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2012 Winter Education Guide

2012 Winter Education Guide

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Published by wednesdayjournal

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Published by: wednesdayjournal on Jan 19, 2012
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Janaury 18, 2012Special Advertising Section
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January 18, 2012Special Advertising Section
ounded in 1961, Alcuin MontessoriSchool offers a cross-curricular learn-ing environment successfully balancingacademic and emotional intelligence.We partner with parents and providestudents the tools to become highly-skilled independent thinkers with apassion for knowledge. Our programsare designed to help each child becomecondent, curious, self-disciplined andmotivated.At Alcuin, classrooms operate on theprinciple of freedom within limits. Chil-dren, under the guidance of a directress,work at their own pace with materials of their choosing. Each student may workalone or with others; different levels of ability are expected and welcomed withineach classroom. Education occurs inmulti-aged classrooms where childrenof various stages of development learnfrom and with each other.Families currently attending Alcuincome from Oak Park, as well as Berwyn,Broadview, Brookeld, Chicago, Cicero,Elmhurst, Elmwood Park, Forest Park,River Forest, Riverside and River Grove.We welcome all prospective parentsto join us for our monthly informationalCoffees. We will start with some goodcoffee, a short video on Montessorieducation and then take an in-depth lookinto all of our classrooms. At the end of the tour we hold a question and answersession, and explain our admissionsprocess.
Tours, for adults only, are heldthroughout the school year on Thursdaysand take place 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Pleasecheck our Web site for dates, completedetails and to RSVP.
To enroll in one of our tours, or for more information, please e-mailour Director of Advancement at avalera@alcuin.org or call 708.366.1882.
Our programs for ages 0-14 include:
Fridays 8:45-10:30 a.m.
8:30-11:30 a.m.
8:30-11:30 a.m.
Full-Day Kindergarten
8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Junior & Senior Elementary
8:30 a.m.-3:15 p.m.
Middle School
8:45 a.m.-3:45 p.m.
Before and After School Care
Art, Theater, Orff and Spanish
 Alcuin Montessori School
324 N. Oak Park Avenue Oak Park, IL 60302
708-366-1882 • www.alcuin.org
scension School invites new familiesto visit and register for classes forits Centennial Year! Mary Jo Burns,Principal of Ascension School for the pastthirteen years is justly proud of the posi-tion Ascension School is in as it beginsits second century. “We are committed tocontinued growth and to our role as a modelschool for outstanding Catholic education inthe Chicago area. Our faculty and staff arededicated to providing the best foundationpossible for our students to ensure that they become life-long learners. Our parents areactively engaged as our teaching partnersand our parish is wonderfully supportive of our mission. We know how fortunate we areat Ascension: rich in history and tradition,grounded in the spirit of service, and blessedwith the promise of a bright future.”Ascension won the Blue Ribbon Award fromthe U.S. Department of Education in 2007because of consistently high test scores anda strong and varied curriculum. All studentsparticipate in Spanish, art, music, computerand gym classes. Ascension’s extracur-ricular and co-curricular programs includeorchestra, band, choir; interscholasticathletics (soccer, cross-country, basketballand volleyball); student leadership programs;Drama Club, Newspaper Club, Green Cluband Art Club.Ascension offers pre-school classes forthree- and four-year-olds and an excellentExtended Day program for children who needbefore- or after-school care. The kindergartenprogram is full-day with a half-day option forparents who aren’t certain that their child isready for a full day of school. The kindergar-ten curriculum focuses on reading readinessand math concepts and includes gym, music,art, Spanish, science and religion.Registration materials will be available ata full-school Catholic Schools Week OpenHouse on Sunday, January 29 from 10:00am to 12:30 pm and at two Open Housesfor our Early Childhood Education program onTuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23 from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Ascension willbegin processing new family registrations onFebruary 20.For more information about AscensionSchool, or to make arrangements to comeand visit, please contact our AdvancementOffice at 708-434-1541. We would love togive you a tour, have your children spendsome time in our classrooms, and tell youmore about the Ascension family.
AscensionCatholic School
601 Van Buren • Oak Park, Il 60304708-386-7282 • www.Ascension-School.com
d 1912 / Celebrating One Hundred Years ofF
Visit our website,
For more information, or to schedule sometime with us at Ascension, please call ourAdvancement Office, 708-434-1541.
Full School Open House
Sunday, January 2910 am - 12:30 pm
Pre-School & Kindergarten Open House
Tuesday, February 21Thursday, February 2310 - 11 am
Learn more about the Ascension Family
Special Advertising SectionJanuary 18, 2012
