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Indy Lens Book

Indy Lens Book

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Published by genevieve rosengren

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Published by: genevieve rosengren on Jan 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PBS, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia,is a private, nonprot media enterpriseowned and operated by the nation’s 350public television stations. Serving morethan 90 million people each week, PBSenriches the lives o all Americans throughquality programs and education serviceson noncommercial television, the Internetand other media. More inormation aboutPBS is available at pbs.org, the leadingdot-org website on the Internet.
About PBS
 A Film Festival in Your Living Room
 Airing weekly on PBS, the our-time Emmy Award-winning series Independent Lensis like an independent ilm estival in yourliving room. Each episode introduces newdocumentaries and dramas made by in-dependent thinkers: ilmmakers who aretaking creative risks, calling their ownshots, and inding untold stories in unex-pected places.Past seasons o Independent Lens havebeen hosted by champions o independentflm, including Angela Bassett, Don Chea-dle, Edie Falco, Terrence Howard, SusanSarandon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Staytuned to fnd out who will be your host orthe next season!Independent Lens spans the country andcircles the globe, showcasing wildly diversedocumentaries about unorgettable peopleand places.Independent Lens programs come in everyshape and size, including eature-lengthdocumentaries, hour-long dramas, our-minute comic shorts and hal-hour experi-mental pieces. What binds these programstogether is the spirit o the flmmakers them-selves, visionaries who ignore the rules o commercial programming and spend yearspursuing diverse stories about people notnormally seen on TV. Some o these flmmak-ers have won the most prestigious industryawards. Others are being discovered beoreviewers’ eyes. All o them share the git o storytelling, a compelling sense o purpose,and unrivalled access to oten-closed com-munities and little-known worlds. A Film Festival in Your Living Room
“The greatest showcase o independent flm on TV today.” –The Kansas City Star 
RAZING APPALACHIA explores the con-troversial issue o mountaintop removalmining by ollowing a grassroots ght tostop the process in West Virginia. Set inPigeonroost Hollow, a valley in the town oBlair in the misty olds o the AppalachianMountains, the lm ollows the journey oseveral amilies as they struggle to protecttheir land. Pigeonroost, with its narrowcreek and crawdads, its wild ginseng andraccoons, looks as it might have a centuryago — a woody haven tucked away romthe march o time and technology. But or how long? And at what price? The ortunes and history o the peopleo West Virginia are virtually inseparablerom coal mining. As long as anyone canremember, men have ought the mountains with pickax and shovel to dig out the shinyblack rock that powers the everexpandingenergy demands o the United States. Butthose early miners never knew that oneday, 20-story tall machines called drag-lines would bite into the earth and move ahundred tons o rock at a time. Mountain-tops (called “overlays” by the coal miningindustry) are literally sliced o and throwndown into valleys and streams below in aneort to get at the coal buried deep inside.In May 1998, Arch Coal, Inc. announcedit would expand its Dal-Tex strip mine justabove the small town o Blair. Rock and soildebris rom a mountaintop mine stretchingve square miles would bury PigeonroostHollow and Creek. But lietime residentssaid too many in their community had al-ready been bought out or chased away bythe gigantic mine. In the ace o thunderousblasting and lung-choking dust caused bymountaintop mining, 40 amilies, wherethere were once 300, stayed in Blair. The lm also digs into the history o coalin West Virginia, the only state that liesentirely in Appalachia. Archival photographsand lms, and testimony rom miners andamilies whose lands are being irreparablyaltered by strip mining, reveal the harshhistory o a place where backbreaking work, poverty and isolation have taken their toll. An all-but-orgotten historic event, theBattle o Blair Mountain, is documented— the only time in history that the UnitedStates government dropped bombs on itsown people, during the ght to unionize thecoalmines in 1921.
In the misty folds of the Appalachian Mountains, RAZING APPALACHIA shows how the townspeople are fighting to save their homes.

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