaptations and special needs equipmentand appliances under CBI 211.01 to address their sickness or injury, is entitled tothe reimbursement of expenses for the adaptations or special needs equipmentand appliances so prescribed.2. This instruction sets out the administrative procedures for thereimbursement of expenses for home adaptations and special needs equipmentand appliances prescribed under CBI 211.01.3. When prescribed by an authorized CF health care provider, approvedhome adaptations may include, but are not limited to:a. electrical alterations, such as digital and card lock entry, electricallyoperated garage doors, and/or remote control unlocking device(s);b. electrical and mechanical lifts, including the purchase of theequipment and installation;c. minor adaptations, such as handrails on stairways, lever handlesfitted to faucets, window security railings, bathtub rails, grab bars,and/or spray attachments fitted to fixtures;d. physical alterations, such as:(1) installing mobile trapeze or ceiling hoist mounting,(2) lowering of kitchen cupboards, counters, door handles, andlight switches, and/or (3) widening of doorways, hallways, corridors and stairways;
   O  n  e   V  e  t  e  r  a  n   O  n  e   S  t  a  n   d  a  r   d
DDP 3.11(Amend 27)2/8e. plumbing alterations, such as cantilevered wash basin (specificconditions), shower seats, portable or cantilevered wheel-in shower units (specific conditions);f. ramps, including ramp landings, ramp railings, as well as the rampitself;g. safety alterations, such as bath spigot or thermostatic mixing valveto prevent scalding, non-slip resurfacing of bathtub or shower flooring, and/or slip-resistant flooring at stairways andentranceways.4. Home adaptations are provided to a member’s principal residence. Thehome must lend itself to adaptation without major construction or the building of an addition which would add increased square footage. In the event that theprescribed home adaptation or special equipment would necessitate structuralchange to the home in order to accommodate accessibility or for reasons of safety or security, the details of the structural changes required, will beconsidered on a case-by-case basis by DCSM. Approval of substantial structuralmodifications at Crown expense will not normally be approved.PROCESS5. In the event that a serving CF memberentitled to medical care IAWreference B is prescribed goods or services pursuant to CBI 211.01 by anauthorized CF health care provider to address the member’s sickness or injury,the authorized CF health care provider will arrange for the provision of the goodsand services so prescribed.6. A list of standard goods and services which may be authorized are listedat para 3 to this DDP. Other forms of adaptations or service may still beconsidered, on a case-by-case basis, however they must be pre-approved byDCSM and must be based on recommendation by an authorized CF health careprovider.7. Normally, the provision of these items will be coordinated on behalf of theauthorized CF health care provider by the case manager assigned to the sick or injured member. The case manager works under the direction of the authorizedCF health care provider, liaising directly with the sick or injured member or their representative as the member’s situation dictates.8. The case manager, as directed by authorized CF health care provider inconsideration of the sick or injured member’s needs, will arrange for the servicesof an (certified/licensed) occupational therapist (OT) to examine the member’shome and determine the equipment and/or adaptations specifically needed toaddress the member’s sickness or injury requirements. Upon review of the OT’s
   O  n  e   V  e  t  e  r  a  n   O  n  e   S  t  a  n   d  a  r   d
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DDP 3.11(Amend 27)3/8assessment, the authorized CF health care provider will prescribe theadaptations and/or special needs equipment or appliances to be provided.9. The Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) Services section shallassist the sick or injured member, or their representative, to the extent possibleas circumstances permit, to secure the appropriate number of cost estimates for the complete provision of prescribed adaptations and/or equipment or appliances. The number of cost estimates required is based on the estimatedcost of the equipment and/or service, as detailed in DDP 3.14.10. Upon reviewing the cost estimates, the IPSC Services section shall certifythat all estimates provided meet the following essential criteria:a. For accurate comparison, that each estimate is for an equal productor service delivery;b. That each estimate meets the requirement of the prescribed goodsor services in accordance with the description of the authorized CFhealth care provider or OT.11. Upon confirming that the estimates meet the criteria described above, theIPSC Service Manager will confirm the member’s preference for the provision of the service, and then determine the appropriate approving authority inaccordance with DDP 3.14. For any request beyond the authority of the IPSCService Manager will forward a recommendation for approval to the applicableRegional Element Officer Commanding, or for those requests which requireDCSM approval, to DCSM 3 Ottawa, attention Client Services. Therecommendation may be submitted by letter, facsimile, or e-mail, and shallcontain the following information:a. SN, rank, name, initials, and unit of service member;b. description of adaptation(s) or special need(s) being requested;c. name of authorized CF health care provider that has prescribed theadaptation(s) or special needs(s);d. indication of injured/ill member’s preference for service provider;e. indication of service provider recommended by IPSC ServicesManager, and any conditions attached to that recommendation(e.g. member willing to pay difference if preference is the serviceprovider with the highest quote);f. copies of all service provider quotes that were submitted/obtained;g. copy of OT report (see para 20);
   O  n  e   V  e  t  e  r  a  n   O  n  e   S  t  a  n   d  a  r   d
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