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What is Social Media? A Guid to Profiting From Social Networking.

What is Social Media? A Guid to Profiting From Social Networking.

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Published by Mark Quaile
Some SimpleTricks to make Your Site More Social Media Ready. http://comchief.com

Some SimpleTricks to make Your Site More Social Media Ready. http://comchief.com

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Mark Quaile on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Hi. Social madiahttp://comchief.com ==== ====About a year ago, I wrote an article with guidelines on writing a website design and developmentRequest for Proposal (RFP), which received a great response. Now I think it's high time to do thesame thing for those wishing to engage an agency for Social Media Marketing and other OnlineMarketing and Advertising consultation and implementation. Below are my suggestions of how to prepare an RFP for social media projects, retainers andcampaigns. I also suggest doing research online and viewing other Request for Proposals to seewhat works best for your organization. Keep in mind that whatever format you choose willdetermine not only how long the responses are, but also what type of focus you are looking forfrom the respondents. Each section of the RFP is outlined below, along with some explanation andsuggested questions. Have fun! Information about your organization and project Introduction The purpose of this section is to give a brief overview of the company issuing the RFP and thesocial media project or desired work relationship between the company and the vendor. Provideas much information as you feel is necessary to allow vendors to prepare an accurate proposal. Ifyou feel that there is certain proprietary or other information that you do not wish to make public,require a Non Disclosure Agreement be signed before receiving that information. This may limitthe participation of vendors, but it is oftentimes necessary to protect private information. 1. Company Overview Organizational historyYour business objectivesYour company's history using social media or reasons why your organization intends to begin toparticipate in social media 2. Overview of Project State the project objectives and how they relate to the business objectives stated above. Explainthe type of vendor relationship desired i.e. Project-based, Agency of Record, etc. Explain thecurrent involvement your organization has with social media channels and how they relate to bothyour organization's primary presence and any related campaignsExplain the social media channels you wish the campaign to involve, unless you are looking forsuggestions of which to use, then please specify that to the vendorsExplain how the project fits into your overall marketing strategy (online and offline) and if there is
another vendor involved in other aspects of your Advertising and Marketing initiativesExplain the measurable outcomes you would like to seeExplain the duration of the work - is it a temporary campaign, or an ongoing organizationalmarketing platform? 3. Overview of Audiences and Stakeholders List primary audiences for the company, i.e. demographics, psychographics, etcList primary information needs of each audience groupIdentify if any market or audience research will be necessary in the execution of the campaign 4. Overview of Response Make it clear the type of response you are looking for:Are you looking for a hypothetical approach, or an explanation of the vendor's process of how theywill come to create your campaign. Many times a hypothetical approach is not the best way toapproach an RFP process simply because a vendor will be missing several key pieces ofinformation that might negatively affect their ability to propose a specific solution. We suggestlooking for more general responses and weighing the effectiveness of past client work heavily Guidelines for Proposal Preparation In order to give all qualified vendors a level playing field, it's important to set up an easy to followschedule for both when your RFP is issued, when and to whom questions are allowed, and whenand in what format responses are requiredSpecify the date the RFP was issued (Month, Day, Year). If your RFP is publicly listed, it will helpthose searching for RFPs on Google or by other methods to find relevant Request for ProposalsAn optional requirement is to specify that all interested vendors register their intent to submit aproposal by a certain date - usually within 1-2 weeks of the RFP issue. This is a good way to limitthe potential number of vendors who respond if you anticipate a large volume of proposals andwould rather receive a smaller amountWe recommend allowing a question and answer period that ends at least 1 week before theproposal is due. It is up to you whether to allow questions by email, conference call or individualphone calls. We do recommend that you share all the questions (and answers) with all interestedvendors in order to keep things as equal as possible. Always specify which format -phone call,email, and to whom these questions should be addressed. We recommend identifying a singleperson in your organization to be the point of contact. Just make sure vacation schedules, etcdon't interfere with this process, and if there is any other reason why the primary point of contactmight need to be out of town during the process, specify a secondary point of contactResponses from issuer to be sent by 20XX in the following formats (specify whether electronicsubmissions, hard copies or both must be either emailed, mailed or hand-delivered)On the basis of the replies to the RFP document, a short list of potential vendors will be selectedand this group will be asked to present demonstrations of their capabilities and vision for theproject. These meetings will be completed by XXth, 20XXAwarding of the contract to selected Vendor by XXth, 20XXWork to commence by 20XX and to last until (if applicable) Vendor Questions and Qualifications
 The following is a series of questions that, if applicable, we suggest you ask the vendorssubmitting proposals. Some may not apply, but it is a great idea to get as much of an idea of thevendor's approach and philosophy on social media as possible. Compare the responses bothamong each other, and to the research and reading that you have done to make sure that thevendor is up to date with the latest thinking and best practices. COMPANY DETAILS Company name and parent company nameOwnership structureYears in operationMailing address (headquarters)Other office location(s)Primary phoneFax numberWebsite and blog URLPrimary point of contact (name, title, phone and email address)Total number of employeesNumber of vendor employees whose primary function is social mediaCurrent client list with those engaged in social media work identifiedPercentage of total revenue that is social-media relatedThree references for social media work including; company name, primary client name, contactdetails and brief explanation of services providedAny potential conflicts with existing vendor client base and this RFPSenior social media staff bios and links to social media profiles where applicablePlease provide a complete list of relevant social media platform and technology partnersReferences from clients currently engaged in social media work with the vendor CAPABILITIES & EXPERIENCE List all social media and online marketing capabilitiesDo you have any proprietary tools or products related to social media?Please list any experience you have with integrating social, paid and/or earned mediaIs there a specific industry or type of work your firm specializes in?Please list and provide links to primary social media communication channels for your company(i.e.company blog,Twitter account, Facebook group, blogs authored by principals, etc.) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY Please outline your social media strategy processWhich stakeholder groups do you typically include in a strategy engagement?Describe the final deliverable of a strategy engagementWhat is your approach to risk management in social media?How do you incorporate existing applications, websites, microsites and newsletter programs intoyour overall social media strategy?How do you ensure compliance with client legal requirements?Please describe your approach to integrating across client marketing, customer service and

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