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Who Wants to Know the Sciatica Causes?

Who Wants to Know the Sciatica Causes?

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For Sciatica related guide, Visit: http://www.sciaticasecret.com
For Sciatica related guide, Visit: http://www.sciaticasecret.com

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Published by: Shayandeep Chakraborty on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====If you want more information on what is sciatica and its cure, subscribe to the free email course atno cost at the website mentionedhttp://www.sciaticasecret.com/  ==== ====The hidden sciatica causes The human body has at least 641 muscles, and their main task among other things, is to maintainthe position and curvature of your spine in a well balanced posture, that also allows movement ofthe various parts of your body. Therefore, almost every muscle and muscle group that you have, has a direct effect on your spine,and if for some reason, any one of those muscles gets out balance long enough, it will cause acondition that in turn becomes one of the 4 principal sciatica causes. What happens is that when your muscles are out of balance they pull your bones and joints out oftheir normal balanced position and this places your bones and joints under constant stress anduneven pressure. Take the simple example of you driving your car with unbalanced tires, or when the tires are out ofalignment. Your tires will wear down unevenly and much quicker than normal, and eventually youwill have a blowout. The blowout is the sciatica pain, the unbalanced tires are the condition or symptom that is oftendiagnosed, and the root cause or sciatica causes is what made the tires become unbalanced. Soyou have 3 items here, sciatica pain, sciatica symptoms and sciatica causes. The sciatica causes are hidden behind the sciatica symptoms (condition) and it is the symptomthat is behind sciatica pain or back pain. That is the true state of affairs of your body, that very fewmedical or health-care professionals are even aware about. If they were, they would not bestopping at treating conditions or sciatica symptoms. The major reason most sciatica treatments fail is because they treat the sciatica symptoms andnot the sciatica causes. Unlike most sciatica treatment options that may only give temporarysciatica relief, a better treatment system provides you with an easy program that addresses boththe sciatica pain and the sciatica cause or sciatica causes. It is absolutely important for you to understand that your body alignment and mechanics areaffected by your muscles and even the smallest muscle imbalance can, overtime, placetremendous amounts of uneven pressure and wear and tear on your body, especially the spineand it's supporting muscles, and that is the seat of sciatica causes. Among the sciatica pain causes is - Spinal Stenosis

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