t St. Luke School we recognize that every child is unique and that each studentlearns in a different way. That’s why we don’t teach to the middle of the class—wetailor each lesson to the level of the individualstudent.Our NEAYC-certified Early Childhood Programprovides spiritual, social/emotional and aca-demic growth all through a Catholic-centerededucation. We offer three-year and four-your-oldpreschool classes, as well as full and half-day kindergarten programs.The St. Luke Parish School enrichmentprogram provides students with academi-cally-grounded, hands-on learning situationsdesigned to foster new interests and developintellectual talents. We know that each studenthas untapped gifts that are best nurtured by avariety of creative approaches to learning—ourenrichment projects work in concert with thehigh academic standards of our curriculum andextend key concepts and ideas into more com-plex, interdisciplinary settings often outside theclassroom environment.We offer our students a fully-integratedacademic experience that employs the latesttechnology including a state-of-the art Applecomputer lab used by preschool through 8thgrade;MacBook laptops for middle schoolstudents, and in-classroom computers andSmartboards. We combine technological adept-ness alongside the essential building blocksof learning—and we understand that technol-ogy is an essential link between the schoolclassroom and the outside world. Technology also allows us to keep parents current with theactivities in the classroom, access homeworkassignments, and track student performance.The St. Luke Parish School athletic programis open to students in grades 1 through 8, withyounger students participating in intramuralathletics in our After School Gym program.Students in grades 5 through 8 can participatein year-round organized team sports. And, weoffer a wide variety of co-curricular activities toextend learning opportunities into social activi-ties outside the classroom environment—fromGreen Club to Music to the Young Authors Club,there’s something for everyone.Come and see for yourself what makes St.Luke School—and its students—so unique.Attend our Open House on Sunday January 29,from 10am – 12pm.St. Luke School is located at 519 AshlandAvenue, River Forest. Contact principal BarbaraRasinski at 708.366.8587 and visit our web-site at www.school-stlukeparish.org
St. Luke School
519 Ashland AvenueRiver Forest, IL 60305(708) 366-8587www.school-stlukeparish.org
Look to St. Luke School for a Strong Academic, Catholic Education
Dont let the uniform fool you.
No two children are the same.
St. Luke School we recognize that every child is unique and that each student learns in adifferent way. That’s why we don’t teach to the middle of the class – we tailor each lessonto the level of the individual student. Come and see for yourself what makesSt. Luke School – and its students – so unique.
NAEYC accredited
3- and 4-year-old preschool
Full and half-day kindergarten
Enrichment program
After school clubs
Academics and athletic teams
Music program
Open House on Sunday, January 29
Family mass at 9:00 am in the Gym • Tours given from 10:00 am - 12:00 pmRegistration for the 2012/2013 school year opens at this event.
St. Luke School
519 Ashland Ave.
River Forest www.school-stlukeparish.org
rofessionals struggle to betterunderstand why some boys and girlssucceed in school while others struggle.Those of us professionals with childrenneeding special help know this strugglepersonally as much as most parents do. Likemost ‘special’ parents, I face each reportcard with the hope that my son has evadedthe many problems and factors that go intoan unsuccessful school day for most the pastninety or so days. We parents ask ourselveseveryday what professionals and researcherscan only plot out in numbers: will he be oktoday? Will he pay attention in class moretoday? (Should we talk about the dreadedmedication next doctor visit?) Will he likeschool, the teacher or himself today? Can’t hefind someone who won’t get him into troubleto ‘hang out’ with? Why can’t we connect witheach other the way we use to about school?Parents of failing students often say it is justtoo many things coming at their school childrenand teens, boys or girls. “It’s just too muchto handle,” they explain to us professionals.And, you know what? It is too much! That iswhere we professionals can help by first beinghonest: we can help with many but not allthings! Why, because there is so much thatcan go wrong. But, we professional supporterscan, and I try, help parents keep trying eachday while hoping most days are good days by report card time.What kind of professional am I? I’m aneducational rehabilitation specialist who findstraits, life experiences, and bad learninghabits that can jeopardize your child’s healthy development. I and my team of specializedtutors, motivators and clinicians use yourfamily’s own positive protective characteristicsand life experiences with professionaltechniques that increases a young man’s oryoung lady’s chance of good grades and betterself confidence. The caring and supportiveadults at Dr Bill’s Learning Center help familieshelp their young students understand theirproblems with school and take back control of handling problems instead of letting problemshandle them. We help boys and girls, butwe really understand the special hurdles thatboys, especially boys of color must handle.We attend to them one-on-one when they havefocusing problems, we motivate them whenthey have the school blues, and when theirexpectations are low we reach down and helpthem rise up to see their potential. We won’tpromise to fix everything, but we will promiseto listen, to be honest, and try our best tobring the best out of your child. And perhaps,we can share ‘special’ parent stories. (Thismarking period my ADHD son, J., is doing ok,and just graduated 8th grade… yeah!)
Best wishes from Dr. Bill (Dr. Bill’s Learning Center) 
Dear Fellow Parents of Failing Students aka‘Special’ Parents

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