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soc 301 interview transcript spann

soc 301 interview transcript spann

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Published by Soc202UNCG

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Published by: Soc202UNCG on Nov 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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R- S.B.
I- So\u2026tell me a little about yourself?

R- Well I went to undergrad in Tennessee and grad here in Greensboro. I
have been here (Glen Haven Center) for \u2026\u2026.about\u2026.a year\u2026.right
a year now. I was introduced through CNNC. I love working with
children, it\u2019s a passion for me. That\u2019s why this is a great place for me,

im working with children and families\u2026 at need.
I- Where are you from originally?
R- Indiana originally. I\u2019ve been here for a little while now.
I- What made you choose to come to Greensboro?
R- Grad school\u2026they had the program I was looking for\u2026.
I- Oh ok\u2026In what ways do you work with immigration or migrants?
R- Well\u2026.here at Glen Haven we provide services for the Glen Haven

community, which are newly arrived refugees and immigrants that were placed here\u2026 and surrounding areas. We have programs for the children, some include Homework

Haven\u2026an after-school
tutorial program for k-12 children. We have Social Clubs

for the children to participate in \u2026right now we\u2019re doing Girl Scouts
and Boy Scouts. ESOL classes are available for adults, free of charge,
and case management is also available to residents. Altogether Glen
Haven is a place where the children in the community\u2026can say
they have a place just for them. After they finish their homework the
can go outside and play, to the computer room, we have an area for
arts\u2026an other good thing about it is that if there is a problem you can
just right outside and get their parents\u2026

I- Yeah I bet that\u2019s handy..

R- \u2026yeah\u2026.it really is\u2026
I- What is the ethnic/national makeup of your organization?
R- At Glen Haven we work with Hmong, Lumbees, East Africans, and

Southeast Asians\u2026.
I- What are their major concerns or issues?
R- I would say\u2026the three main concerns would be education, employment,
and housing. I would say education would be the biggest concern\u2026
because most have school
aged children\u2026.
I- What are the differing needs of immigrants based on their country of
R- [short pause] differing needs\u2026I would have to say it depends
individually, really. This family might need money while other may
be more concerned with education, and
another with something

I- Do you collaborate with others working on issues regarding immigration?
R- That\u2019s an easy one\u2026[smiling] YES\u2026absolutely. Glen Haven is a subpart

of CNNC\u2026The Center For New North Carolinians. We work with c

ollege campus\u2019, such as UNCG\u2026
I- What services are there specifically for immigrants in Greensboro?
R- \u2026.uhmm\u2026well\u2026there are many\u2026there is the Glenwood Library, NCC,

places like Glen Haven, different churches help out\u2026there are a lot
the thing is just making sure everyone knows about them\u2026
I- What can be done to increase the awareness of services for migrants?

R- A way to raise awareness\u2026 I thind.. Is by working with different
places\u2026 such as colleges, with students\u2026for example having
volunteers\u2026uhh\u2026doing different things like this interview, for
example\u2026to spread the word. But sometimes that could be hard, for
example with student volunteers\u2026they tend to talk about these
places\u2026but usually to other people that are in the same circle as
them\u2026so really only a small circle learn about it.

I- To you knowledge, do the schools offer services to make it less difficult

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