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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission.
The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission.

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 1
Issue 27
Thursday, 19.01.12
www.satribune.co.ukPrice: 90p
South Asia
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Lib Dem’s anti-Islam rants: ‘Put pork restaurantnext to mosque’In a local by-election to be held this Thursday localLib Dem candidate Dave Stones will be allowed tostand by in spite of repeatedly and shockingly anti-Islamic remarks.In one message referring to the site of a religiouscentre in New York, Mr Stones posted:’ Regardingthe mosque being built near ground zero. I say letthem build it’. But then, across the street ‘ we shouldput a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” andnext to that a gay bar called “The Turban Cowboy”and next to that a Pork Rib restaurant called “Iraq-O-Ribs” and next to that...a...check-cashing placecalled “...Iran out of Money” then we’ll see who’stolerant’. Stone goes on to encourage others to copy,paste and pass on to others.I’m not aware if he has apologised for this particularrancid rant against Muslims, but two things are very absent: Frist, what does the local Lib Dem party think of having such a representative and evenmore importantly what does the Lib Dem LeaderNick Clegg have to say on the subject ? . Are they both content that he is their representative?Just last week Nick Clegg was very quick to condemnDiane Abbott MP for her clumsy semantic mistake when she forgot to use the word “Some”, beforesaying ‘white people try and divide and rule Black people. Today, Clegg’s non response is, frankly,deafening.The local MP Mr Blenkinsop has said, ‘The idea thathe could be involved in Redcar and Cleveland localgovernment disgusts me when he has shown such alack of respect towards its Muslim residents, many of whom are my constituents’.
 Anti Islamic LibDem Candidate:Dave Stones
A talk organised yesterday by the Queen Mary University  Atheism, Secularism andHumanism Society on ‘ShariaLaw and Human Rights’ hadto be cancelled after threats of  violence.‘Five minutes before the talk wasdue to start a man burst into theroom holding a camera phoneand for some seconds stood
Threats of violence force cancellationof university talk on sharia law 
Muslim man threatens students at debate
Britain, probably safer than mostcountries in the world, may not seem soto Indians right now after two horrificmurder incidents recently and thearrest of an Indian teacher in Oxford.Perhaps this is a coincidence butparents wondering whether to sendtheir children to the UK for higherstudies after the horrific Anuj Bidvekilling in Salford won’t be encouraged by what happened to Avtar Kolar last Wednesday. A third man was arrested on suspicionof murdering the parents of a policeofficer. The suspect, 37, was held atlunchtime on Monday. Avtar Kolar, 62, and his wife Carole,58, were found in Handsworth Wood,Birmingham, last Wednesday. Onesuspect, aged 24, was arrested onFriday and freed on bail. A secondman, 41, was released without charge.DETECTIVES probing the doublemurders of a Birmingham couple founddead by their policeman son have ruledout gold robbery as a motive. In the wake of the murders, there were fearsamong some residents that homes inthe area were being targeted by violentthieves hunting highly valuable Asiangold.Detectives investigating the murder of the parents of a police officer have beengranted extra time to question a thirdman over their deaths.‘Vile crime’Mr and Mrs Kolar, who had beenmarried for 40 years, were found atthe Friary Road property by their sonJason, who is a West Midlands Police
Birmingham double murder
Britain, probably safer than most countries in the world, may notseem so to Indians right now.
Avtar and Carole Kolar: Police granted more time to quiz suspect
 Third man held for murders
Victoria’s hair salon, which the tragic couple had owned in Kingstanding.
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 K  i ng o f  Sc ree n
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 19 January 2012
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UK deputy PM:Settlements are vandalism
British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that Israeli settlementsin the West Bank are “deliberate vandalism,” underlining the UK government’s hardening line,British The Jewish Chronicle’s website reported Monday.Speaking alongside Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit to the UK,Clegg condemned continuoussettlement building in the“strongest possible terms.” Abbas welcomed the officialremarks, according to the report.He was in London ahead of negotiations between Israeli andPalestinian delegations in Amman,Jordan.The UK has been consistently critical regarding Israeli settlementplans, including those in areasof east Jerusalem past the GreenLine.
Clegg speaks alongside PA President Abbasprior to Israeli-Palestinian talks in Amman.
Birmingham double murder
officer. Post-mortem examinations revealed both died as a result of blunt-force trauma tothe head, each sustaining a number of blows.
 A police spok 
eswoman said: “Specialistforensic investigators remain at the addresscarrying out thorough examinations anddetectives and local neighbourhood officerscontinue to conduct local inquiries.”Detectives have said they are looking into anumber of lines of inquiry, including a rise in burglaries and gold thefts in the area.Det Supt Richard Baker, who is leading a teamof more than 60 officers assigned to the case,has said a possible link between Jason Kolar’sposition with the force and his parents’ death was “not a significant line of inquiry”.Crimestoppers said the double murder was a“vile crime” and has put up a £10,000 rewardfor information leading to the arrest andconviction of those responsible.
filming the faces of all those in
the room. He shouted ‘listen up all of  you, I am recording this, I have yourfaces on film now, and I know wheresome of you live’, at that moment heaggressively pushed the phone insomeone’s face and then said ‘and if Ihear that anything is said against theholy Prophet Mohammed, I will hunt you down.’ He then left the room.The incident took place on Monday evening at a meeting organised by the Atheism, Secularism andHumanism Society at Queen Mary University in London. Enquiries by Tower Hamlets police are ongoing. A Scotland Yard spokesperson said:“Police were called at approximately 19:00 on Monday 16 January to a building on Mile End Road followinga report of a man being threatened by another man. Officers attendedand the victim was spoken to.”
