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Communicating in the 21st Century

Communicating in the 21st Century



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Published by FireKraker825
Text messaging and other forms of SMS communication has taken the front seat in today's communication world. This study looks at how text messaging affects interpersonal relationships.
Text messaging and other forms of SMS communication has taken the front seat in today's communication world. This study looks at how text messaging affects interpersonal relationships.

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Published by: FireKraker825 on Nov 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Text-Messaging and Its Influence on Interpersonal Relationships
Keri-Ann Andrade
 Bridgewater State College
Research Question:
How has text messaging changed the way in which relationships areformed and maintained?
This paper examines the impact and effects that text messaging has on thecreation and maintaining of relationships compared to traditional face-to-facecommunication used to form relationships. Text messaging is a growing technology thatallows people to communicate across distances and remain in contact with others to keeprelationships intact. Relationships are evolving through the use of technology in today’s postmodern world and texting is contributing to this expansion in interpersonalrelationships. The present paper explores the usage of computer-mediatedcommunication (CMC) through text messaging in relationship formation anddevelopment. The claim of this research is that text messaging can enhance one’srelationship by allowing more than one form of communication method to be used.Younger people use text messaging more often than the older generation to sustainrelationships and communicate. The interpersonal relationship can be satisfying to bothindividuals participating in multiple forms of communication, including text messaging,which is the paper’s focus. Trust and communication are good predictors of relationshipsatisfaction. Self-presentation can be less realistic. Asynchronous CMC allows “the participants time to plan and edit comments more mindfully. (McQuillen 620). In order to determine the outcome to the proposed claims, questionnaire methodology andanalysis was integrated with textual analysis. The results lean towards a self-presentationthat is less than accurate; there will be little difference in the maintaining of therelationship, whether it is by FtF communication or text messaging (CMC); presence isnot a factor in the relationship; trust allows the relationship to progress; communicationwithin the relationship can be positive. These possible findings suggest that textmessaging can be used to satisfy relationship needs for both parties; text messaging canimpact relationship communication to bring about closeness.
text messaging, mobile phone, interpersonal, relationships, communication
This study explores the use of mobile phones which are helping peoplecommunicate faster and are convenient for conversations that are quick, and can also bein-depth. It analyzes how new and existing relationships can be maintained throughCMC, particularly text messaging, and the overall view that individuals have of thismethod of communication. With the introduction of text messaging, it is redefining theway that people, especially youths, develop and maintain relationships. Technology intoday’s world is helping users interact and communicate with more ease. Many peopleare beginning to ask the question, how are new technologies playing a part in theinterpersonal relationship? The focus of this paper will be on text messaging on a mobile phone to assist in the development and preserving of interpersonal relationships.The use of mobile phones is increasing communication between friends, familymembers, and workers. Along with this form of communication comes text messaging.Text messaging is a short message that is sent through mobile networks between sendersand receivers. The messages are usually restricted to a certain length that has been putinto place by the mobile phone carrier service. People tend to choose to communicatethrough text messages because of the “asynchronous communication of text messagingmeans that both parties are not required to be present for contact to occur” (Ishii 2006).This means that both sender and receiver are able to be discrete about communicatingwith one another and do not have to be in close proximity.There are also skeptics about text messaging. Victoria Carrington (2005)discusses that, “There is a very strong representation of Standard English as under attack from txting and the ‘addicts’ who use it.” According to CellSigns, “As of December 2
Andrade2006, over 18.5 billion text messages are sent every month – and that number has grown by 250% each year for the last two years” (“Text message statistics”). This phenomenonisn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Text messaging can have its benefits such asincreasing communication between people, and shortening conversation time andnegatives include poor use of Standard English, social skills being diminished, and lower amounts of face-to-face communication, but the latter can be taken into consideration as both a positive and a negative attribute.
Literature Review
Scholars have looked at different forms of communication. Some of these studieshave focused particularly on relationships and usage of CMC. More people than ever  before are communicating through text messages and connecting with each other. Thisstudy will analyze the ways that people develop and maintain relationships usingcommunication aided by mobile phones with the concentration on text messaging.The literature that has been written up to this point has revealing results fromstudies completed. For many of the scholars, communication is a main component for establishing and maintaining relationships. This particular study is important because textmessaging is a relatively new form of communication. Today’s youth are exploring theadvantages of text messaging in their daily lives and for relationships. Many scholarshave not fully explored the fad and how it relates to interpersonal relationship formationand preserving. Jeffrey S. McQuillen (2003) performed a study that broadly looked athow technology influences the formation of interpersonal relationships. He concludedthat “CMC may serve as a tool…in the development of interpersonal relationships,” but3

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