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VMI Faught Package

VMI Faught Package

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Published by Michael Schearer

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Published by: Michael Schearer on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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n behalf of Virginia Military Institute andHead Coach Cal McCombs, I would liketo thank Scott Boone and the A F C ASummer Manual Committee for the oppor-tunity to contribute this article. It is a privi-lege to represent our offensive staff: WillMcCombs (offensive line), Jack Baker (run-ningbacks), and Latrell Scott (wide receivers).They believe in our offense and do a tremen-dous job in teaching it to our players.I would also like to recognize a mentorto many of us in the coaching profession,Coach Red Faught, who introduced me tothis package. Red is a true innovator of ourgame and has forgotten more than I willever know.Thanks, Red!Balance is an important element of anyoffense. In today’s football, it is extremely dif-ficult to line up and be exclusive in any phaseof the game. In this article we hope to pre-sent a simple package that is designed tocomplement any offense, especially thespread. Having flexibility built into the systemenables you to address the situation at handand increase productivity. Going “unbal-anced” gives us balance.
The thinking behind our unbalancedpackage at VMI is centered around our baseoffense. We spend the majority of our time invariations of double slot (Diagram 1).This look has proven productive in therunning and passing game while in theopen field. However, our base package islimited when confronted with shortyardage, red zone and backed-up situa-tions. Our Eagle Package addresses thesesituations without completely abandoningour base package. Atrue tight end at the I-AAlevel is a commodity.An athletic big guy who can run, usuallyends up on the defensive side of the ball.By using the tackle over feature, we cancreate a tight end effect with our base per-sonnel. This look is created by taking ourleft tackle to the right side (offensive tack-le), bringing the wide receiver (X) insideand backing the slot (W) to four yards(Diagram 2). By doing so, we create a setwith several strengths:
Power runninggame to the strong side.
Ashort corner onthe weak side.
Maximum protection in thepassing game.
Defenses react in several different waysto this unconventional set. They first haveto identify the strength and determinewhether to defend the formation or thefield. Other adjustments usually include acombination of four solutions depending ontheir base:
Rock down a safety to thestrong side.
Take a linebacker over.
Slide the front strong.
Walk a linebackerup. Regardless of what adjustments aremade, we have already given the defensesomething new to prepare for each week.As a result, opponents have to be ready todefend it, thus using up their valuable prac-tice time.
Play Selection
While in our Eagle set, we want to runplays that attack the interior, off tackle andflank of the defense. Option plays areattractive as a result of defensive adjust-ments that may have redefined optionresponsibilities. Power plays to the strongside have merit. Zone plays that capturethe short corner are usually good. Play-action passes and the trips passing gameare a natural fit with this menu.
The Package
If the defense has used an adjustmentto defend the formation, we will try to attackthe short corner with our inside and outsidezone. These plays are set up by Ycomingin full-speed motion through the heels ofthe S. The quarterback is responsible fortiming up the cadence and getting the ballto Y.The tight end, W, S, and offensive lineare in a full-zone scheme to the left. Wewant to run wide on this play, the more fieldthe better. Speed is the key (Diagram 3).Now that we have given the defense a con-tain issue, we will start the rim motion again
The VMI AuxiliaryOffense, “GoUnbalanced”
Diagram 1: Double SlotDiagram 2: Eagle “Unbalanced”

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