Threats of violence force cancellation of university talk on sharia
 A retired doctor accused of trafficking an African woman into the UK to work as her slave formore than three years has been acquitted after aretrial. Saeeda Khan, 69, was said to have treatedMwanahamisi Mruke ‘like an animal’, forcing herto sleep on the floor at her £500,000 home inHarrow, northwest London.She was said to have paid her £10 a month to work from 5am to midnight and deprived of property.Prosecutor Caroline Haughey claimed Khan hadtreated Ms Mruke, 48, as a ‘piece of property’after bringing her to Britain from Tanzania.
Khan:retired medic cleared of modern day slavery charge
 A trainee electrician accused of savagely beatinga TV executive and leaving him to die in the bootof a burning car today (Weds) insisted he had ‘nomotive’ to kill him. Harinder Shoker, 20, told jurorshe was ‘close friends’ with victim Gagandip Singh but admitted he was concerned about his attitudetowards women. The 21-year-old sexually assaultedco-accused medical student Mundil Mahil aroundsix months before his death on February 26 last year, the Old Bailey heard. His body was found inthe burning remains of a Mercedes in Blackheath,southeast London, just hours after he was allegedly attacked by Shoker, also known as Ravi, and DarrenPeters, also 20, at Mahil’s Brighton home.
Shoker: electrician accusedof burning car murder
Two soldiers arrested over claims they abused boy and girl and showed film tocolleagues, Sun newspaper reportsMilitary police have launched aninvestigation into claims that Britishsoldiers abused two children duringtheir tour of duty in Afghanistan.The Ministry of Defence confirmed aninquiry had begun into two soldiersfrom the Mercian Battle Group, whichis serving a six-month stint in thecountry.The Sun newspaper reported that themen, who were from lower ranks, had been arrested for allegedly abusing a boy and a girl, who were aged about 10.The soldiers are said to have filmedseparate incidents then showed thefootage to other servicemen on theirlaptop computers.Colleagues complained about their behaviour and the pair were arrestedand several laptops seized, the Sunsaid.It reported one source as saying whatthe military had to “establish is whether we are looking at sexual predatory  behaviour or totally ill-judged larkingabout”.It is believed to be the first time Britishsoldiers in Afghanistan have beenaccused of this kind of abuse.The MoD said the matter was beingtaken “extremely seriously”.“We are aware that an allegation has beenmade concerning alleged inappropriate behaviour by two servicemen in Afghanistan,” the MoD said. He added,“We take any such allegation extremely seriously. It would be inappropriate tocomment further while an investigationis ongoing.”
The allegations came just days after videofootage emerged apparently showing US Marinesurinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.
Official figures have revealed thatthe unemployment rate in Britainis set to hit new records in 2012, with public sector civil servantsexpected to be hit the hardest.Britain’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD) has warned that anadditional 120,000 British workers will lose their jobs in 2012 bringingthe number of the British jobless toa record high of 2.85 million.The unemployment rate in theUK is already at a 17-year high of 8.3% with 2.64 million people outof work and is expected to reach8.8% in 2012.Moreover, the CIPD has predictedthat UK’s unemployment rate may hit 2.9 million in 2013 and may notfall below 2.5 million by the end of the current decade.“Unemployment in the coming year will be rising from a muchhigher starting point, so the UK  jobs market in 2012 will be weakerthan at any time since the recessionof the early 1990s,” said JohnPhilpott, chief economic adviser atthe CIPD.Furthermore, the CIPD warnedagainst the continuation of “severe”pay restraint and productivity stagnation, depicting a gloomierpicture for Britain’s workforce than what they went through during therecession of 2008-9.Shadow work and pensionsminister Ian Austin also criticizedthe British government saying “as we go into 2012 it is crystal clearthat this government is failing toget people off benefits and into work.”
‘UK unemploymentset to hit new records’
UK troops arrested over Afghanistan child abuse claims
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 19 January 2012
Shaikh Hamad is the first Arab leaderto publicly suggest foreign interventionin Syria Arab troops should be deployed toSyria to stop the killing there, Qatar’sEmir Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa AlThani has told in an interview to US broadcaster CBS.To a question whether he favoured Arabnations intervening in Syria, ShaikhHamad said “For such a situation tostop the killing...some troops shouldgo to stop the killing.”Shaikh Hamad is the first Arab leaderto publicly suggest foreign interventionin Syria, where the uprising againstPresident Bashar Al Assad is now in itstenth month.Speaking about his own influence onthe uprisings in the Arab world, hesaid: “We are supporting the people of those countries ... [who are] asking for justice and dignity.
