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Published by elmoooi

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Published by: elmoooi on Jan 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TimestampFull NameMenu PreferenceEmail Address
1/14/2012 21:53:40 Eu Jin Ooi Non-Halal elmoooi@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:00:42 Chee Weng Chang Non-Halal xyun6179@live.com.my1/15/2012 1:02:49 Eng Be Teng Non-Halal beteng91@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:03:14 Anderson Chin Hing Yick Non-Halal andersonchinhingyick@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:05:07 Derek Ng Non-Halal wengz1990@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:06:58 Yu Guang Thien Non-Halal thienyuguang@yahoo.com1/15/2012 1:07:39 Chin Hui Soh Non-Halal sohchinhui@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:07:59 Ying Yi Chan Non-Halal oishiyayadog@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:11:26 Ng Xiao Ying Non-Halal xiaoying_ng@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:24:20 Loke Ying Wei Non-Halal kukikiloke@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:28:09 kan ka yan Non-Halal ka_yan_kan@hotmail.com1/15/2012 1:29:09 Khe Lok Chen Non-Halal cocacola9801@live.com1/15/2012 2:34:24 Fiona Chye Non-Halal fiona_chye@hotmail.ca1/15/2012 2:51:25 Wan Fong Gan Non-Halal chels_jc@hotmail.com1/15/2012 4:57:59 Chun Teng Kua Non-Halal chunteng1989@hotmail.com1/15/2012 7:58:55 Zhang Rei Eng Non-Halal engzhangrei@hotmail.com1/15/2012 9:30:04 leong shing chew Non-Halal chewls18@yahoo.com.sg1/15/2012 9:31:50 Guo Qin Low Non-Halal guoqin89@gmail.com1/15/2012 9:31:52 Wen Cheng Chong Non-Halal wenc.chong89@gmail.com1/15/2012 9:44:50 Liong Siew Chek Non-Halal lifecontinuous@hotmail.com1/15/2012 10:40:14 Shang Khoon Ong Non-Halal shangkhoon.ong@utoronto.ca1/15/2012 11:05:20 Wei Yik Lee Non-Halal weiyiklee90@gmail.com1/15/2012 11:09:44 Kaihan Non-Halal khaviolet2@hotmail.com1/15/2012 11:14:49 Chia Chen Tan Non-Halal chiachen89@gmail.com1/15/2012 11:19:44 New Chih Sheng Non-Halal newcs92@hotmail.com1/15/2012 11:24:40 Kai Ling Phon Non-Halal klphon_90@hotmail.com1/15/2012 12:13:41 Natasha Shukor Halal tashaterminate@gmail.com1/15/2012 12:22:14 Phumphairin Liong Non-Halal phairynsharapova@yahoo.com1/15/2012 13:03:43 Toni Tran Non-Halal tonitran117@yahoo.com1/15/2012 14:39:06 Jou May Ng Non-Halal joumay@hotmail.com1/15/2012 14:40:31 Jun Zhang Tan Non-Halal junzhang.tan@hotmail.com1/15/2012 14:43:34 Dayana Azman Wong Non-Halal dayanaw@live.com1/15/2012 14:50:43 wee chang low Non-Halal ben07low@hotmail.com1/15/2012 16:30:46 Yi Ning Lim Non-Halal yining89@hotmail.com1/15/2012 16:45:55 Kamil Amir Halal kamilamir@hotmail.my1/15/2012 17:24:32 Chuah Jian Wei Non-Halal jw.chuah@utoronto.ca1/15/2012 17:26:06 Lim Jun Sheng Non-Halal jshenry14@hotmail.com1/15/2012 17:29:57 Max Non-Halal max.chan@utoronto.ca1/15/2012 17:43:49 Ngen Chan Hu Non-Halal