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Time Shift (Is a Terrible Name for a Band)

Time Shift (Is a Terrible Name for a Band)

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Published by: Ryan 'Half Nelson' Gray-Mccoy on Jan 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. CLUB - NIGHTDAN DANIEL [25ish, medium length brown hair, medium height]and GREG GALE [Also 25ish, short black hair, also medium height] are on a stage playing a really good rock song. Nolyrics, just a hard riff (I hope I’ve got the rightterminology there). Dan on guitar, Greg on bass.The club is dark and gloomy, a few lights shine on the stage.It’s so dark that you can’t see the audience.Credits play over the top of this.The lights come on as the song comes to an end. We see theirare two members in the audience. They both don’t look tooenthusiastic.GREGThank you for coming everyone.There is feedback from the microphone he talks into.Dan is still holding the final note of the song. He does onefinal strum then smashes it on the ground like a classic rockstar.DANYeah! We are Time Shift!GREG(quickly)That’s not actually our band name.One of the audience members does a small clap.DANYes it is! Woo!Dan begins running around the stage trying to take his shirtoff.GREGEnough Dan, we can get off stagenow.DANBut how do we know if they want anencore or not?GREGYou’ve just smashed your guitar topieces. You couldn’t play anothersong even if you wanted to.DANSo what do we do now then?
GREGSame thing we do every time we playa gig this bad.DANGet wasted?GREGYep.Extreme close up of mugs filling up with beer. Being downed,and then refilled. This is done 4 times.Greg and Dan sit at bar table with 4 empty beer mugs next tothem, and both hold one half full.GREG (CONT’D)Half one... Probably time to goback home.DANUrgh, really? Do we have to?GREGWell I do. I’ve got class tomorrow.Maybe if you hadn’t dropedout-DANUrghnot this again-Dan starts sculling his beer.GREGI’m just saying, if you’d stuck atyour music degree maybe we could beplaying bigger and better venues!DANBut don’t you just ever feel likeyou were meant for somethingdifferent. Not just stuck in thesame old daily grind, like you were meant to change the world?Pause.GREGThat was deep as shit.DANI don’t know I’m drunk. But I justdidn’t feel like staying at uni.Greg finishes his beer.GREGI’m going home. You coming?2.
DANNot yet. I’ll be back shortly.Greg leaves. Dan walks over to the bar counter.At the bar counter next to Dan is JESUS [60, long white hair,handle bar mustache]. He is very drunk.JESUSI heard what you said aboutdestiny.DANWhat?Dan sounds slightly bewildered, and is defensive.JESUSThat was some real nice talkin’youdid there.DANI suppose it was.JESUSYou played some good music too.DAN(responding better)We did? Thank you!JESUSI couldn’t help but notice though,you’re missing a guitar now though.DANI did get a little carried away.JESUSWell here’s one on the house.Jesus lifts a guitar out from under the bar table.DANNahJesus I couldn’t take a guitarfrom you. (beat) And the fact thatI just called you Jesus, is why Ishould be going home.JESUSWell if you’re sure.DANI’m sure.Dan gets up and starts to leave the bar.3.

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