Qatar Emir urges Arabtroops deployed to Syria
The Tehran funeral Jan. 13 of a nuclear scientist blown up by a hit man saw the ruling clergy urge Iranians to rally behind it ata forthcoming election and facedown Western threats againstIran’s nuclear program.In a mood of high emotion in acity increasingly beset by U.S.and European sanctions and fearsof war with Israel and the West,hundreds of chanting mournerscarried the flag-draped coffin of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, killedJan. 11 by a motorcycle assassin inrush-hour traffic.“Death to America! Death toIsrael!” roared the crowd streamingaway from weekly prayers atTehran University, where thedead man was hailed as a martyrin the tradition of Imam Hussein,a revered figure for Iran’s Shiite branch of Islam.State radio described the 32-year-old chemical engineer, whosedriver was also buried Jan. 13, ashaving worked on procurementfor the uranium enrichment plantat Natanz. This disclosure may strengthen suspicions that he wastargeted by Israeli and Westernagencies, who say some covertIranian purchases confirm theirskepticism of Tehran’s assertionthat it is not seeking to developatom bombs.The IRNA state news agency said Saturday that Iran’s ForeignMinistry has sent a diplomaticletter to the U.S. saying that it has“evidence and reliable information”that the CIA provided “guidance,support and planning” to assassins“directly involved” in Roshan’skilling.The U.S. has denied any role in theassassination.Iran delivered the letter to theSwiss Embassy in Tehran, whichlooks after U.S. interests in thecountry. Iran and the U.S. havehad no diplomatic relations sincethe 1979 Islamic Revolution.IRNA also reported that Irandelivered a letter to Britainaccusing London of having an“obvious role” in the killing. Itsaid that a series of assassinations began after British intelligencechief John Sawers hinted in 2010at intelligence operations againstthe Islamic Republic.British media have quoted Sawersas saying that intelligence-ledoperations were needed to makeit more difficult for countries likeIran to develop nuclear weapons.Britain’s Foreign Office hascondemned the killing of civilians.Israeli officials, in contrast, havehinted at covert campaigns againstIran without directly admittinginvolvement.Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah AliKhamenei, said the “abominable”and “cowardly” killing wascommitted “with the planning orsupport of the intelligence servicesof the CIA and Mossad” of theUnited States and Israel. He saidin a statement his country would“continue with determination” itsnuclear activities, which Westerngovernments suspect mask a drivefor a weapons capability despiteTehran’s repeated denials.Some media close to Iran’sconservatives have called for“retaliation” against Israeliofficials. The Iranian governmenthas demanded the U.N. Security Council condemn the “terrorist”killing. The U.S. has strongly denied it had anything to do with the assassination, althoughDefense Secretary Leon Panettasaid: “We have some ideas as to who might be involved.”The prime suspect is widely seenas Israel, as it was in the murdersof three other Iranian scientistsin similar circumstances over thepast two years. Israel, though,has a policy of not commentingon intelligence matters, althougha military spokesman, Brig.Gen. Yoav Mordechai, on hisofficial Facebook page said: “I amdefinitely not shedding a tear” over Ahmadi Roshan’s killing.Israeli media also highlightedcomments just before the attack  by the Israeli chief of GeneralStaff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, whosaid 2012 would see “things whichhappen to them [the Iranians]in an unnatural way.” Iran’sgovernment has written a letterdemanding U.N. Security Councilcondemnation of the assassination, which it said was backed by unnamed “foreign quarters.” On whether Israel was involved in theJan. 11 assassination, PresidentShimon Peres told CNN Jan. 13,“Not to the best of my knowledge.”U.S. President Barack Obamaspoke with Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu the day afterthe scientist’s murder to discussdevelopments in Iran.Iran buries a top scientist Tehransays was killed by Israel and theUS as part of a covert campaignagainst its nuclear program. Bothdeny the accusations but a topUS official says they have someideas as to who might have beeninvolved.
Iran vows retaliationagainst Israel for scientist
“The opponents of [Iran’s Islamic] Revolution and the nation’s progress should have no doubt that the punitiveresponse to the US, the Zionist regime (Israel) and their criminal accomplices will be delivered in an opportunetime,” Iran’s Press TV quoted deputy armed forces chief, Brig.-Gen. Massoud Jazayeri as saying on Sunday.
Dead scientist’s funeral sees anger at US, Israel
Iran buries a top scientist Tehran says was killed by Israel and the US as part of a covert campaign against its nuclearprogram. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says they have some ideas as to who might have been involved
London: Around 90 percent of Britain’s top companies have no women bosses, according to aparliament report. A parliament written answerobtained by former Treasury spokesman Matthew Oakeshottsaid there was no woman executivedirector in 310 of the top 350companies in the country, The Sunreported. Only 43 women are working inother senior roles.Oakeshott, a Liberal Democrat memberof the House of Lords, said: “Britain’s big businesses are an old boys’ club.”
90 percent British firmshave no women bosses

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