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Bo Hebrew Pocket Chart {10-12}

Bo Hebrew Pocket Chart {10-12}

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Published by SigalitChana

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Published by: SigalitChana on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Hebrew Pocket Chart Printables 
This weeks Hebrew Torah verse is Shemot/ Exodus 10:12.
ץֶר ֶא־לַע ךְדָי הטְנ הֶשֹמ־לֶא הָוהְי רֶמאֹַוהֶְרָםִיַרְצִמלַע  ַיְור ֶשֲא־לָ ת  ֵא ץֶרָאָה בֶ  ע־לָ־תֶא לַכאֹיְו םִי  ָרְצִמ ץֶר  ֶא־לַעדָרָַה רי  ִאְשִה
Yahweh said to Moshe, 'Extend your hand over Egypt [to bring] the locusts, and they will emergeon Egypt. They will eat all the foliage in the land that was spared by the hail.'Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe neteh yadecha al-erets Mitsrayim ba'arbeh veya'al al-erets Mitsrayimveyochal et-kol-esev ha'arets et kol-asher hish'ir habarad.~Shemot/ Exodus 10:12
I created these to use with the Standard Pocket Chart .  Or you may use them anyway you like to study Biblical  Hebrew with your children or students!
Shemot / Exodus 10:12
Yahweh said to Moshe, 'Extend your hand overEgypt [to bring] the locusts, and they willemerge on Egypt. They will eat all the foliage inthe land that was spared by the hail.'
Vayomer Adonay el
Moshe neteh yadecha al
erets Mitsrayimba'arbeh veya'al al
erets Mitsrayim veyochal et
esev ha'arets etkol
asher hish'ir habarad. ~Shemot/ Exodus 10:12
לַכאֹיְו םִי ָרְצִמ ץֶר  ֶא־לַע
הֶשֹמ־לֶא הָוהְי רֶמאֹַו
ץֶר ֶא־לַע ךְדָי הטְנ
לַע ַיְו הֶְרָםִיַרְצִמ

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