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Schedule for Innovation 3

Schedule for Innovation 3



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Published by Todd Rhoades

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Published by: Todd Rhoades on Nov 12, 2008
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Updated 01/14/09
Schedule for Innovation
Tuesday (January 27, 2009)
11:00 am – Conference Bookstore Opens1:00 – 2:45 pm -- Main Session #1: Risk & Failure
Session Emcee:
Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”As church leaders, how do we fail gracefully? And how do risk and failure actually move us closer to what God is calling us to do? You’ll hear from leaders who have risked, failed, and lived to tellit. We’ll hear from Tim Keller, Stacy Spencer, and Mark Driscoll on how they handle risk and howthey view failure as a part of their ministry during our opening session.
Failure in Ministry: Turning Your Biggest Idol into Your Biggest Benefit
Jacob could not become the true Israel until he limped. Paul says that God's power ismade perfect in weakness. We in ministry know how to preach on this to people who aregoing through troubles, but we don't know how important it is to face and grow throughfailure in our own work. In this we reflect our culture. At a recent Harvardcommencement, J. K. Rowling extolled the 'Fringe Benefits of Failure,' while the listeninggraduates sneered at the idea. Ministry in western culture has never been more risky or difficult. Many younger leaders show themselves to be extremely risk averse and thinskinned. Older writers, from John Newton to Jonathan Edwards, knew that one of thegreatest dangers in ministry is mistaking spiritual gifts and ability for spiritual fruit andcharacter. Virtually always, we make an idol of our ministry, looking to it for our  justification and identity. Until failure comes, we are blind to what we are doing. Thus, thebenefits of failure in ministry.
How to Zig When Others Zag
Stacy Spencer writes: Memphis, TN has over 2,000 churches. We have more churchesthan we do liquor stores and gas stations put together. When we started this church weknew that God didn’t need another church. He wanted something radically different thanMemphis was use to. In his book Zag, Mary Neumeier talks about how secular companies drowned in market place clutter, in order to stand out that need “RadicalDifferentiation.” The new rule is: when everybody zigs, zag. Radical differentiation isabout finding a whole new market space you can own and defend. Your ministry brandis not who you say you it’s who they say you are. When Jesus asked his disciples whohe was he started with who the people said he was then he asked the disciples who theythought he was. Who do people say you are? Are you zagging in your community?Standing out from all of the traditional attempts to run people away from God. Or are youzigging doing what everybody else is doing and complaining about that you are getting
the same results? In this session I want to share with you how your church can zag witha radical departure from what everybody else is doing and reach those that haven’t beenreach. Our mission at New Direction Christian Church to reach the unreached andempower them to know God through life changing experiences from the inside out.
Righteousness, Risk and Repentance
If we do not understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, we cannot lead the church of JesusChrist. Without a proper understanding of Jesus work, which is the source of our righteousness, Christian leaders are prone to pursue their own righteousness throughsuccess, achievement, and accolades. Failure causes despair. And, success causespride, which is simply another kind of failure. The result is that many Christian leadersfeel unholy and unhappy whether they succeed or fail. In this session we will examinehow the gospel provides our righteousness and liberates us to risk, and also repent whenwe fail. My hope is that as leaders we can learn to lead out of the gospel in such a waythat gives both God glory and us joy.
3:00 – 4:30 pm -- Leadership Community Innovation Briefings
You’ll be able to choose from 13 Breakout Sessions during this timeslot. Senior pastors andleaders from churches actively engaged in leading edge ministry innovation areas share what’sworking well today. Choose from:
EXTERNALLY FOCUSED MINISTRIESA Collaborative Model with Non-Christians to Reach the City
Christ Community Church employs a dual approach to their externally focused ministries:A local focus that embraces teachers (through collaboration with public schools andchurches, we can create a new model for how Church and State can function) and aninternational focus working with both local and International Government officials (we canwork together to achieve positive impact) Locally, Christ Community has seen growth inthe participation of churches that want to reach out to the city. They have also seen anincrease of high capacity leaders involved in local efforts. Ian will share stories of thepublic schools that are now collaborating with efforts in local and global contexts.
Churches Partnering Together for Kingdom Impact in Atlanta
Perimeter Church is mobilizing its people for word and deed holistic ministry with those inneed in the community. The vision for PerimeterChurch since it started over 30 yearsago has been for community transformation. We have learned that if we want to see thisvision accomplished in Atlanta then we must work together with other churches. Unite! isa movement of over 100 churches that are partnering together in the Areas of Justice, Poverty, Education, and Family to see Atlanta changed for the kingdom. Chip willshare stories of how this practically is happening, such as churches working together tobattle child sex slavery and exploitation in Atlanta.
The DNA of a Church in Service
How can an outreach ministry make a significant impact in the inner-city in light of thevast socio-economic and cultural concerns plaguing these communities? A church ismost effective in helping the poor when its people have a vested interest and relationshipwith those they are helping. Mariners Church's Lead Pastor of Outreach, Laurie Beshoreexplains the internal make-up of a church in service and how to build a culture of caring.
—MULTI-SITE CHURCHES (2 sessions offered)
Foundations of the Multi-Site Church Revolution
A dozen years ago, few knew what a multi-site church was. Today, it’s an integral part of the conversation about what it means to be the church in our world. Learn thefoundations of being a multi-site church through the stories of these multi-site pioneerswho are helping to define a new way of extending the influence and impact of their growing ministries through the addition of on-site venues and off-site campuses. LarryOsborne will focus on video and venues; Dave Ferguson will focus on leader and artistdevelopment; and Mark Driscoll will focus on 'understanding the why'.
Multi-site Quantum Leaps
As is the case with any true innovation, the ideas and practices continue to evolve andimprove and extend. The same is true with the multi-site movement. Explore the presentfuture with these pioneers who are creating new multi-site conversations aboutinternational applications, internet campuses and online leadership development. DaveBrowning will focus on international multi-site campuses; Troy Gramling will focus oninternet campuses; and Greg Surratt will focus on online leadership development.
—ENCORE GENERATION MINISTRIESBetter Together- Breaking the Age Barriers
Churches in North America represent the only places where people of every generationcongregate as often as once a week in the same place. Sadly though, many of themdivide their people into their own age cohorts so that people connect only with those of similar age. The Encore Ministry at First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, Californiahas found multiple ways to connect people of all ages in the church socially through largeevents, and to do ministry together both inside the church and in their surroundingcommunity. And you know what? People of all ages love to do it, and they all believe thatthey do it all better together than they do it in just their own age groupings.
Creating Multiple Opportunities for Boomers and Builders to Lead and Serve
The age wave that is breaking over the shores of our culture needs to get the attention of the church. The “new old” represented by the 78 million baby boomers are saying to thechurch, “Use me or lose me!” At the same time, those in the builder generation, or whatTom Brokaw refers to as the Greatest Generation, need to know that they were made tomatter to God, and that they have a legacy to live and leave to those who follow after them. At First Baptist Church at the Mall we are finding new and innovative ways toengage all of our Encore Generation people to finish well by serving in the church,reaching out to the lost, the unwanted, and the unchurched, ministering to the lessfortunate in Central Florida, and mobilizing them to spread the message of the gospel tothe whole world. As our older adults identify the needs in our church and in our community, we challenge them to be the ones who lead out and do something about it.We have launched multiple ministries over the past several years that are led by teams of Encore people.

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