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Constitution 2

Constitution 2

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Published by: Anthony Seer FractalofConsciousness on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Constitution for the Nation of Mithra
Preamble: We hold this to be true and self evident that nothing is more important then therights of a man being born upon this planet. In order to protect these rights we do herebyestablish and ordain this Constitution for the nation of Mithra on this 13
day of January2012AD. In order to secure to ourselves and our posterity the enjoyment of all the rightsof life, liberty, and property, and the pursuit of happiness form ourselves into a Free andIndependent nation, by the name of Mithra.
Article One: Enumerated rights man
Rights expressed in this article do not list all of the rights of man, only the more pertinentones.1. The right to travel freely upon the planet. The right to travel does not extend totrespassing on private property. Property held in trust by a state, nation, or other governmental entity considered to be public property shall not be considered private property.2. The right of self determination and nationality. All of man have the right to determinein which government he or she wishes to participate in. A state or nation is a legal fictionor corporation and not a land mass.3. The right to liberty. No man shall be denied their freehold but by a fair trail by animpartial arbitrator and jury.4. Freedom of thought and religion.5. Right to contract labor and be compensated for labor. Involuntary servitude is forever unlawful.6. Right of defense. All living things have a right to defend themselves from maliciousactions in which their life is being threatened. The right to keep weapons and use themfor self defense shall remain forever inviolate.7. Private property shall not be taken or applied to public use.
Article Two: Form of government.
Mithra is a democratic form of government1. No man shall be admitted in the nation but by a 3/4s vote by current nationals.2. All mithra nationals are self governors. 
Article Three: Practices and Standards
Everything in this article shall be the supreme law for all whom are apart of Mithra.1. No blood shall ever be spilled nor land private property conquered in the name of thisnation.2. All men are equal in the nation, none above, none below. Only the creator sits aboveman. Any claim to power, rights, or entitlements from the creator which violates onesrights is not withstanding.3. Peace is the way; violence is always a last resort.4. Necessity knows no law.5. The creator is love and love is the law of light.
Article Four: Joining Mithra
In order to join the nation of Mithra you must make yourself signatory to thisconstitution. Any Constitution bearing the name Mithra that violates these articles isconsidered fraudulent.

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