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UFO Yukon Spring 2010

UFO Yukon Spring 2010

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Published by Joy Sims
Article about UFO sightings
Article about UFO sightings

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Published by: Joy Sims on Jan 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 4 Issue 1 Spring 2010www.NorthofOrdinary.ca$4.95
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Drawing talent in Dawson
Territorial Taurus
Yukon luminary Babe Richards
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The White Stripes’ northern adventures
The Sky’s the Limit
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The OcialInfight Magazine o
What’s Going On
up there
Spring 2010 
 Yukon, North of Ordinary
The northern lights are a huge draw or many visi-tors to the territory, creating astral light shows thatseem straight out o a science-fction movie.
 o  t   o :   J   o  s  e  p  a  d l    e  y 
 Yukon, North of Ordinary
Spring 2010
he Yukon is known or its northern lights, with many visitors rom around the world arriving to see the auroraborealis put on an unorgettable show. On a clear eve-ning there are breathtaking views o the aurora, backdropped by abeautiul blanket o seemingly endless stars.But there are other lights and perhaps other visitors, too. Foryears, there have been reports o unexplainable happenings in thesky, many o which have caught the attention o local and interna-tional UFO researchers. o some, the Yukon is not just a place togo sky-gazing, but a hotspot o UFO activity. As a science-ction writer, I’m normally skeptical about extra-terrestrials and UFO sightings—I like my aliens in movies andbooks. I’ve lived ve years in the Yukon and haven’t seen somethingI couldn’t explain. Nonetheless, i the Yukon is such a source orsightings, I wondered how many people had actually seen a UFO.I started asking people about their own experiences, and, surpris-ingly, nearly our out o ve people I asked had seen somethingin the sky they couldn’t explain. While most weren’t ready to pinthat to a visitor rom another planet, they were convinced it wasn’tsomething “normal.And they weren’t shy talking about it either.I recently attended a reception or a riend who’d received a pub-lic-service award. While ghting over chips and creampus with atypical Canadian amily, the Scholzes, I asked them i they’d everseen a UFO.Tey had. Paul and Kerri Scholz, along with their kids, Casselland Hannah, saw something fy over, and around, Haeckel Hill, just outside o Whitehorse.“It was lower than a plane and went around it,” said Kerri. Treeo the amily likened the movement to “jumping over the hill.”Kerri had a similar experience in Yellowknie.“Te ship darted back and orth, very quickly, and then few o.None o our planes do that,” she explained. At another party, this one or New Year’s Eve, I casually broughtup the UFO question in the kitchen. Tree members o the hostamily, the ather and two sons, described how they’d experienceda sighting together.“We were driving along, and we noticed a bright lamplight upHaeckel Hill, like it was daylight—a giant triangle o light—romsomething close to the hill, hovering over it,” said Florian Lemphers,a retired assistant deputy minister or the Yukon government.
The Yukon’s dark nights and wide-open spaces are known to offer up great views of stars andplanets. But, as our reporter found out, some sky-gazers are seeing more than they bargained for.IIBy Jerome StueartII
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