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The Journal - Exempla Lutheran's Community Newsletter

The Journal - Exempla Lutheran's Community Newsletter

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Published by ExemplaLutheran
Volume 10 | Number 1

Volume 10 | Number 1

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Published by: ExemplaLutheran on Jan 20, 2012
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 January april 2012Volume 10 number 1
 Your First Choice: Exempla Lutheran’s Emergency Room 2Women’s Health Advances: the da Vinci Surgical System 5Exempla Lutheran Senior Emergency Room Opens 6Bridges Integrative Health and Wellness Classes 8-9Exempla Lutheran Medical CenterClasses and Programs 10-16Survival 2 Exploring Motherhood 17What You Should Know About Heart Failure 19Focus on Fitness! 19
From the president
Exempla Lutheran: Your 2012 Healthand Wellness Partner
Hello, and welcome to 2012!Here we are again on the cuspo new possibilities, endeavorsand achievements—the bestthing about each New Year.Since we’re typically a nationo optimists, we are especiallygood at “rebooting” andgetting back on track. Weock to the gym, try to eatmore healthully, vow to spend more time withour amilies, etc.—all worthy goals. However,despite our good intentions, we sometimes getcaught up in day-to-day routines and lose sighto our objectives. My riends, I know howchallenging it can be to remain committed tohealth goals. That’s why it’s important to knowExempla Lutheran Medical Center can assist. As is obvious rom the comprehensive classand workshop listings included in
The Journal 
,we are ully prepared to help keep you on track with your 2012 health and wellness goals.Whether you’d like to learn stress reductiontechniques at Bridges Integrative Health andWellness or participate in the many programs,health screenings and workshops availablecampus-wide,
Exempla Lutheran is your 2012 health and wellness partner 
. Be sure to takeadvantage o all Exempla Lutheran, yourcommunity hospital, has to oer. I know I will.My warmest wishes or a year dedicated to YOU—Happy New Year!
ComprehensiveCanCer Care
he new 
Comprehensive CancerCenter at Exempla LutheranMedical Center
began serving thecommunity on October 31, 2011. ExemplaLutheran consolidated several o its cancerservices in Medical Oce Building II,located at 3550 Lutheran Parkway,Entrance #10, on the Exempla Lutherancampus. Oering increased convenience orour patients, the Comprehensive CancerCenter occupies the rst foor in Suite100B; pharmacy services are located in thebasement. The new location has alsosignicantly increased our Inusion Center’scapacity rom 12 to 30 treatment areas.The Comprehensive Cancer Center includesthe ollowing:
Lymphedema services.
Genetic counseling to help individualsand amilies evaluate their cancer risk.
Clinical research and trials to keepExempla Lutheran on the leading edgeo cancer treatments. 
(continued on page 7)
Grant Wicklund,President and CEO, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center 
FOR MORe deTAiLed inFORMATiOn, GO TO www.exeMpLA.ORG
o one likes to anticipate a trip tothe emergency room, but i serioushealth concerns such as a heartattack or stroke necessitate such a visit,there’s no better destination than ExemplaLutheran Medical Center’s Emergency Room—a cutting-edge acility that providessome o the nest emergency care in theentire nation.
Heart Attack Care Signicantly Exceeds the National Average
Exempla Lutheran is an accredited ChestPain Center where leading-edge treatment isadministered ar more rapidly than thenational average. The Society o Chest PainCenters (SCPC) has established a research-based standard o care or heart attack patients. Exempla Lutheran has received thisorganization’s prestigious accreditation andhas demonstrated compliance with its highstandard o care. The SCPC accreditationprocess reviews the ull range o care,including Emergency Dispatch Services,Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Room and Catheterization Lab, observationunit, cardiac rehab, the cardiac in-patientunits and cardiac rehabilitation.Should you or a loved one experience a heartattack, you can be condent o theexceptional care you will receive in ExemplaLutheran’s ER. For example:
The Chest Pain Center monitors ourresponsiveness to every patient whocomes through the door and measuresthe time it takes to stop a heart attack inits tracks! The Chest Pain Centercollects data demonstrating thatExempla Lutheran ER’s
door to balloontime (re-establishing patient blood ow in the plugged heart vessel) averages 67 minutes or all heart attack patients treated 
. The national goal is 90 minutes.Exempla Lutheran’s astest door toballoon time on record is 14 minutes!
Exempla Lutheran has sixteen Exempla-based board certied Cardiologists. Forpatients requiring advanced cardiacinterventions, Exempla Lutheran hasour state-o-the-art cath labs.
(continued on page 3)
 Your FirsT ChoiCe:exempla luTheran’s emergenCY room
Before treatment,
blood ow is cut off.
blood owis restored.
the Journal2
FOR MORe deTAiLed inFORMATiOn, GO TO www.exeMpLA.ORG
 A Gold Seal o Approval orEmergency StrokeCare
Demonstrating ourNeurosciences programexcellence and ullcompliance withnationally developedstroke care standards,Exempla Lutheran hasearned
The Joint Commission’s Gold Sealo Approval
orcertifcation as a Primary Stroke Center
. An independent, not-or-prot organization, The Joint Commission is thenation’s oldest and largeststandards-setting andaccrediting body in healthcare. Exempla Lutheran received its initialcertication in 2007. The JointCommission’s Primary Stroke CenterCertication is based on the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association’s recommendations or primary stroke centers.The Joint Commission’s reviewer remarks,included:
“I can’t say enough about the quality o  sta.” 
“I am so impressed that the culture here  ocuses on the whole person, and not a patient as a number.” 
“The program here is mature and in great shape.” 
Should a stroke necessitate a visit toExempla Lutheran’s Emergency Room oryou or a loved one, you can rest assured anexemplary level o care will be experienced,based on the ollowing quality indicators:
 Ater a stroke patient enters ExemplaLutheran’s ER, the average time toadministration o “clot busting” t-PA is only 60 minutes 
—placing our programin the top 7 percent o all programsnationally.
The time rom ER admittance to aneurologist’s care is less than 15 minutes.
Exempla Lutheran’s use o state-o-the-art CO-DOC telemedicine providesrapid access to a neurologist’s expertise.
Six Blue Sky Neurology physicianssupport Exempla Lutheran’s Neuro-Hospitalist program. For patientsrequiring advanced neurosurgicalinterventions, such as those experiencinghemorrhagic strokes, two
Exempla-based Neurosurgeons 
and our
Interventional Neuro-Radiologists 
(INR) provide care.
This photo shows a mismatch o blood ow to the brain,indicating signs o a stroke.
 January april 20123

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