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Contract of Belonging

Contract of Belonging

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Published by occupyallst

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Published by: occupyallst on Jan 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Band of Gay SSkin Brothers
& O
This contract is intended to define the rules of life within the brotherhood “SSkinCrew” and therights and obligations of its members.For better readability, the following terms are used:
:brotherhood of (gay)skinheads,
:leader and member of the SSkinCrew,
:common members of the SSkinCrew: Alpha Slaves, Beta-Slaves, Scum-Slavesor Bois (the difference between these names is specified in part 2:
Part 1: Community Rules
“SSkinCrew” is a brotherhood of skinheads led by BoSS. Relationships between BoSS and Slavesare fraternal. Like any community, they must share a maximum of things, whether in leisure,opinions and thoughts, work and sex. This last point will be discussed in the chapter 3:
Sexual Game and Training 
, of the 2
part.Wherever possible, BoSS and Slaves have to stay together and maximize the spirit of brotherhoodwanted by BoSS.Each Slave has his own personal area, his bedroom, but he doesn’t stay for a long time in this room,
SLAVENAME's Contract1 /
except for sleeping.This spirit of brotherhood can occur through various activities: watching TV together, play games,chat, exchange views, take a walk, play sports, help another BoSS or Slaves in a particular task, etc.BoSS and Slaves must learn from each other and learn to each other. No Slave is superior toanother, and even BoSS must participate in community life. However, since he is the initiator, he isfree to offer or restrict activities. Similarly, it will ensure that no Slave feels far away or keeps awayfrom the crew for a long time.SSkinCrew owns BoSS and Slaves. However BoSS is the leader of the SSkinCrew. BoSS owns theSlaves, in this way every Slave is the property of BoSS.
All Slaves have to work for BoSS on the Ranch. Their assignments are determined by theemployment contract signed by BoSS and Slave.Therefore a Slave receives wages and is housed on the Ranch. Every Slave has its private area, their  bedroom.BoSS will collect taxes/compulsory national social security/health insurance + amplify healthcoverage + a contribute to the expenditures of the brotherhood (like food, etc,) from the wages. Thenet profit on the wages is personal and will be transferred on the account of each individual member of SSkinCrew.25% of the net wages will be paid in a pot for the expenditures of the band. This is applicable for every member of the SSkinCrew.The salary received is personal and will not be transferred to BoSS!
All collective leisure activities, except sex which must obtain approval from BoSS, are permittedand encouraged.Regular practice of sports: fitness, jogging or other is required so that each Slave remains in good physical condition.If an activity is not shared by a majority of Slaves, it must be abandoned in favor of another  preferred by the majority.
SLAVENAME's Contract2 /
Personal leisures are tolerated but must not encroach on the life of the crew. A Slave can’t isolatehimself from others for more than an hour, unless express authorization of BoSS.
Tasks and duties:
Each Slave must participate in the life of the brotherhood, whether in terms of household chores or mutual aid. Thus, if a Slave has not completed its task and is therefore unable to participate in other activities, it is for other Slaves to help him so that the crew be assembled more quickly.Similarly, if a Slave is in trouble in his work (delay or inability to manage), the other Slaves mustgive him assistance. No Slave shall refuse the help of one of his brothers, unless prohibited by BoSS (for example: incase of punishment).Each Slave has to bring his expertise to the rest of the group, without being superior to others.Everyone has his own experience, his own abilities and it is with his brothers he will learn to goeven further.As the exchange is important, it can’t be done on a basis of give and take (fair’s fair). When amember helps his brother, he expects nothing in return..Every member of the crew will have their own tasks beyond their daily ranch duties:
Dungeon upkeep: verify there are enough lube, candles, paper towels; all the dildos/plugsare cleaned, verify that after each party everybody clean the dungeon...
Sexual training: supervise everyone improves his sexual abilities and not only things helikes, verify the improving
Relations between members:
All Slaves belong to the same brotherhood and are brothers. None is superior to another. Only BoSScan give orders.
Behavior and attitudes - Dress Code:
SSkinCrew is a community of skinheads. As a result, Slaves should behave as such. They are men,real skinheads and be proud of what they are!Any effeminate or behavior that could harm the community, is prohibited. No feminine and/or degrading vocabulary is permitted.
SLAVENAME's Contract3 /

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