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The Young Man's Guide - William A. Alcott (1833)

The Young Man's Guide - William A. Alcott (1833)

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The Young Man's Guide, by William A. Alcott ----CHAPTER I.On the Formation of Character.SECTION I. _Importance of aiming high, in the formation of character.
The Young Man's Guide, by William A. Alcott ----CHAPTER I.On the Formation of Character.SECTION I. _Importance of aiming high, in the formation of character.

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Published by: downloader on Jan 20, 2012
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The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Young Man's Guide, by William A. AlcottThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and withalmost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away orre-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License includedwith this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.orgTitle: The Young Man's GuideAuthor: William A. AlcottRelease Date: December 14, 2007 [eBook #23860]Language: EnglishCharacter set encoding: ISO-646-US (US-ASCII)***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE YOUNG MAN'S GUIDE***E-text prepared by Barbara Tozier, Bill Tozier, and the Project GutenbergOnline Distributed Proofreading Team (http://www.pgdp.net)THE YOUNG MAN'S GUIDE.byWM. A. ALCOTT.Twelfth Edition.Boston:Perkins and Marvin.1838.Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year 1835,By Perkins & Marvin,in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District ofMassachusetts.
TO THE READER.When I commenced this work, my object was a mere compilation. Therewere many excellent books for young men, already in circulation, butnone which I thought unexceptionable; and some of them containedsentiments which I could not approve. I sat down, therefore, intendingto make selections from the choicest parts of them all, and prepare anunexceptionable and practical manual; such an one as I should bewilling to see in the hands of any youth in the community.In the progress of my task, however, I found much less that was whollyin accordance with my own sentiments, than I had expected. The resultwas that the project of _compiling_, was given up; and a work prepared,which is chiefly _original_. There are, it is true, some quotationsfrom 'Burgh's Dignity of Human Nature,' 'Cobbett's Advice to YoungMen,' 'Chesterfield's Advice,' and Hawes' Lectures; but in general whatI have derived from other works is re-written, and much modified. Onthis account it was thought unnecessary to refer to authorities in thebody of the work.The object of this book is to _elevate_ and _reform_. That it may proveuseful and acceptable, as a means to these ends, is the hearty wish ofTHE AUTHORBoston, Dec. 9, 1833.ADVERTISEMENT TO THE FIRST EDITION.The great purpose of the Young Man's Guide, is the formation of suchcharacter in our young men as shall render them the worthy and usefuland happy members of a great republic. To this end, the author enterslargely into the means of improving the _mind_, the _manners_ and the _morals_;--as well as the proper management of _business_. Somethingis also said on _amusements_, and _bad habits_. On the subject of _marriage_ he has, however, been rather more full than elsewhere. Theimportance of this institution to every young man, the means ofrendering it what the Creator intended, together with those incidentalevils which either accompany or follow--some of them in terribleretribution--the vices which tend to oppose His benevolent purposes,are faithfully presented, and claim the special attention of everyyouthful reader.* * * * *ADVERTISEMENT TO THE SECOND EDITION.The rapid sale of a large edition of this work, and the general tributeof public praise which has been awarded to its merits, instead ofclosing the eyes of the Publishers or the Author against existingdefects, have, on the contrary, only deepened their sense of obligationto render the present edition as perfect as possible; and no pains havebeen spared to accomplish this end. Several new sections have been
added to the work, and some of the former have been abridged orextended.* * * * *ADVERTISEMENT TO THE THIRD EDITION.An increasing demand for the Young Man's Guide, evinced by the sale ofmore than five thousand copies of the work in a few months, haveinduced the publishers to give a third edition, with some amendmentsand additions by the author; who has also derived important suggestionsfrom gentlemen of high literary and moral standing, to whom the workhad been submitted for examination.THE PUBLISHERS.CONTENTS.INTRODUCTION. Mistakes in regard to the disposition and managementof the young. 19-26CHAPTER I.--IMPORTANCE OF AIMING HIGH IN THE FORMATION OF CHARACTER.Section I. Importance of having a high standard of action.--Theyoung should determine to rise. We may usually become what wedesire to be. An anecdote. Studying the lives of eminent anduseful men. 27-30Section II. Motives to action.--A regard to our own happiness. Tofamily and friends. To society. To country. To the will of God.The love of God, the highest motive. 31-38Section III. Industry.--No person has a right to live withoutlabor. Determine to labor as long as you live. Mistaken methodof teaching industry. Labor in the open air. Manual laborschools. 38-43Section IV. Economy.--False and true; Examples of the false. Timeis money. Sixty minutes shown to be an hour. Economical habits. 1.Do every thing at the time. Anecdote. 2. Every thing should haveits place. Examples. 43-47Section V. Indolence.--The indolent only half human. Characteristicsof an indolent man. His epitaph. 47-49Section VI. Early Rising and rest.--He who would rise early, must _retire_ early. Morning air. Advantages of early rising. 1. Thingsgo better through the day. 2. Morning hours more _agreeable_.3. Danger of the _second nap_. 4. Early risers long-lived. 5. Onehour's sleep before midnight worth two after. 6. Saving of _time_ and _money_. Estimates. Examples of early rising. 49-55Section VII. Duty to Parents.--Reasons. 1. For the sake of our ownreputation. 2. From love to our parents. 3. Better to _suffer_ wrong,

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