smackmyface@gmail.com1/15/2012 20:10:47 Chan Jia Yin Non-Halal jiayin1992@hotmail.com1/15/2012 20:12:21 Moo Ching Yee Non-Halal chingyee_0426@hotmail.com1/15/2012 20:15:25 Fong Wan Ching Non-Halal fong_92_wching@yahoo.com1/15/2012 20:31:20 Xiang Quan Ooi Non-Halal roseooi@hotmail.com1/15/2012 21:49:39 WONG EE FANG Non-Halal eee_wong92@hotmail.com1/15/2012 21:53:34 Ho Shui Huei Non-Halal voodoo92@live.com1/15/2012 22:35:21 Wee Hui Chin Non-Halal huichin_92@live.com1/15/2012 22:35:47 Eliza Lai Non-Halal eliza_3012@hotmail.com1/15/2012 22:51:14 Mugilen Elangovan Non-Halal e.mugilen14@gmail.com1/15/2012 22:53:19 Yin Yee Leong Non-Halal GUEST1/15/2012 22:53:41 Reuben Ong Non-Halal GUEST1/15/2012 22:54:06 Natasha Florence Chuah Mei Ching Non-Halal c_natasha@live.com1/15/2012 22:56:24 Wei Rong Ong Non-Halal wxyzzz_2@hotmail.com1/15/2012 23:13:00 Ashraf Mazlan Halal raf_cap88@yahoo.com1/15/2012 23:19:00 Wong Jiunn Sheng Non-Halal wong_jiunnsheng_593@hotmail.com1/16/2012 0:04:36 Ang Shiuh Sen Non-Halal alphonse1663@hotmail.com1/16/2012 11:15:21 Yingxuan Su Non-Halal eugenia.su@utoronto.ca1/16/2012 15:16:01 Norhani Abdul Rahman Halal hanipokde@yahoo.com1/16/2012 15:16:28 Mohd. Fadzil Dolmani Halal mohdfadzildolmani@yahoo.com1/16/2012 15:20:20 Sing May Chung Non-Halal csmay91@gmail.com1/16/2012 17:08:20 Alvin Yeo Non-Halal alvinyhc92@gmail.com1/16/2012 21:36:02 Khoo Yi Ming Non-Halal yiming_khoo@hotmail.com1/16/2012 21:44:48 WONG AI WEI Non-Halal ivy_wong92@hotmail.com1/16/2012 22:09:02 Haoyi Zhu Non-Halal cherry.zhu@utoronto.ca1/16/2012 22:09:25 Wenqing Luan Non-Halal wenqing.luan@utoronto.ca1/17/2012 10:23:23 Gabriel Ee Non-Halal gejyz@hotmail.com1/17/2012 15:36:50 Seow, Zhi Quan Non-Halal zhiquanseow90@hotmail.com1/17/2012 17:31:53 Leong Lai Hiong Non-Halal llaihiong@gmail.com1/17/2012 19:27:56 Elaine Gan Non-Halal elaine_casendra@yahoo.com.my1/17/2012 19:41:07 Allen Ho Ming Ong Halal lonqi@hotmail.com1/17/2012 22:05:34 Wan Jun Lee Non-Halal wanjun_varmintz92@hotmail.com1/17/2012 22:33:12 Kenneth Tay Non-Halal kennethtay90@hotmail.com1/17/2012 22:34:06 nian yi Non-Halal chungnianyi819@hotmail.com1/18/2012 1:30:17 Kelvin Benignus Non-Halal kelvinwpm@hotmail.com1/18/2012 13:20:04 Khor Kang Zi Non-Halal kang.zi92@gmail.com1/18/2012 16:54:36 Lim Yi Heng Non-Halal lim5566heng@hotmail.com1/18/2012 18:09:29 Hoe Hui Huang Non-Halal Hui_huang_93@hotmail.com1/18/2012 19:16:57 Zi Xin, Wong Non-Halal sandw723@hotmail.com1/18/2012 19:22:25 Kenneth Zhi Jian Tan Non-Halal mt_rhuidean@gmail.com1/18/2012 20:29:51 wong song zhi Non-Halal whitzner@gmail.com1/18/2012 20:37:54 Jonathan Lee Hsien Loong Non-Halal jonathanlee92@live.com1/18/2012 21:41:01 Nizhan Halal nizhanfaraz@gmail.com1/19/2012 0:09:39 Ahnaf Satari Halal anapstar05@yahoo.co.uk
