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Busy body

Busy body



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Published by MaropeneRamusi
Short incomplete story I wrote after a stressful night. By Maropene Ramusi
Short incomplete story I wrote after a stressful night. By Maropene Ramusi

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Published by: MaropeneRamusi on Nov 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is easier to lie on the couch digging into the past than it is to sit on achair facing the present. I do that very often, especially when somethingin the present reminds me of something I saw happen or heard or evenhappened to me in the past.I never really go out a lot to town when I am at home. I am from a villageand going to town is a mission especially when one has to wait in the sunin summer waiting for a taxi. I wait for the taxi four houses from mine.The first taxi passes by shoving dust on my well ironed clothes, full with passengers going to the taxi rank where they all part ways. Another taxiarrives thirty minutes after the first one. The taxi driver has to open thedoor for me, as it is too hard for me to open it. That was not the first timeI ever struggled to open the door. I remember this one time when I tried toopen the door it fell off to the ground and the taxi driver was breathing upmy neck, he told me he had to pay a lot of money to get the door fixed. I just stood there dumb with my handbag on the sit ready to jump in oncehe finished dictating me with his problems. It is their duty to make surethat everything is in order before they load any passengers and it is not asif I was going to get a free ride.Going to town from where I live, is such a mission indeed. I take a taxifrom home to the taxi rank, which costs me R5 for 10 minutes to 15minutes drive on gravel road. At the taxi rank, I then take a taxi to towncosting me R18. I came back from school in Stellenbosch one day to findthat for me to go home from Polokwane I had to folk out R23 just to getto my doorstep in an hour and a half. Luckily, I had R25 left in my walletand I just laughed at myself.This is all about saving money for emergencies and obstacles that mayarise unexpectedly. A friend of mine told me that she saves all her coinsfor emergencies because one never knows when trouble comes. I tried it.I saved rands and fifty cents that added up to R30. She is really alifesaver. It is a pity she decided to study engineering instead of accounting.After I passed matric, I went to upgrade my mathematics at Tshwane North College. An advice was that I should go to college and upgrade mymathematics marks because I could not study geology with a low mark for mathematics and I took the advice. It is never an easy way to success.Being in a hurry, grabbing whatever that comes your way is never asmooth way up. One tends to come across a lot of obstacles andconfusion along the way. At college, I met many new people and madefriends with most of them. Now, one of the friends I met, Dimakatso, hada love for fashion. She dressed like a model not caring who says what or 
who looked at her with a different opinion. She greeted everybody wholooked at her with a smile and soon got used to her. I for one too used toask myself if she had a mirror in her room or she dressed facing the walland combed her hair under her sheaths. One day she came dressed in pink morning sleepers, a red knitted see through mini skirt and a see throughknitted top. Everyone could see she was wearing black panties and ayellow bra. Everyone from the cafeteria to my computer class got a shock attack. She approached me with her loud voice shouting, “girlfriend,don’t I just look fine everyday?” Honestly, I smiled back and told her shelooked like she just walked out of a circus at Pretoria Show Ground. Shelaughed it off and kept flashing her “sexy” clothes to everyone. What Iloved so much about Dimakatso is she never let anyone interfere with her self-confidence. One person once told her she promotes rape by notcovering her body, as usual, she brushed him off. I left the college andnever heard of anything happening to her.You know, in life we meet people and we turn to learn from these people.We might learn from the mistakes they do or from what they do good. Ilearnt a lot. Jane Manamela got to Pretoria to study travel and tourism allthe way from Mafikeng. She was not a very out going person, quiet andvery sweet that people always smiled at her if they where too busy to say“hi” to her. She stayed in a flat full of talkative, loud and outgoing people but she was always reserved in her room studying or listening to gospelmusic. Her roommates stopped bothering themselves asking to take her out. They took her out this onetime to a very cool nightclub in the middleof Sunnyside, just opposite Sunnypark mall. Europa is a very coolnightclub and the music will make you move all night but Jane feltnothing of that sort. When I heard of her, I thought to myself maybe shewas not up for that kind of life. Where I am from there are no nightclubs,the first time I ever saw a nightclub was in Pretoria, and I found themcool. I believe she too was from a place like mine but she never gainedinterest in them.I just could not believe it when I heard that Jane has a boyfriend. Onefriend of mine said,”I really wonder where and how they met.”Everybody wanted to meet the mysterious man who was able to capturethe heart of a boring Jane. One Saturday her one roommate followed her on her way out after a very long phone call conversation. Jane wasforever protective and secretive about her stuff and never wanted anyoneto meet him. She would never tell anyone where she was going andwhere she came from when she comes back after hours when everyone isasleep. The roommate followed her to a corner where Jane looked likeshe was waiting for someone. She was constantly looking at her wristwatch until a big machine stopped in front of her and a man fit to be
his father came off it. Her roommate could not believe her eyes seeingJane kiss her man and disappear in the black Xfive BMW. She went back to the flat and told everyone what she saw and they where all left dumb.In a few weeks Jane started flashing Edgars, Truworths and Foschinicards at her flatmates claiming her man pays her accounts, all she does is buy on credit. Her accounts where flying at R3000 to R5000. She dressedlike Khanyisile Mbau and Basetsana Khumalo, while her phone was beyond her mothers salary. Most girls at TUT main campus wished theyhad her clothes and her brains. She could juggle both her studies andaccompanying her man to conferences on weekends, it is what she toldher roommates when they confronted her about the BMW. He was adoctor owning a surgery at Sammy Marks, central of Pretoria. I guessthey met one time when she went to consult.People talked and soon got used to the idea. I have learnt from BrendaFassie that people talk and talk then keep quiet while you live your life tothe fullest. Jane too lived her life and we talked until we shut up.However, we did not shut up for long when we heard there was a womanfrom Mamelodi hunting for her at TUT. Her friends told her about it andshe ignored them. Those that saw the woman say she did not sound likeshe is related to Jane but very furious with her. One Sunday at their flatJane was chilling with her flatmates playing cards in their mini lounge, awoman knocked on their door. As soon as one answered the door, sheflashed in with a cellphone and papers on the other hand. She wentstraight to Jane as if they knew each other from way back. Jane’s eyeswhere very red, full of tears and as wide as her mouth. “You filthy child,you came into my house while I am away for months and destroyeverything. You spend my husband’s money, sleep on my bed and nowyou are pregnant with his baby? These papers are tests he did on you andI guess you just cannot wait to get more money. A stupid girl fit to be mygranddaughter comes from nowhere and…You are thirty years younger than my husband and me. I want you to stay away from my husband andnever call him because I have his phone with me as from today.” MrsLedwaba really made herself clear as she was holding the little girl withher throat against the fridge. She ended her conversation by giving her victim a hot clap on her face and threw her to the floor. It was silent in theroom after the scene and everyone frozen on their seats. Jane broke theice by starting to cry like a grieving woman. Her roommates felt sorry for her and took her to her bed where she sobbed on her pillow, while theykept tapping her back comforting her all the way.I really felt sorry for her when I heard all this, all I could do was nothingexcept to learn from all that has happened to her. I lost my father in a car 

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