1/19/2012 0:10:39 Sarah 'Ainaa Halal sarah.shaharuddin@utoronto.ca1/19/2012 0:22:23 Justin Teck Jin Wee Non-Halal justin_jwtj@hotmail.com1/19/2012 0:35:20 Alfie Tham Non-Halal alfietham@gmail.com1/19/2012 14:06:30 Chilun Choong Non-Halal chilun1013@gmail.com1/19/2012 16:10:21 Eddy Arief Zulkifly Halal eddyarief@hotmail.com1/19/2012 16:54:11 mathen sundar Non-Halal mathen_cr9@yahoo.com1/19/2012 19:08:08 Leon Chan Non-Halal Elmo's friend1/19/2012 19:28:30 Adly Halal imperialsaviour@live.com1/19/2012 20:18:23 Choo Ken Loon Non-Halal kenloon10@gmail.com1/19/2012 21:06:32 Christopher Tee Fu Yuan Non-Halal chris1/19/2012 21:08:14 Yik Chi Phoon Non-Halal pycchi_september@hotmail.com1/19/2012 21:40:33 Galmier Dass Non-Halal reimlag24@yahoo.com1/19/2012 21:41:20 Sathyaraj Non-Halal aryan170391@gmail.com1/19/2012 21:42:15 Jegadis Vaarma Non-Halal jega_91@yahoo.com1/19/2012 21:46:56 Vijaya Sivalingam Non-Halal vj_ruban@yahoo.com1/19/2012 22:13:33 Wai Meng Kan Non-Halal waimeng.kan@utoronto.ca1/19/2012 22:14:16 Vickie Lim Hooi Fang Non-Halal hooifang.lim@gmail.com1/20/2012 0:02:02 Tsuey Xin Ho Non-Halal tsueyxin.ho@gmail.com1/20/2012 0:02:09 Clement Fung Non-Halal tsueyxin.ho@gmail.com
Full NameMenu Preference
Eu Jin OoiNon-HalalChee Weng ChangNon-HalalEng Be TengNon-HalalAnderson Chin Hing YickNon-HalalDerek NgNon-HalalYu Guang ThienNon-HalalChin Hui SohNon-HalalYing Yi ChanNon-HalalNg Xiao YingNon-HalalLoke Ying WeiNon-Halalkan ka yanNon-HalalKhe Lok ChenNon-HalalFiona ChyeNon-HalalWan Fong GanNon-HalalChun Teng KuaNon-HalalZhang Rei EngNon-Halalleong shing chewNon-HalalGuo Qin LowNon-HalalWen Cheng ChongNon-HalalLiong Siew ChekNon-HalalShang Khoon OngNon-HalalWei Yik LeeNon-HalalKaihanNon-HalalChia Chen TanNon-HalalNew Chih ShengNon-HalalKai Ling Phon Non-HalalPhumphairin LiongNon-HalalToni TranNon-HalalJou May NgNon-HalalJun Zhang TanNon-HalalDayana Azman WongNon-Halalwee chang lowNon-HalalYi Ning LimNon-HalalChuah Jian WeiNon-HalalLim Jun ShengNon-HalalMaxNon-HalalNgen Chan HuNon-HalalChan Jia YinNon-HalalMoo Ching YeeNon-HalalFong Wan ChingNon-HalalXiang Quan OoiNon-HalalWONG EE FANGNon-HalalHo Shui HueiNon-HalalWee Hui ChinNon-HalalEliza LaiNon-HalalMugilen ElangovanNon-HalalYin Yee LeongNon-HalalReuben OngNon-HalalNatasha Florence Chuah Mei ChingNon-HalalWei Rong OngNon-HalalWong Jiunn ShengNon-HalalAng Shiuh SenNon-HalalYingxuan SuNon-HalalSing May ChungNon-HalalAlvin YeoNon-HalalKhoo Yi MingNon-HalalWONG AI WEINon-HalalHaoyi ZhuNon-HalalWenqing LuanNon-HalalGabriel EeNon-HalalSeow, Zhi QuanNon-HalalLeong Lai Hiong Non-HalalElaine GanNon-HalalAllen Ho Ming OngNon-HalalWan Jun LeeNon-HalalKenneth TayNon-Halalnian yiNon-HalalKelvin BenignusNon-HalalKhor Kang ZiNon-HalalLim Yi HengNon-HalalHoe Hui HuangNon-HalalZi Xin, WongNon-HalalKenneth Zhi Jian TanNon-Halalwong song zhiNon-HalalJonathan Lee Hsien LoongNon-HalalJustin Teck Jin WeeNon-HalalAlfie ThamNon-HalalChilun ChoongNon-Halalmathen sundarNon-HalalLeon ChanNon-HalalChoo Ken LoonNon-HalalChristopher Tee Fu YuanNon-HalalYik Chi PhoonNon-HalalGalmier DassNon-HalalSathyarajNon-Halal

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